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(edit) @3371   6 years piccolo Modified RTLsemantics and ERTLsemantics. Now the pop frame will set …
(edit) @2808   7 years tranquil added local_stacksize to joint internal functions to accomodate for …
(edit) @2570   7 years piccolo ERTLtoERTLptr in place
(edit) @2559   7 years piccolo lineariseProof finished
(edit) @2556   7 years tranquil in joint semantics and traces: added a last popped calling address to …
(edit) @2555   7 years piccolo lemma eval_call_ok finished
(edit) @2553   7 years tranquil as_classify changed to a partial function added a status for tailcalls
(edit) @2551   7 years piccolo completed isFinal and fetchStatementSigmaCommute. Fixed exit …
(edit) @2548   7 years tranquil in BackEndOps?, cleaner def of be_op2 new statement of …
(edit) @2547   7 years tranquil going on in proof of linearise simplified by use of monadic functional …
(edit) @2543   7 years piccolo finished stmt_at_sigma_commute
(edit) @2536   7 years piccolo finished eval_seq_no_pc_sigma_commute lemma
(edit) @2529   7 years tranquil rewritten function handling in joint swapped call_rel with ret_rel in …
(edit) @2528   7 years piccolo added cases PUSH, C_ADDRESS and COPACCS
(edit) @2507   7 years piccolo finished pop case in commutation eval_Seq_no_pc
(edit) @2501   7 years piccolo working on lineariseProof. Not yet finished.
(edit) @2495   7 years piccolo continuing lineariseProof
(edit) @2484   7 years piccolo fixed Traces and semantics added commutation record (not yet finished) …
(edit) @2481   7 years piccolo corrected some inconsistencies fixed some of lineariseProof
(edit) @2476   7 years piccolo fixed commutation lemmas in lineariseProof started proof of main …
(edit) @2467   7 years piccolo LINEARISE PROOF MODIFIED NOT YED FIXED
(edit) @2464   7 years piccolo adapted lineariseProof to new semantics
(edit) @2452   7 years piccolo Completed commutation lemmas of fetch_statement
(edit) @2447   7 years piccolo All axioms opened so far and that must be closed here have been closed.
(edit) @2446   7 years piccolo Fetch commutation proof reduced to one simple (?) lemma.
(edit) @2445   7 years piccolo 1. sigma function axiomatically defined (together with its spec). …
(edit) @2443   7 years tranquil changed joint's stack pointer and internal stack
(add) @2442   7 years piccolo Traces repaired. (By Paolo) Statement of lineariseProof in place.
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