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(edit) @1964   9 years tranquil introduced as_label_of_cost and adapted accordingly. Equality of cost …
(edit) @1963   9 years sacerdot More progress in restoring the original proof.
(edit) @1962   9 years sacerdot More examples are now indexed.
(edit) @1961   9 years sacerdot No more interaction required.
(edit) @1959   9 years mulligan Commented out diverging application of demodulation and closed goals …
(edit) @1958   9 years mulligan Marked divergence in StatusProofs?.ma
(edit) @1957   9 years mulligan Stitching proofs back together after slight change in statement of …
(edit) @1956   9 years boender - finished proof of lemma (where auto does strange things again)
(edit) @1955   9 years mulligan Completed proof of snd_assembly_1_pseudoinstruction_ok, modulo some …
(edit) @1953   9 years mulligan Commit to avoid conflicts.
(edit) @1952   9 years sacerdot AssemblyProof? splitted.
(edit) @1951   9 years sacerdot Bug with overloaded names in the context.
(edit) @1950   9 years boender - advances in policy
(edit) @1948   9 years mulligan Weakened statements of ASM/ and ASM/, so …
(edit) @1947   9 years sacerdot Failure of automation/demod investigated a little bit.
(edit) @1946   9 years sacerdot \snd half_add => add everywhere
(edit) @1945   9 years sacerdot All proof statements repaired.
(edit) @1944   9 years sacerdot common/StructuredTraces no longer depends on ASM/AbstractStatus (again)
(edit) @1943   9 years boender - changed 'labels okay' part of create_label_cost_map
(edit) @1942   9 years mulligan Work on showing the equivalence of two methods of looking up from the maps.
(edit) @1941   9 years mulligan Changes to the AssemblyProof? with a few more (large) axioms closed.
(edit) @1940   9 years boender - committed new version of final invariant
(edit) @1939   9 years mulligan Changes to get things to compile and to avoid the dependency …
(edit) @1938   9 years sacerdot Definitions moved to the right places, now everything compiles again.
(edit) @1937   9 years boender - filled in some of the gaps in the proof of Policy - reverted …
(edit) @1936   9 years mulligan Some holes filled in AssemblyProof?.ma.
(edit) @1935   9 years mulligan Generalized some lemma in ASM/ to work on abstract …
(edit) @1934   9 years boender - various & sundry moves of lemmas to better places - integrated …
(edit) @1933   9 years boender - slight revamp
(edit) @1932   9 years boender - added some more dependent types (we love 'em)
(edit) @1931   9 years boender - added latest bvt alias - temporary "cases daemon" commit of new …
(edit) @1929   9 years mulligan Simplified proof by removing most of the invariants on the statements …
(edit) @1928   9 years mulligan Moved code from in ASM/ASMCosts*.ma and ASM/ that should …
(edit) @1927   9 years mulligan Reduced complexity of good_program predicate, ported to new notion of …
(edit) @1925   9 years boender - re-added jump_lenggh
(edit) @1924   9 years mulligan Added comment
(edit) @1923   9 years mulligan Small change, closing daemon that went under the RADAR
(edit) @1921   9 years mulligan Horror proof mostly finished (compiles all way until end of CostsProof?.ma).
(edit) @1919   9 years mulligan Fixes to get everything compiling again
(edit) @1916   9 years mulligan Closed remaining daemons in block_cost'. Rest of file now typechecks …
(edit) @1913   9 years mulligan Got the rest of the file to typecheck as before.
(edit) @1912   9 years mulligan Patches to get block_cost' and dependencies working again after change …
(edit) @1911   9 years mulligan Changed statement of block_cost' to start on new termination argument
(edit) @1910   9 years mulligan Finished proof modulo termination argument
(edit) @1909   9 years mulligan Ported new statements to remainder of file.
(edit) @1908   9 years fguidi notation fixup following last commit of matita we shifted the levels …
(edit) @1907   9 years mulligan Fixes to get file to compile
(edit) @1906   9 years mulligan Statements simplified in block_cost and dependencies
(edit) @1905   9 years boender - plugging gap in assembly proof
(edit) @1904   9 years mulligan Problem with proof fixed by noting that problem is actually irrelevant
(edit) @1903   9 years mulligan Small changes prior to experiment
(edit) @1902   9 years mulligan Reverted needless changes to StructuredTraces?
(edit) @1901   9 years mulligan Slight changes to StructuredTraces?: should not change too much
(edit) @1900   9 years mulligan CostProof? complete, modulo some daemons and axioms in earlier files
(edit) @1899   9 years mulligan Changes to statements of theorems
(edit) @1898   9 years mulligan Ported changes from into CostsProof?.ma and got everything …
(edit) @1897   9 years mulligan Changes to proof, and pushed through those changes to rest of the file.
(edit) @1896   9 years mulligan Finished horror proof
(edit) @1895   10 years mulligan Split the ASMCosts files while working on traverse_code_internal. A …
(edit) @1894   10 years mulligan Closed a hole in the proof by deriving a contradiction using even_p …
(edit) @1892   10 years mulligan Lots of work from today
(edit) @1891   10 years mulligan Nightmarish proofs on bitvectors. Trying to find some way of making …
(edit) @1890   10 years boender - added comment about bitvector translation
(edit) @1889   10 years boender - some pages of article
(edit) @1887   10 years boender - added SEFM2012 directory - some progress in assembly
(edit) @1886   10 years boender - improvements for disambiguation and quick(er) typing
(edit) @1885   10 years boender - updated assembler with new definition of occurs_exactly_once
(edit) @1882   10 years tranquil big update, alas incomplete: joint changed a bit, and all BE languages …
(edit) @1879   10 years boender - Policy compiles until the end, still some (fairly trivial) cases …
(edit) @1870   10 years boender - changed sigma00 in Assembly to use foldl_strong + proved invariants …
(edit) @1869   10 years mulligan a load of axioms closed in ASMCosts file
(edit) @1831   10 years mulligan small changes to asmcosts file to refactor proof
(edit) @1811   10 years boender - corrected definition of geb
(edit) @1810   10 years boender - new version of policy that compiles up to the final glue
(edit) @1809   10 years boender - committed partially compiling version of policy (up until …
(edit) @1807   10 years mulligan some changes, as finally worked out what i was up to prior to working …
(edit) @1711   10 years mulligan finished block_cost' proof: 1.5 minutes to typecheck qed.
(edit) @1710   10 years mulligan changes from friday afternoon
(edit) @1709   10 years mulligan Changes to the execution of the MOVC instruction
(edit) @1697   10 years mulligan important bug found
(edit) @1696   10 years mulligan finished adding russell types to the traverse_cost_* functions
(edit) @1695   10 years mulligan Progress on CostsProof?.ma file.
(edit) @1693   10 years mulligan Changes to ASMCosts and CostsProofs? files to get everything working again.
(edit) @1692   10 years mulligan resolved conflict in asm costs this morning
(edit) @1691   10 years sacerdot Some progress in the proof: less daemons, less hypotheses in lemmas.
(edit) @1684   10 years mulligan changes from the past week
(edit) @1669   10 years mulligan Commit for claudio
(edit) @1668   10 years boender - split build_maps into build_maps and build_maps_ok - work with CSC …
(edit) @1667   10 years sacerdot Main lemma for the main_thm of AssemblyProof? re-declared as an axiom …
(edit) @1666   10 years sacerdot PreStatus? datatype change: the code_memory field is not a left …
(edit) @1665   10 years mulligan progress on closing holes in block_cost' proof
(edit) @1663   10 years mulligan old cases working again, work on new ones
(edit) @1658   10 years mulligan asm costs changes from today
(edit) @1650   10 years mulligan changes over the last couple of days: stuck due to matita producing …
(edit) @1649   10 years boender - changes to Assembly for integration with Policy and easier use of …
(edit) @1648   10 years mulligan new version of utilities/ with typecheck command comented out
(edit) @1646   10 years mulligan finished the block_costs computation, and propagated the changes …
(edit) @1645   10 years mulligan more progress on the ASMCosts work: block_costs is now complete …
(edit) @1642   10 years mulligan finished big proof in all but two cases
(edit) @1639   10 years mulligan changes from today
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