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(edit) @2219   9 years campbell Speed up cast simplification proof checking a bit.
(edit) @2203   9 years campbell A general result about simulations of executions.
(edit) @2202   9 years campbell Start defining equivalent executions.
(edit) @2201   9 years campbell Forgotten comment update.
(edit) @2184   9 years campbell Minor fix ups.
(edit) @2180   9 years campbell Fix off-by-one error in GenMem?.ma.
(edit) @2177   9 years campbell Tidy up multiplication.
(edit) @2176   9 years campbell Remove memory spaces other than XData and Code; simplify pointers as a …
(edit) @2145   9 years campbell Cost labelling doesn't affect interaction.
(edit) @2134   9 years campbell Split out behavioural equivalence spec for labelling.
(edit) @2120   9 years campbell Fix victim of alloc unfolding.
(edit) @2118   9 years campbell Labelling preserves behaviour.
(edit) @2107   9 years campbell Memory initialisation and program transformations.
(edit) @2106   9 years campbell Fix up a couple of proofs broken by recent changes.
(edit) @2105   9 years campbell Show some results about globalenvs and program transformations.
(edit) @2103   9 years campbell Make transform_*program take a more general transformation to make …
(edit) @2076   9 years garnier First steps towards a simulation proof for switch removal.
(edit) @2074   9 years garnier Prophylactic renaming of a relation
(edit) @2050   9 years campbell Limit some normalization that doesn't seem to like.
(edit) @2032   9 years sacerdot !! BEWARE: major commit !! 1) [affects everybody] split for …
(edit) @2030   9 years garnier Cast simplification was too conservative, now reasonably aggressive.
(edit) @2019   9 years campbell Split out special induction principle for Clight from soundness file. …
(edit) @2016   9 years garnier Slight change in simplification strategy to better match the semantics
(edit) @2011   9 years garnier Minor cleanup.
(edit) @2009   9 years garnier Proof of simulation completed for singe-step executions.
(edit) @2000   9 years campbell Fix g.e. glitch in label simulation.
(edit) @1993   9 years campbell Make front-end memory model only depend on the general definitions by …
(edit) @1991   9 years campbell Put the front end transformations together and make an example use it.
(edit) @1988   9 years campbell Abstraction of the memory contents in the memory models is no longer …
(edit) @1986   9 years campbell Get rid of unused abstraction of Globalenvs.
(edit) @1974   9 years garnier Progress on the cast simplification proof.
(edit) @1970   9 years garnier Work-in-progress: correction proof for the cast removal on expressions.
(edit) @1954   9 years campbell Initial state is in the labelling simulation (modulo global envs results).
(edit) @1930   9 years campbell Tidy up labelling simulation stuff a bit.
(edit) @1922   9 years campbell Main labelling simulation proof complete.
(edit) @1920   9 years campbell Most of the labelling simulation. Still need to sort out switch …
(edit) @1915   9 years garnier Correction of a typo in switchRemoval.
(edit) @1914   9 years campbell Fix bug in Clight semantics that misses goto-labels inside a cost …
(edit) @1893   9 years campbell Show stronger result about labelling of expressions.
(edit) @1888   10 years campbell Show that labelling of expressions works ... after fixing it to match …
(edit) @1884   10 years campbell Syntax changes to fit Paolo's commit.
(edit) @1883   10 years campbell Ilias' switch removal code, plus a test.
(edit) @1878   10 years campbell Enforce typing of constants in front-end, plus binops for RTLabs.
(edit) @1876   10 years campbell Update Cexec soundness proof. Change finishes_with predicate to …
(edit) @1875   10 years campbell Update brief memory model test.
(edit) @1874   10 years campbell First cut at using back-end memory model throughout. Note the …
(edit) @1873   10 years campbell Fix up earlier front-end value conversion work.
(edit) @1872   10 years campbell Make binary operations in Cminor/RTLabs properly typed. A few extra …
(edit) @1871   10 years campbell Change Clight to Cminor compilation to use gotos rather than loops, …
(edit) @1713   10 years campbell Add a distinguished final state to the front-end languages to match up …
(edit) @1672   10 years campbell Matita now generates a couple of inversion lemmas that were manually …
(edit) @1647   10 years tranquil * corrected some notation problems * adapted Cligth with slight …
(edit) @1634   10 years campbell Update memory model examples syntax.
(edit) @1633   10 years campbell Update Cminor pretty printer and examples.
(edit) @1631   10 years campbell Use fact that type environments in Cminor have distinct variables to …
(edit) @1630   10 years campbell Remainder of freshness in Clight to Cminor pass.
(edit) @1629   10 years campbell Sort out most of the fresh names stuff in Clight to Cminor.
(edit) @1628   10 years campbell Show that the universe generated by Clight/ is good.
(edit) @1627   10 years campbell Add some notions of freshness, and start using them for temporary …
(edit) @1626   10 years campbell Add extra type safety in front end. NB: critical freshness parts …
(edit) @1618   10 years campbell Minor updates due to recent changes.
(edit) @1612   10 years sacerdot All library ported to new Matita lib (finally).
(edit) @1608   10 years sacerdot Porting to new library still in progress.
(edit) @1605   10 years sacerdot Porting to last standard library of Matita.
(edit) @1603   10 years sacerdot More proofs ported to new lib.
(edit) @1599   10 years sacerdot Start of merging of stuff into the standard library of Matita.
(edit) @1566   10 years campbell Pacify changes to destruct tactic.
(edit) @1545   10 years campbell Use pointer record in front-end.
(edit) @1521   10 years sacerdot Syntax change in Matita: change what where => change where what.
(edit) @1516   10 years sacerdot Ported to syntax of Matita 0.99.1.
(edit) @1515   10 years campbell Add type of maps on positive binary numbers, and use them for …
(edit) @1513   10 years campbell Fix up Clight examples.
(edit) @1510   10 years sacerdot All files ported to new dependent inversion.
(edit) @1489   10 years campbell Fix up a couple of lemmas affected by the change to add_with_carries.
(edit) @1410   10 years campbell Remove a few old workarounds.
(edit) @1401   10 years ricciott Changes concerning the new behavior of destruct.
(edit) @1369   10 years campbell Put type information into front-end unary ops. Slight change to …
(edit) @1352   10 years sacerdot This commit is made necessary by the last Matita change. Inclusion is …
(edit) @1351   10 years campbell Tidy up some loose ends from the invariants branch merge.
(edit) @1350   10 years sacerdot Porting to latest destruct tactic. Note: the tactics has a few …
(edit) @1344   10 years sacerdot Ported to new destruct.
(edit) @1342   10 years sacerdot The new auto is much more powerful.
(edit) @1336   10 years sacerdot Ported to new Matita destruct/inversion. One lemma fails at qed. …
(edit) @1332   10 years campbell Summation example updated (needs computational K).
(edit) @1316   10 years campbell Merge in id-lookup-branch to trunk.
(edit) @1276   10 years campbell Support for replacing operations with runtime support functions in …
(edit) @1244   10 years campbell Sort out Clight semantics equivalence proof for new SmallstepExec?.
(edit) @1238   10 years campbell Update Cminor and RTLabs to fit SmallstepExec? changes.
(edit) @1231   10 years campbell Change SmallstepExec? so that states can depend on global information. …
(edit) @1226   10 years campbell Adjust pretty printers for change in program records, try a test of each.
(edit) @1224   10 years sacerdot Type of programs in common/AST made more dependent. In particular, the …
(edit) @1216   10 years campbell Update Clight semantics equivalence proof to match changes in …
(edit) @1207   10 years campbell Second part of fixing temporaries in Clight to Cminor stage.
(edit) @1206   10 years campbell First stage of fixing temporary generation in Clight/
(edit) @1198   10 years campbell Clight cast removal (NB: quite different from the prototype).
(edit) @1194   10 years campbell Remove old, commented out code.
(edit) @1157   10 years campbell Update pretty printers and examples.
(edit) @1147   10 years campbell Remove some obsolete commented out code, update a couple of comments.
(edit) @1139   10 years campbell Shift init_data out of generic program record so that it only appears …
(edit) @1078   10 years campbell Implement stack allocation for parameters whose address is taken.
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