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(edit) @2822   8 years garnier A consitent proof state for Clight to Cminor, with some progress (and …
(edit) @2698   8 years mckinna simplified dependencies
(edit) @2654   8 years garnier Memory injections in a coherent state.
(edit) @2608   8 years garnier Regions are no more stored in blocks. block_region now tests the id, …
(edit) @2600   8 years garnier Memory injections are now only defined relatively to block ids, not …
(edit) @2598   8 years garnier Tentative, partial draft for the definition of Clight-Cminor …
(edit) @2594   8 years garnier Some fixes in memory injections, and some holes filled.
(edit) @2588   8 years garnier modified Cexec/Csem? semantics: . force andbool and orbool types to be …
(edit) @2578   8 years garnier Progress on CL to CM, fixed some stuff in memory injections.
(edit) @2572   8 years garnier Progress on toCminorCorrectness.
(edit) @2569   8 years campbell Fix Clight semantics for ptr + char. (Compiler works anyway.)
(edit) @2565   8 years garnier Cl to Cm progress.
(edit) @2554   8 years garnier Proof of expression translation correctness "mostly" done for CL to …
(edit) @2500   8 years garnier Continuing work on simulation in Clight/Cminor?
(edit) @2483   8 years garnier Memory injections for Clight to Cminor, partially axiomatized.
(edit) @2468   8 years garnier Floats are gone from the front-end. Some trace amount might remain in …
(edit) @2448   8 years garnier Comitting current state of switch removal.
(edit) @2438   8 years garnier Sync of the w.i.p. for switch removal.
(edit) @2385   9 years campbell Minor housekeeping.
(edit) @2332   9 years garnier Some progress on switch removal. Small fix in the definition of free, …
(add) @2312   9 years garnier Memory injections, to be revised
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