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Dear all,

The compiler now outputs an IntelHex? format. The result seems to be a full dump of the code memory, which is 64k bytes long, though it may have a lot of nop instructions in the end, depending on the input file. I think it slows down a bit the compilation to output this long code, and it definitely makes things longer when using the mcu8051ide on it to disassemble. Moreover, when trying to emulate the disassembled code, the mcu8051ide complains that the code is too long. In fact, it seems just a bit too long, because when removing the last nop instruction, it works just fine.

1) Is there any way to shorten the output of an IntelHex?? For example, removing the nop instructions from the end may be safe.
2) Do you see why the last nop instruction is too much for the mcu8051ide?



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