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(edit) @1424   8 years sacerdot 1. fold function over BitVectorTries? moved from ERTLToLTL to …
(edit) @1423   8 years sacerdot - spill no longer used - BUG IN Interference: generating the destruct …
(edit) @1352   8 years sacerdot This commit is made necessary by the last Matita change. Inclusion is …
(edit) @1282   8 years sacerdot Cosmetic change: names of joint statements/instructions shortened and …
(edit) @1281   8 years sacerdot Porting of all transformation to the joint syntax practically …
(edit) @1275   8 years sacerdot RTL ported to joint syntax, but: 1. bug discovered: opaccs should …
(edit) @1274   8 years mulligan starting removing axioms from adts and giving them proper implementations
(edit) @1271   8 years mulligan finished, kind of
(edit) @1263   8 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1260   8 years mulligan commit for csc
(edit) @1256   8 years mulligan changes: added a mapi for graphs
(edit) @1251   8 years mulligan changes to get things compiling again after yet another CSC rearrangement!
(edit) @1250   8 years sacerdot 1. Sigma types projections moved to utilities/ 2. Extended …
(edit) @1249   8 years mulligan changes to get everything to typecheck again
(edit) @1241   8 years mulligan changes for claudio
(edit) @1232   8 years mulligan big changes: got what was implemented in the ertl to ltl pass type …
(edit) @1230   8 years mulligan more changes
(edit) @1229   8 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1192   8 years mulligan some files that were missing / laying dormant on my computer
(edit) @1191   8 years mulligan ertl to ertl pass back where it was before the changes to joint
(edit) @1179   8 years mulligan changes to ertl, ltl and lin to use new notion of joint params. ertl …
(edit) @1175   8 years mulligan changes to ertl pass
(edit) @1172   8 years mulligan half complete
(edit) @1171   8 years mulligan changes made on claudio's request: changed order of nesting in the …
(edit) @1170   8 years mulligan changes to ertl > ltl pass
(edit) @1168   8 years sacerdot Joint statements parameterized over a record.
(edit) @1166   8 years mulligan moved joint ltl lin files into their own directory. more changes to …
(edit) @1165   8 years mulligan more changes
(edit) @1163   8 years mulligan even more streamlining and fixes to get things type checking
(edit) @1161   8 years mulligan changes from today: merged ertl, ltl and lin into one datatype to …
(edit) @1160   8 years mulligan changes to unfunctorised code in
(edit) @1154   8 years mulligan changes to ertl files: in process of removing in favour …
(edit) @1152   8 years mulligan more added
(edit) @1144   8 years mulligan added file. matita bug found
(edit) @1128   8 years mulligan fixed ERTLtoLTLI so it type checks again
(edit) @1124   8 years mulligan finished off liveness analysis by axiomatising properties
(edit) @1110   8 years mulligan changes to get ltl to lin pass to work properly
(edit) @1088   9 years mulligan work on liveness analysis: an imperative nightmare
(edit) @1084   9 years mulligan more added on ertl pass: not sure how much should be axiomatised wrt …
(edit) @1082   9 years mulligan work from today on ertl -> ltl pass
(edit) @759   9 years mulligan More work on the RTL to ERTL pass.
(edit) @757   9 years mulligan Lots more fixing to get both front and backends using same conventions …
(edit) @753   9 years mulligan Work from today.
(edit) @752   9 years mulligan Fixed error in BitVectorTrieSet? file.
(edit) @745   9 years mulligan Changes from yesterday. Slowly implementing the functorized …
(add) @733   9 years mulligan Fixed partial commit.
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