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(edit) @1692   8 years mulligan resolved conflict in asm costs this morning
(edit) @1691   8 years sacerdot Some progress in the proof: less daemons, less hypotheses in lemmas.
(edit) @1684   8 years mulligan changes from the past week
(edit) @1669   8 years mulligan Commit for claudio
(edit) @1668   8 years boender - split build_maps into build_maps and build_maps_ok - work with CSC …
(edit) @1667   8 years sacerdot Main lemma for the main_thm of AssemblyProof? re-declared as an axiom …
(edit) @1666   8 years sacerdot PreStatus? datatype change: the code_memory field is not a left …
(edit) @1665   8 years mulligan progress on closing holes in block_cost' proof
(edit) @1663   8 years mulligan old cases working again, work on new ones
(edit) @1658   8 years mulligan asm costs changes from today
(edit) @1650   8 years mulligan changes over the last couple of days: stuck due to matita producing …
(edit) @1649   8 years boender - changes to Assembly for integration with Policy and easier use of …
(edit) @1648   8 years mulligan new version of utilities/ with typecheck command comented out
(edit) @1646   8 years mulligan finished the block_costs computation, and propagated the changes …
(edit) @1645   8 years mulligan more progress on the ASMCosts work: block_costs is now complete …
(edit) @1642   8 years mulligan finished big proof in all but two cases
(edit) @1639   8 years mulligan changes from today
(edit) @1635   8 years tranquil * lists with binders and monads * and other temprarily …
(edit) @1632   8 years boender - strengthened insert_lookup_opt
(edit) @1625   8 years mulligan before christmas
(edit) @1624   8 years mulligan commit for claudio
(edit) @1623   8 years mulligan strange matita issue
(edit) @1622   8 years mulligan to avoid conflicts, bug in typechecker?
(edit) @1621   8 years mulligan to prevent conflicts
(edit) @1620   8 years sacerdot One of the mutual cases of the open proof is practically finished.
(edit) @1619   8 years sacerdot Major advancement.
(edit) @1616   8 years sacerdot Partially ported to new Matita syntax. Because of some changes in …
(edit) @1615   8 years sacerdot Policy now depends on Assembly and not the other way around.
(edit) @1614   8 years boender - split policy from assembly
(edit) @1613   8 years sacerdot Coercion moved to Matita standard lib.
(edit) @1609   8 years boender - added alias to ASM/BitVectorTrie - removed double include from …
(edit) @1607   8 years sacerdot Porting to new library.
(edit) @1606   8 years sacerdot Porting to last library of Matita.
(edit) @1604   8 years mulligan for jaap
(edit) @1602   8 years mulligan giving up on fetch proofs for time being
(edit) @1600   8 years sacerdot utilities and ASM ported to the new standard library
(edit) @1599   8 years sacerdot Start of merging of stuff into the standard library of Matita.
(edit) @1598   8 years mulligan changes over the last couple of days
(edit) @1597   8 years mulligan fixed fetch for jaap
(edit) @1593   8 years boender - cleaned up Assembly, moved some definitions elsewhere
(edit) @1592   8 years boender - updated definitions to work with programs of maximum 216 instructions
(edit) @1591   8 years mulligan work from today
(edit) @1588   8 years sacerdot All goals generated by Russell for execute_1* are now closed, mostly …
(edit) @1587   8 years mulligan changes from today, including removing indexing of problematic …
(edit) @1582   8 years mulligan more added to the proof of execute_1_preinstruction --- ~260 cases now …
(edit) @1581   8 years mulligan Dangling de Bruijn pointer when trying to propagate russell to set_arg_1
(edit) @1579   8 years mulligan Finished proof with simpler statement, making everything a lot nicer
(edit) @1578   8 years boender - proof of termination of policy completed (needs some clean-up work …
(edit) @1577   8 years mulligan A lot more cases added to the proof at the bottom of …
(edit) @1576   8 years mulligan big changes to proofs, just two small cases remain and a few …
(edit) @1575   8 years mulligan Changes to specifications on execute functions
(edit) @1573   8 years mulligan more complicated than it appears :(
(edit) @1571   8 years mulligan small changes
(edit) @1570   8 years sacerdot Dependent type crazyness.
(edit) @1567   8 years mulligan more work on big proof, 2.5 cases left
(edit) @1564   8 years sacerdot Commit where we use a dependently typed version of bigops. I am now …
(edit) @1562   8 years mulligan new version of assembly, fixed conflict in, changed …
(edit) @1561   8 years sacerdot More dependent types to accomodate the statement.
(edit) @1560   8 years sacerdot Complete re-implementation that: 1) assumes no code before the first …
(edit) @1558   8 years sacerdot Snapshot before moving things to
(edit) @1557   8 years sacerdot Byte => costlabel
(edit) @1556   8 years mulligan submitting to avoid conflicts
(edit) @1555   8 years boender - changes to assembly - added lookup to PositiveMap? - lightly changed …
(edit) @1554   8 years sacerdot Major progress in the proof.
(edit) @1553   8 years boender - added lookup_opt_lookup lemma
(edit) @1550   8 years sacerdot Repaired after use of Russell for execute_1.
(edit) @1549   8 years mulligan removed cruft from file so claudio can work in parallel
(edit) @1548   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @1547   8 years sacerdot Invariant on cost of one execution step strengthened.
(edit) @1544   8 years sacerdot StructuredTraces? inhabited for object code.
(edit) @1541   8 years mulligan now compiles
(edit) @1540   8 years mulligan changes to proof in
(edit) @1538   8 years mulligan changes to execute_1_0 proof
(edit) @1534   8 years mulligan committing my changes to interpret to prevent any further conflicts
(edit) @1533   8 years sacerdot Proof of execute_1 with Russell completed (up to some daemon used before).
(edit) @1530   8 years campbell Update due to Russell changes.
(edit) @1528   8 years campbell Update most of with new syntax and identifier maps. Change …
(edit) @1527   8 years sacerdot More on Russell.
(edit) @1526   8 years sacerdot Using Russell to prove some properties.
(edit) @1524   8 years boender - adapted files to new Matita syntax
(edit) @1522   8 years mulligan changes to preamble and lin to asm pass, resolved conflict in interpret
(edit) @1521   8 years sacerdot Syntax change in Matita: change what where => change where what.
(edit) @1519   8 years campbell More syntax updates.
(edit) @1518   8 years campbell Update to new syntax.
(edit) @1516   8 years sacerdot Ported to syntax of Matita 0.99.1.
(edit) @1515   8 years campbell Add type of maps on positive binary numbers, and use them for …
(edit) @1514   8 years mulligan changes from today. matita keeps dieing
(edit) @1511   8 years mulligan proofs, added, changes to execute_1_0 function therefore required to …
(edit) @1509   8 years mulligan i hate subtraction over the nats
(edit) @1506   8 years mulligan changes to costs proof over weekend
(edit) @1503   8 years mulligan inductive type complete
(edit) @1502   8 years mulligan changes to inductive defn
(edit) @1501   8 years sacerdot We must take in account the labelled_p predicate.
(edit) @1500   8 years sacerdot Proof sketch for one of the two main proofs.
(edit) @1499   8 years mulligan part way through main statement transcription
(edit) @1498   8 years mulligan added new file for proof that costs are preserved at asm level
(edit) @1497   8 years mulligan a bit of tidying up, removing dead code, etc.
(edit) @1496   8 years mulligan problem fixed with tactics missing a semicolon to stop greedy parsing
(edit) @1495   8 years mulligan proper calculation of costs
(edit) @1494   8 years mulligan changes to get everything compiling again
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