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(edit) @1388   8 years sacerdot fetch_result implemented for ERTL. This required a different …
(edit) @1280   8 years sacerdot Some progress in the porting of RTLAbstoRTL to the joint syntax: 1) …
(edit) @1270   8 years sacerdot Making RTL syntax an instance of Joint.
(edit) @1269   8 years sacerdot Useless include removed.
(edit) @1254   8 years sacerdot More progress towards porting of RTLtoERTL to joint syntax.
(edit) @1252   8 years sacerdot graph_params added to joint/, together with useful common …
(edit) @1248   8 years mulligan deleted files that do not compile in utilities, changed to use …
(edit) @1242   8 years sacerdot Some clean-up.
(edit) @1241   8 years mulligan changes for claudio
(edit) @1223   8 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1221   8 years sacerdot Cleanup.
(edit) @1220   8 years sacerdot ERTL ported to the new joint syntax.
(edit) @1183   8 years mulligan removed parameterised label types in the three lowest level languages
(edit) @1178   8 years mulligan fixed to use new version of joint params
(edit) @1175   8 years mulligan changes to ertl pass
(edit) @1171   8 years mulligan changes made on claudio's request: changed order of nesting in the …
(edit) @1168   8 years sacerdot Joint statements parameterized over a record.
(edit) @1165   8 years mulligan more changes
(edit) @1163   8 years mulligan even more streamlining and fixes to get things type checking
(edit) @1161   8 years mulligan changes from today: merged ertl, ltl and lin into one datatype to …
(edit) @1138   8 years mulligan merged ertl_st_opaccs_a and ertl_st_opaccs_b into each other
(edit) @1136   8 years mulligan fixed ertl pass
(edit) @1131   8 years mulligan changes to syntax of ertl: removed ertl_st_addr_l and ertl_st_addr_h …
(edit) @1107   9 years mulligan got rtl-ertl pass working again
(edit) @1084   9 years mulligan more added on ertl pass: not sure how much should be axiomatised wrt …
(edit) @1082   9 years mulligan work from today on ertl -> ltl pass
(edit) @1077   9 years mulligan ack, dependent types are scary
(edit) @1071   9 years mulligan changes the specific form that the added proofs take to use None, not …
(edit) @878   9 years campbell Removal of manually inserted record projections.
(edit) @783   9 years mulligan rtl to ertl pass complete (modulo some straightforward axioms that …
(edit) @782   9 years mulligan More work on rtl-ertl pass from today, plus resolved conflict.
(edit) @777   9 years mulligan Lots of work on RTL to ERTL pass from today.
(edit) @759   9 years mulligan More work on the RTL to ERTL pass.
(edit) @756   9 years mulligan Made a start on RTL. Renaming in ERTL and below to move closer to …
(edit) @753   9 years mulligan Work from today.
(edit) @745   9 years mulligan Changes from yesterday. Slowly implementing the functorized …
(edit) @735   9 years mulligan Changes from today
(add) @733   9 years mulligan Fixed partial commit.
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