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(edit) @2317   8 years boender - small changes to make things compile
(edit) @2316   8 years boender - committed temporary version: true version has to wait until I …
(edit) @2315   8 years campbell Add some more commentary.
(edit) @2314   8 years campbell Move generic definitions from recent commit to appropriate places.
(edit) @2313   8 years campbell RTLabs cost checker correct.
(edit) @2312   8 years garnier Memory injections, to be revised
(edit) @2311   8 years garnier Some more cleaning of switchRemoval …
(edit) @2310   8 years garnier Moved a lemma from switchRemoval to positive.
(edit) @2309   8 years garnier Removed the superfluous xorb definition and move some basic properties …
(edit) @2308   8 years campbell More proof (and corrections) on cost checking.
(edit) @2307   8 years campbell Half the proofs for sound cost labelling check.
(edit) @2306   8 years campbell An insertion sort for testing purposes.
(edit) @2305   8 years campbell RTLabs cost spec checking function implemented (lacks proof, or much …
(edit) @2304   8 years garnier Strengthened proof of associativity of bitvector addition. Some more …
(edit) @2303   8 years campbell Some preliminary checking of cost labelling properties in RTLabs.
(edit) @2302   8 years garnier Finally proved associativity of addition on bitvectors. Rejoice.
(edit) @2301   8 years mulligan Trying to get the big proof working again
(edit) @2300   8 years campbell Cut out some dead ends and add some comments to the last commit.
(edit) @2299   8 years campbell Soundly labelled RTLabs structured traces are "unrepeating".
(edit) @2298   8 years garnier WIP: converting switch removal from Z to bitvectors. Does not compile, …
(edit) @2297   8 years campbell Nicer form of steps until cost label bound in RTLabs.
(edit) @2296   8 years campbell Tidy up some ill-placed definitions.
(edit) @2295   8 years campbell Start on showing unrepeating property of RTLabs structured traces: …
(edit) @2294   8 years campbell Make RTLabs cost spec deterministic.
(edit) @2293   8 years campbell Add instruction pointer for call states in RTLabs.
(edit) @2292   8 years campbell More RTLabs invariants.
(edit) @2291   8 years campbell Disable switch removal in for now.
(edit) @2290   8 years campbell Remove jump tables from RTLabs -> RTL.
(edit) @2289   8 years campbell Update alias
(edit) @2288   8 years campbell Remove jumptables from RTLabs. :(
(edit) @2287   8 years campbell RTLabs typing for loads and stores.
(edit) @2286   8 years tranquil Big update! * merge of all _paolo variants * reorganised some depends …
(edit) @2285   8 years sacerdot 1. duplicated code erased 2. POP case finished up to lemmas on …
(edit) @2284   8 years sacerdot PUSH finished
(edit) @2283   8 years mulligan Work from today.
(edit) @2282   8 years sacerdot PUSH case almost finished
(edit) @2281   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2280   8 years sacerdot Proof repaired.
(edit) @2279   8 years sacerdot 1. Bug fixed in the semantics of PUSH (no indirection performed) 2. …
(edit) @2278   8 years mulligan Half of JC case complete
(edit) @2277   8 years tranquil * replaced incorrect use of subvector_with
(edit) @2276   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2275   8 years tranquil * moved around some code ( does not depend on ByteValues?.ma …
(edit) @2274   8 years sacerdot Dead code commented out and code out of place moved to
(edit) @2273   8 years sacerdot 1. lemmas moved from all files to 2. most of the lemmas in …
(edit) @2272   8 years mulligan Changed proof strategy for main lemma after noticed that the current …
(edit) @2271   8 years garnier Proof of correction for the semantics of expressions under memory …
(edit) @2270   8 years mulligan Bug spotted and fixed in write_at_stack_pointer
(edit) @2269   8 years sacerdot Proof completely repaired up to …
(edit) @2268   8 years mulligan Bug spotted in instruction_size (lookup_datalabels cannot just be a …
(edit) @2267   8 years sacerdot Call is now proved using the new strategy.
(edit) @2266   8 years sacerdot All daemons closed in Jmp case.
(edit) @2265   8 years sacerdot Commented out code removed.
(edit) @2264   8 years sacerdot 1) Major change: we now always use the efficient way of resolving …
(edit) @2263   8 years garnier Finished proving semantics preservation under memory injections for …
(edit) @2262   8 years mulligan Changes from today.
(edit) @2261   8 years mulligan Resolved conflict
(edit) @2260   8 years sacerdot Now we use the efficient lookup_address.
(edit) @2259   8 years mulligan For Claudio
(edit) @2258   8 years sacerdot 1. lemma generalized 2. automation replaced with expansion to make …
(edit) @2257   8 years mulligan Daemon in SETB case closed.
(edit) @2256   8 years mulligan MOV and MOVX cases complete
(edit) @2255   8 years garnier Had to modify the definition of memory injections to prove that …
(edit) @2254   8 years campbell Fix up invariants in Cminor semantics.
(edit) @2253   8 years campbell Cminor to RTLabs is now a total function.
(edit) @2252   8 years campbell Use the return statement invariant. Restructure the invariants for …
(edit) @2251   8 years campbell Add new invariant to Cminor that return typs should be respected.
(edit) @2250   8 years campbell Tidy up Clight to Cminor pass a bit.
(edit) @2249   8 years campbell Tweak Cminor invariant to be slightly more readable/extendable.
(edit) @2248   8 years sacerdot Final changes. All daemons removed, but the real one (open goal).
(edit) @2247   8 years mulligan Work on the MOV instruction from today and bug fixes in set_arg_1.
(edit) @2246   8 years sacerdot Final technical lemma streamlined. Maybe it can be streamlined even more.
(edit) @2245   8 years sacerdot Temporary commit to have a backtracking point. Yes, I know this breaks …
(edit) @2244   8 years sacerdot Technical lemma used.
(edit) @2243   8 years sacerdot One more lemma streamlined, one to go + one to be completed.
(edit) @2242   8 years sacerdot jump_expansion_step3 streamlined
(edit) @2241   8 years boender - merged changes by Claudio
(edit) @2240   8 years sacerdot All "interesting" technical lemmas singled out, proofs to be uncommented.
(edit) @2239   8 years sacerdot One more lemma polished.
(edit) @2238   8 years sacerdot Taken out lemma integrated.
(edit) @2237   8 years sacerdot Even shorter version.
(edit) @2236   8 years sacerdot One subproof made shorter.
(edit) @2235   8 years sacerdot Towards smaller proofs.
(edit) @2234   8 years garnier Progress on proving semantics preservation under memory injections.
(edit) @2233   8 years tranquil * completed update of ERTL semantics * some minor changes in joint …
(edit) @2232   8 years campbell Remove unused block structure in Cminor.
(edit) @2231   8 years garnier Various tiny lemmas used in at least two files in the fornt-end.
(edit) @2230   8 years sacerdot Glue proof maximally simplified or sort of.
(edit) @2229   9 years sacerdot More cleaning up, ready for more aggressive factorization.
(edit) @2228   9 years sacerdot Further proof reduction.
(edit) @2227   9 years garnier * New version of the switch removal algorithm, described at the top of …
(edit) @2226   9 years campbell Whole program proof.
(edit) @2225   9 years sacerdot Minor and major improvements everywhere, shortened proofs.
(edit) @2224   9 years campbell Proper whole program result in RTLabs/Traces
(edit) @2223   9 years campbell Simplify RTLabs structure traces proofs by getting rid of wrong …
(edit) @2222   9 years sacerdot More robust to possible future changes to the "in match" semantics …
(edit) @2221   9 years boender - removed cases daemon from PolicyFront?
(edit) @2220   9 years sacerdot Some minor speed up and daemon-uncommenting.
(edit) @2219   9 years campbell Speed up cast simplification proof checking a bit.
(edit) @2218   9 years campbell Separate out cost properties required of RTLabs programs from the …
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