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(edit) @2699   8 years mckinna simplified dependencies somewhat
(edit) @2698   8 years mckinna simplified dependencies
(edit) @2697   8 years sacerdot Compiler fixed to include the ERTLptrToLTL pass.
(edit) @2696   8 years sacerdot I can't get this right... :-(
(edit) @2695   8 years sacerdot Renamed again.
(edit) @2694   8 years tranquil completed ERTLptrToLTL
(edit) @2693   8 years sacerdot 1. Stuff moved to correct places. 2. ERTLptr pass added
(edit) @2692   8 years garnier Add some more constraints in clight_cminor_data.
(edit) @2691   8 years sacerdot ERTLtoERTLptr* moved to the proper place
(edit) @2690   8 years campbell Most of the measurable subtrace preservation proof done.
(edit) @2689   8 years tranquil * fixed passes up to linearisation
(edit) @2688   8 years tranquil * in commented include that breaks script in latest …
(edit) @2687   8 years tranquil * polished some interfaces
(edit) @2686   8 years mckinna two minor modifications to assist disambiguation of "lookup" file …
(edit) @2685   8 years campbell Progress on measurable trace preservation: prefix preserves observable …
(edit) @2684   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2683   8 years tranquil proof of properties of b_graph_program_transform (with an open axiom)
(edit) @2682   8 years campbell Don't apply inv in after_n_steps to last state.
(edit) @2681   8 years tranquil * improvements to the graph translation function * fixed passes up to LTL
(edit) @2680   8 years mckinna proofs which previously succeeded fail, thanks to fold on positive_map …
(edit) @2679   8 years mckinna Further tweak to Brian's changes: no normalization reqd at all!
(edit) @2678   8 years campbell Switch to single source step simulations for front-end measurable …
(edit) @2677   8 years campbell Retain the pointer for the function called in front-end call states so …
(edit) @2676   8 years campbell Less aggressive normalisation in ASMCosts to prevent memory blowup.
(edit) @2675   8 years tranquil * a generic graph program transformation
(edit) @2674   8 years tranquil * another change in block definition * RTLabs -> RTL and ERTL -> …
(edit) @2673   8 years tranquil corrected some compilation errors (that might depend on some matita update)
(edit) @2672   8 years sacerdot One less axiom on bitvectors.
(edit) @2671   8 years sacerdot simplification
(edit) @2670   8 years campbell Clean up from recent commits.
(edit) @2669   8 years campbell Tweak exec_steps output; show that simulations extend to measurable …
(edit) @2668   8 years campbell Intermediate measurable proof check-in before I change its traces again.
(edit) @2667   8 years garnier Clight to Cminor, statements: some cases down. Subset of the …
(edit) @2666   8 years piccolo bug fixed in
(edit) @2665   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2664   8 years sacerdot Tailcall case implemented (it does not happen ATM).
(edit) @2663   8 years piccolo some minor modifications to ERTLtoERTLptr
(edit) @2662   8 years piccolo Towards a very generalized lemma that summarizes all of Paolo's results.
(edit) @2661   8 years sacerdot stacksize "repaired" by "considering" tailcalls Some daemons added …
(edit) @2660   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2659   8 years sacerdot Tailcall elimination no longer necessary: 1. the back-end is almost …
(edit) @2658   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2657   8 years sacerdot Cost proof fully repaired. It was broken by the definitions used in …
(edit) @2656   8 years sacerdot Ported to tailcalls (currently nothing is classified as a tailcall).
(edit) @2655   8 years tranquil new step in code semantic lemma
(edit) @2654   8 years garnier Memory injections in a coherent state.
(edit) @2653   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2652   8 years sacerdot String type changed definition.
(edit) @2651   8 years sacerdot Type String changed.
(edit) @2647   8 years sacerdot Stupid typo fixed.
(edit) @2646   8 years sacerdot A tag was classified as an error message. Fixed.
(edit) @2645   8 years sacerdot 1. some broken back-end files repaires, several still to go 2. the …
(edit) @2644   8 years campbell Commit some work on FEMeasurable before trying to do something nicer …
(edit) @2643   8 years sacerdot We are not proving erasure, so this is dead code.
(edit) @2642   8 years piccolo fixed joint/Traces after having posed block 0 to be Code
(edit) @2641   8 years piccolo defined dummy block code equals to 0
(edit) @2640   8 years tranquil updated RTL and RTLabs to RTL translation
(edit) @2639   8 years sacerdot We are not going to prove erasure. Thus this becomes dead code.
(edit) @2638   8 years piccolo Back-end fixes for last Garnier's commit that removes the regions from …
(edit) @2624   8 years campbell Properly evict unused and axiomatised Floats.
(edit) @2623   8 years campbell Name change update.
(edit) @2619   8 years campbell Update some test cases.
(edit) @2618   8 years campbell Tidy up measurable a little.
(edit) @2617   8 years campbell Trivial simplification on split_trace.
(edit) @2608   8 years garnier Regions are no more stored in blocks. block_region now tests the id, …
(edit) @2604   8 years piccolo ERTLtoERTLptr in place.
(edit) @2603   8 years piccolo Dead code commented out.
(edit) @2601   8 years sacerdot Extraction to ocaml is now working, with a couple of bugs left. One …
(edit) @2600   8 years garnier Memory injections are now only defined relatively to block ids, not …
(edit) @2599   8 years tranquil * map_opt and map on positive maps are now clean (erase empty …
(edit) @2598   8 years garnier Tentative, partial draft for the definition of Clight-Cminor …
(edit) @2597   8 years campbell Some work in progress on measurable subtrace preservation.
(edit) @2596   8 years campbell Use a simpler stack cost map, and then specialise to each semantics.
(edit) @2595   8 years tranquil * dropped locals and exit from definition of joint_if_function * new …
(edit) @2594   8 years garnier Some fixes in memory injections, and some holes filled.
(edit) @2593   8 years mckinna Finally chased down wicked failure to close case 1.1: of …
(edit) @2592   8 years piccolo main lemma of ERTLptr in place
(edit) @2591   8 years garnier Moved simulation proof for expressions in, …
(edit) @2590   8 years piccolo added monad machineary for ERTL to ERTLptr translation eval_seq_no_pc …
(edit) @2588   8 years garnier modified Cexec/Csem? semantics: . force andbool and orbool types to be …
(edit) @2582   8 years garnier Some progress on CL to CM.
(edit) @2581   8 years mckinna commented out back end entirely until knock-on effects of changes to …
(edit) @2578   8 years garnier Progress on CL to CM, fixed some stuff in memory injections.
(edit) @2576   8 years campbell Add conditional test case that also uses switch removal.
(edit) @2575   8 years mckinna temporary commit localised the source of trouble in the proof of …
(edit) @2574   8 years campbell Update labelling simulation proofs due to some changes elsewhere.
(edit) @2573   8 years mckinna temporary fixes to ensure {compiler,correctness}.ma recompile after …
(edit) @2572   8 years garnier Progress on toCminorCorrectness.
(edit) @2571   8 years campbell Lots of little changes for cl_tailcall and classifier change.
(edit) @2570   8 years piccolo ERTLtoERTLptr in place
(edit) @2569   8 years campbell Fix Clight semantics for ptr + char. (Compiler works anyway.)
(edit) @2568   8 years campbell Relax some Clight type checks to Cminor type checks to avoid …
(edit) @2566   8 years piccolo ERTL to ERTLptr pass implemented up to a few things to be left to the …
(edit) @2565   8 years garnier Cl to Cm progress.
(edit) @2564   8 years piccolo ERTL fully repaired, useless part of return value of pop_ra removed.
(edit) @2563   8 years piccolo Repairing ERTL: show stopper found.
(edit) @2562   8 years piccolo linearise modified
(edit) @2561   8 years tranquil * moved CALL as different case than joint_seq: lots of broken code now …
(edit) @2560   8 years garnier Fix in trace gen for CL
(edit) @2559   8 years piccolo lineariseProof finished
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