Resources to be committed

The overall budget of the CerCo project for the 36 months reported on the A3 form shows that the total costs of the project is 1,523,743 Euro, and the requested grant from the EU is 1,164,533 Euro. The total effort dedicated to the project illustrated in the graph below is equal to 214 person-months. The dark grey represents the share not funded person-months by EC.

Person months distribution among partners

Breakdown by type of activity
A percentage of total costs equal to 86.31% will be allocated to RTD activities (including WPround(1+1:0), WPround(2+1:0), WPround(3+1:0)and WPround(4+1:0)), excluding dissemination activities (WPround(5+1:0)), which account for 7,98% of total costs. Management activities (WPround(0+1:0)) are budgeted at 5,70% of the total costs. These costs include: the staff specifically dedicated to the project, involved in the daily coordination and the reporting of the project, costs for the certificates on the financial statement (when applicable).

Breakdown by type of activity

Breakdown by cost factors The above mentioned resources will be integrated to give to CerCo the necessary critical mass to achieve the project milestones and deliverables. All the resources described have been estimated analytically per costs category. In the graph here included is depicted the overall budget distributed among the main categories of eligible costs.

Breakdown by cost factor

The costs represented will cover:

Personnel costs (866,818, 56,89%): they represent the main share of the budget. The allocation of person-months to the different partners reflects the activities they will carry out within the project. The overall effort of the project is 214 person months, including new personnel hired specifically for the implementation of the project and permanent personnel working in the different partner organizations, which constitutes the main own contribution element provided by participants to complement the EC contribution.

The person-month distribution by partner and WPs is quite balanced and reflects their role in the project:

  • UNIBO (Participant n. 1, coordinator): 79 p-m in total, 70 p-m for RTD, 9 p-m management
  • UPD (participant n. 2): 66 p-m in total, 65 p-m for RTD, 1 p-m management
  • UEDIN (participant n. 3): 66 p-m in total, 65 p-m for RTD, 1 p-m management

Subcontracting costs (9,400, 0,62%): they include costs related to the production of Certificates of Financial Statements, as required by FP7 rules. Other subcontracting has not resulted to be necessary since all competences required for carrying out the action are represented within the consortium.

Other direct costs (120,918, 7,94%): they include:

  • Travel& Subsistence (83,511) costs provide for each partner the necessary budget for participating to the project coordination meetings foreseen in Europe. A relevant share of this resources are specifically assigned to the General Assembly meetings. In particular, annual or semester meetings have been planned to coordinate the CerCo activities: thus, considering the kick-off meeting, this leads to at most 7 coordination meetings for the overall project. We also foresee temporary visits and exchange of researchers between the participating sites, in particular in order to acquire competences on the tools used or developed by the visited site. A share of the T&S costs is allocated to dissemination activities and will allow partners to participate to conferences in order to present the contents and results of the project. Furthermore a small budget share has been kept by the Co-ordinator for management purposes (possible need to visit partners and/or the European Commission). Travels outside EU will be subject to prior authorization by the Project Officer.
  • Equipment costs (4,000) include only depreciation of some equipments which are needed for the project, while mostly partners will perform their research using in-home available instrumentation. In particular equipment includes a network server to be hosted by the coordinator and to be dedicated only to the project. The server will be used for dissemination (hosting the project Web site) and communication between partners (hosting the mailing list server and the message archive, but also acting as the central repository for the distributed versioning system used by partners to share and maintain the history of documents and prototypes). Moreover, we will set up on the server a continuous building system to run regression tests overnight in order to have early detection of (re)introduction of bugs or loss of features.
  • Other specific costs (33,407): conference fees, costs for the hosting of meetings, costs for dissemination activities such as the organization of workshops, the setting up and maintenance of the CerCo web site, and costs related to dissemination materials (flyers, posters, etc.).

Indirect costs (526,607, 34,56%): they are calculated considering the indirect cost models chosen by each participant, according to the provisions of FP7 financial rules, and each specific accounting principle.

The following table details the overall budget of the project per WP and per main cost factors.

~- WP-~ ~- n. p-m-~ ~- Personnel-~ ~- Subcontr.-~ ~- Travels-~ ~- Equipm.-~ ~- Consu-mable -~ ~- Other specific costs-~ ~- Indirect costs-~ ~- Total Cost-~ ~- Total EC Contribution WPround(0+1:0)-~

Partner's resources which will complement the EC contribution As already said, the main own contribution provided by participants are person months of permanent personnel paid partner institutions. Moreover, all CerCo partners will use and share their own laboratories and facilities to carry on the foreseen research activities.

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