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(edit) @1648   8 years mulligan new version of utilities/ with typecheck command comented out
(edit) @1647   8 years tranquil * corrected some notation problems * adapted Cligth with slight …
(edit) @1640   8 years tranquil * finished fork of * unification of Errors under the …
(edit) @1636   8 years tranquil * added coercions to arguments (in RTL) and notation for ops (for the …
(edit) @1635   8 years tranquil * lists with binders and monads * and other temprarily …
(edit) @1631   8 years campbell Use fact that type environments in Cminor have distinct variables to …
(edit) @1630   8 years campbell Remainder of freshness in Clight to Cminor pass.
(edit) @1628   8 years campbell Show that the universe generated by Clight/ is good.
(edit) @1626   8 years campbell Add extra type safety in front end. NB: critical freshness parts …
(edit) @1600   8 years sacerdot utilities and ASM ported to the new standard library
(edit) @1599   8 years sacerdot Start of merging of stuff into the standard library of Matita.
(edit) @1598   8 years mulligan changes over the last couple of days
(edit) @1593   8 years boender - cleaned up Assembly, moved some definitions elsewhere
(edit) @1587   8 years mulligan changes from today, including removing indexing of problematic …
(edit) @1551   8 years campbell Functions to translate between back-end and front-end values.
(edit) @1528   8 years campbell Update most of with new syntax and identifier maps. Change …
(edit) @1523   8 years campbell Separate out positive and Z definitions from Minor syntax …
(edit) @1521   8 years sacerdot Syntax change in Matita: change what where => change where what.
(edit) @1517   8 years sacerdot Ported to syntax of Matita 0.99.1.
(edit) @1516   8 years sacerdot Ported to syntax of Matita 0.99.1.
(edit) @1515   8 years campbell Add type of maps on positive binary numbers, and use them for …
(edit) @1463   8 years mulligan added erasure for lin
(edit) @1451   8 years sacerdot 1. All axioms in LIN/ closed 2. succ_pc and …
(edit) @1351   8 years campbell Tidy up some loose ends from the invariants branch merge.
(edit) @1350   8 years sacerdot Porting to latest destruct tactic. Note: the tactics has a few …
(edit) @1341   8 years sacerdot Empty directory removed.
(edit) @1338   8 years sacerdot Automation is now stronger.
(edit) @1337   8 years sacerdot Automation is now stronger.
(edit) @1330   8 years campbell Evict obsolete file.
(edit) @1321   8 years sacerdot No longer/never implemented files removed.
(edit) @1316   8 years campbell Merge in id-lookup-branch to trunk.
(edit) @1296   8 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1285   8 years mulligan more implementation on maps, final push to get rtl abs to rtl working
(edit) @1274   8 years mulligan starting removing axioms from adts and giving them proper implementations
(edit) @1268   8 years sacerdot 1) AST/ no longer used, utilities/IdentifierTools no …
(edit) @1266   8 years sacerdot Added second projection.
(edit) @1260   8 years mulligan commit for csc
(edit) @1250   8 years sacerdot 1. Sigma types projections moved to utilities/ 2. Extended …
(edit) @1248   8 years mulligan deleted files that do not compile in utilities, changed to use …
(edit) @1229   8 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1227   8 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1223   8 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1219   8 years mulligan a little more added
(edit) @1218   8 years mulligan a lot added to interference graph calculation
(edit) @1212   8 years mulligan more added on interference graphs
(edit) @1211   8 years mulligan fixed interference file
(edit) @1210   8 years mulligan getting rid of typeclass-like records in favour of file-level axioms. …
(edit) @1209   8 years mulligan more work on int. graphs
(edit) @1208   8 years mulligan added adts for sets, tables and priority sets in order to make life …
(edit) @1196   8 years mulligan some more changes, need some additional datastructures
(edit) @1195   8 years campbell List find function.
(edit) @1193   8 years mulligan work on colouring algorithm halted as it can be axiomatised. now …
(edit) @1192   8 years mulligan some files that were missing / laying dormant on my computer
(edit) @1145   8 years mulligan changed naming in i8051 of classes of registers to make them consistent
(edit) @1127   8 years mulligan interference graphs axiomatised, more added to ertl
(edit) @1092   8 years campbell Some minor definitions for identifiers and lists.
(edit) @1075   8 years mulligan nearly completed rtl -> ertl pass removing all option types with dep. types
(edit) @1066   8 years mulligan changes from today
(edit) @1052   8 years mulligan removed offsets after reading cerco mailing list
(edit) @1050   8 years mulligan adding dependent types to map datastructure to remove all option …
(edit) @1049   8 years mulligan more stuff added
(edit) @1048   8 years mulligan added implementation of haskell associative maps to clean up the mess …
(edit) @961   8 years campbell Use precise bitvector sizes throughout the front end, rather than …
(edit) @891   8 years campbell Revise proofs affected by recent matita change.
(edit) @882   8 years campbell Fix up fragile proofs for current version of matita.
(edit) @816   8 years campbell Clight to Cminor compilation, modulo switch statements, temporary …
(edit) @782   8 years mulligan More work on rtl-ertl pass from today, plus resolved conflict.
(edit) @780   8 years campbell Properly update set of registers that are used for pointers in Cminor …
(edit) @778   8 years mulligan moved register set into correct place
(edit) @766   8 years campbell Most of the Cminor to RTLabs stage. Is buggy, generates inefficient …
(edit) @761   8 years campbell Enforce the use of declared identifiers/registers in Cminor/RTLabs.
(edit) @753   9 years mulligan Work from today.
(edit) @747   9 years campbell Merge the two AST files together (although some definitions still need …
(edit) @746   9 years mulligan Changes to bitvectortrieset: equality on sets. Added new file for …
(edit) @744   9 years campbell Evict Coq-style integers from common/ Make more bitvector …
(edit) @735   9 years mulligan Changes from today
(edit) @733   9 years mulligan Fixed partial commit.
(edit) @711   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @709   9 years sacerdot Notations should NOT be redefined. Just add a new interpretation.
(edit) @699   9 years mulligan More or less finished formalisation of LIN.
(edit) @698   9 years mulligan Commit with changes to files to get our files to typecheck.
(edit) @697   9 years campbell Merge Clight branch of vectors and friends. Start making stuff build.
(edit) @695   9 years campbell Rearrange Clight files a bit - will try to make them work again soon…
(copy) @691   9 years mulligan More movement of files within the repository.
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(add) @491   9 years mulligan Initial commit of (part)-formalisation of LIN intermediate language.
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