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(edit) @2063   9 years mulligan Minor fixes
(edit) @2062   9 years sacerdot Everything repaired (broken because of new proof obligation for fetch).
(edit) @2061   9 years mulligan Added Randall Holmes' Usenet post on branch displacement optimisation …
(edit) @2060   9 years mulligan More work on paper.
(edit) @2059   9 years boender - updated Policy to work better
(edit) @2058   9 years mulligan First draft of changes to main sections (i.e. those describing the …
(edit) @2057   9 years sacerdot Repaired (was broken by fetch_pseudo_instruction now taking a proof …
(edit) @2056   9 years sacerdot Repaired, ported to new fetch_pseudo_assembly. The execute_n is …
(edit) @2055   9 years sacerdot Warning: this commit adds an hypothesis that breaks all of assembly stuff.
(edit) @2054   9 years boender - progress
(edit) @2053   9 years mulligan Introduction changed, with many paragraphs deleted.
(edit) @2052   9 years mulligan Initial commit of proposed CPP 2012 paper on the proof of correctness …
(edit) @2051   9 years mulligan Finished the Jmp case in the main theorem.
(edit) @2050   9 years campbell Limit some normalization that doesn't seem to like.
(edit) @2049   9 years boender - progress
(edit) @2048   9 years boender - factorised jump decisions
(edit) @2047   9 years mulligan Big bugs in policy calculations found. Waiting for Jaap's commit.
(edit) @2046   9 years boender - removed old paper directory
(edit) @2045   9 years boender - renamed paper directory
(edit) @2044   9 years campbell PCs for RTLabs structured traces.
(edit) @2043   9 years sacerdot Broken code commented out.
(edit) @2042   9 years sacerdot Repaired (Type => DeqSet?)
(edit) @2041   9 years sacerdot Repaired: unified syntax for monads.
(edit) @2040   9 years sacerdot Repaired using new /demod/ that allows to specify the rules to be used.
(edit) @2039   9 years sacerdot New, better interface for subaddressing_mode_elim
(edit) @2038   9 years sacerdot split => vsplit
(edit) @2037   9 years sacerdot flatten is now part of stdlib
(edit) @2036   9 years sacerdot New daemon inserted because /demod/ got worst :-(
(edit) @2035   9 years sacerdot Fixed
(edit) @2034   9 years boender - split Policy into three separate files for ease (and indeed …
(edit) @2033   9 years sacerdot Daemon reverted.
(edit) @2032   9 years sacerdot !! BEWARE: major commit !! 1) [affects everybody] split for …
(edit) @2030   9 years garnier Cast simplification was too conservative, now reasonably aggressive.
(edit) @2028   9 years boender - bugfix to Assembly (forgotten sigma) - added …
(edit) @2027   9 years mulligan Got the main lemma to apply in the proof of main theorem again and …
(edit) @2026   9 years mulligan Added a new file to house the main theorem as the type checking time …
(edit) @2025   9 years campbell Silly typo and old comment.
(edit) @2024   9 years mulligan Updated AssemblyProof? to fix mismatch in definition of lookup_labels …
(edit) @2023   9 years mulligan Closed main lemma modulo closing trivial subgoals about commutations …
(edit) @2022   9 years boender - corrected jump calculation algorithm
(edit) @2021   9 years sacerdot Proof skeleton in place. Several daemons to be closed adding invariants.
(edit) @2020   9 years mulligan CJNE case complete, DJNZ case almost complete
(edit) @2019   9 years campbell Split out special induction principle for Clight from soundness file. …
(edit) @2018   9 years mulligan CJNE case a complete mess.
(edit) @2017   9 years mulligan Large swathes of proof of main lemma added.
(edit) @2016   9 years garnier Slight change in simplification strategy to better match the semantics
(edit) @2015   9 years mulligan Changes following a conversation with Jaap: as it stands computation …
(edit) @2014   9 years mulligan Fixed problem in James' email message.
(edit) @2011   9 years garnier Minor cleanup.
(edit) @2010   9 years campbell Make globalenvs use proper maps.
(edit) @2009   9 years garnier Proof of simulation completed for singe-step executions.
(edit) @2008   9 years boender - substantial closing of holes in proof
(edit) @2006   9 years boender - added alias for bitvector zero - changed extralib bounded …
(edit) @2005   9 years boender - minor changes to make things compile with a clean checkout
(edit) @2004   9 years campbell Minor edits from discussion.
(edit) @2003   9 years campbell Some discussion of correctness statements.
(edit) @2001   9 years campbell Get the compiler to output more.
(edit) @2000   9 years campbell Fix g.e. glitch in label simulation.
(edit) @1999   9 years campbell Make back-end use the main global envs.
(edit) @1996   9 years campbell Work on correctness from yesterday.
(edit) @1995   9 years campbell Overall compiler definition; bits and pieces to make everything happy(ish).
(edit) @1994   9 years campbell Remove redundant allocation definition in Globalenvs.
(edit) @1993   9 years campbell Make front-end memory model only depend on the general definitions by …
(edit) @1991   9 years campbell Put the front end transformations together and make an example use it.
(edit) @1988   9 years campbell Abstraction of the memory contents in the memory models is no longer …
(edit) @1987   9 years campbell Move BEValues to common to reflect their use in the memory model for …
(edit) @1986   9 years campbell Get rid of unused abstraction of Globalenvs.
(edit) @1985   9 years mulligan A single `false' case for unconditional jumps completed.
(edit) @1984   9 years mulligan Most proof obligations closed in main_lemma apart from those of the …
(edit) @1983   9 years mulligan Changes to simplify the simpler cases of the main_lemma.
(edit) @1979   9 years sacerdot Very very very tricky lemma closed. A dreadful mix of JM equality …
(edit) @1978   9 years sacerdot Two more cases completed.
(edit) @1977   9 years sacerdot Unblocked: let ... as hides two different terms, one that uses Leibniz …
(edit) @1976   9 years tranquil * monads: just changed some defs, which had to be propagated in some …
(edit) @1975   9 years mulligan Work from today on closing main_thm.
(edit) @1974   9 years garnier Progress on the cast simplification proof.
(edit) @1973   9 years boender - removed superfluous match - displaced 'cases daemon'
(edit) @1972   9 years mulligan Simple lemma with strangely complex proof complete.
(edit) @1971   9 years sacerdot 1. we need to prove \sigma (execute_preinstruction …
(edit) @1970   9 years garnier Work-in-progress: correction proof for the cast removal on expressions.
(edit) @1969   9 years sacerdot Some more progress, but now we must prove something on a Russell …
(edit) @1967   9 years sacerdot Mov case completed.
(edit) @1966   9 years mulligan Progress made on main_thm proof: trying to find a pattern to use …
(edit) @1965   9 years boender - further completed proof, changed jump_expansion' to reflect new type …
(edit) @1964   9 years tranquil introduced as_label_of_cost and adapted accordingly. Equality of cost …
(edit) @1963   9 years sacerdot More progress in restoring the original proof.
(edit) @1962   9 years sacerdot More examples are now indexed.
(edit) @1961   9 years sacerdot No more interaction required.
(edit) @1960   9 years campbell Update RTLabs structured traces to make minor changes in definitions.
(edit) @1959   9 years mulligan Commented out diverging application of demodulation and closed goals …
(edit) @1958   9 years mulligan Marked divergence in StatusProofs?.ma
(edit) @1957   9 years mulligan Stitching proofs back together after slight change in statement of …
(edit) @1956   9 years boender - finished proof of lemma (where auto does strange things again)
(edit) @1955   9 years mulligan Completed proof of snd_assembly_1_pseudoinstruction_ok, modulo some …
(edit) @1954   9 years campbell Initial state is in the labelling simulation (modulo global envs results).
(edit) @1953   9 years mulligan Commit to avoid conflicts.
(edit) @1952   9 years sacerdot AssemblyProof? splitted.
(edit) @1951   9 years sacerdot Bug with overloaded names in the context.
(edit) @1950   9 years boender - advances in policy
(edit) @1949   9 years tranquil * lemma trace rel to eq flatten trace * some more properties of …
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