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(edit) @1547   9 years sacerdot Invariant on cost of one execution step strengthened.
(edit) @1544   9 years sacerdot StructuredTraces? inhabited for object code.
(edit) @1541   9 years mulligan now compiles
(edit) @1540   9 years mulligan changes to proof in
(edit) @1538   9 years mulligan changes to execute_1_0 proof
(edit) @1534   9 years mulligan committing my changes to interpret to prevent any further conflicts
(edit) @1533   9 years sacerdot Proof of execute_1 with Russell completed (up to some daemon used before).
(edit) @1530   9 years campbell Update due to Russell changes.
(edit) @1528   9 years campbell Update most of with new syntax and identifier maps. Change …
(edit) @1527   9 years sacerdot More on Russell.
(edit) @1526   9 years sacerdot Using Russell to prove some properties.
(edit) @1524   9 years boender - adapted files to new Matita syntax
(edit) @1522   9 years mulligan changes to preamble and lin to asm pass, resolved conflict in interpret
(edit) @1521   9 years sacerdot Syntax change in Matita: change what where => change where what.
(edit) @1519   9 years campbell More syntax updates.
(edit) @1518   9 years campbell Update to new syntax.
(edit) @1516   9 years sacerdot Ported to syntax of Matita 0.99.1.
(edit) @1515   9 years campbell Add type of maps on positive binary numbers, and use them for …
(edit) @1514   9 years mulligan changes from today. matita keeps dieing
(edit) @1511   9 years mulligan proofs, added, changes to execute_1_0 function therefore required to …
(edit) @1509   9 years mulligan i hate subtraction over the nats
(edit) @1506   9 years mulligan changes to costs proof over weekend
(edit) @1503   9 years mulligan inductive type complete
(edit) @1502   9 years mulligan changes to inductive defn
(edit) @1501   9 years sacerdot We must take in account the labelled_p predicate.
(edit) @1500   9 years sacerdot Proof sketch for one of the two main proofs.
(edit) @1499   9 years mulligan part way through main statement transcription
(edit) @1498   9 years mulligan added new file for proof that costs are preserved at asm level
(edit) @1497   9 years mulligan a bit of tidying up, removing dead code, etc.
(edit) @1496   9 years mulligan problem fixed with tactics missing a semicolon to stop greedy parsing
(edit) @1495   9 years mulligan proper calculation of costs
(edit) @1494   9 years mulligan changes to get everything compiling again
(edit) @1493   9 years mulligan finished well labeled check, up to injectivity of the label map
(edit) @1487   9 years mulligan committing some code for well labelling
(edit) @1486   9 years mulligan finished asm costs
(edit) @1485   9 years sacerdot Less nice definitiion of add_with_carries that avoids a quadratic …
(edit) @1484   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1482   9 years sacerdot 1. very long standing conflict committed (but don't ask me what the …
(edit) @1479   9 years boender - added insert_lookup_opt - assembly compiles now
(edit) @1478   9 years sacerdot Almost completed (up to is_finals).
(edit) @1476   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1475   9 years sacerdot Towards the two fullexec transition systems that represent …
(edit) @1474   9 years mulligan adding missing asmcosts file for computing the costs of an assembly …
(edit) @1463   9 years mulligan added erasure for lin
(edit) @1461   9 years mulligan rewrote erasure for assembly programs
(edit) @1460   9 years mulligan most of cost label erasure for assembly language complete, with one …
(edit) @1459   9 years boender - moved stronger occurs_exactly_once lemma to its proper place in …
(edit) @1426   9 years boender removed axiom
(edit) @1424   9 years sacerdot 1. fold function over BitVectorTries? moved from ERTLToLTL to …
(edit) @1417   9 years boender - proved that jumps always increase - this should make termination easy
(edit) @1416   9 years sacerdot Maps from hardware registers to beval now implemented in ASM/I8051 (in …
(edit) @1415   9 years sacerdot 1. hwreg_store/retrieve no longer returns a res (but it is still …
(edit) @1404   9 years boender - reworked + added - added an axiom to arithmetic, but should be provable
(edit) @1393   9 years boender - added invariant for policy trie to assembly - change (syntax only) …
(edit) @1363   9 years boender - done stuff with create_label_trie
(edit) @1335   9 years sacerdot Ported to new Matita stdlib.
(edit) @1333   9 years sacerdot Avoid using the name of the construction of jmeq.
(edit) @1330   9 years campbell Evict obsolete file.
(edit) @1323   9 years campbell Reduce number of notations for destructive let on pairs to one.
(edit) @1316   9 years campbell Merge in id-lookup-branch to trunk.
(edit) @1309   9 years boender - refounded JEP
(edit) @1279   9 years sacerdot Bug fixed in definition of ltb.
(edit) @1207   9 years campbell Second part of fixing temporaries in Clight to Cminor stage.
(edit) @1193   9 years mulligan work on colouring algorithm halted as it can be axiomatised. now …
(edit) @1187   9 years mulligan fixed
(edit) @1161   9 years mulligan changes from today: merged ertl, ltl and lin into one datatype to …
(edit) @1159   9 years boender - added 'nth' theorems - moved up \bot a bit
(edit) @1145   9 years mulligan changed naming in i8051 of classes of registers to make them consistent
(edit) @1119   9 years sacerdot Type for evaluation of opaccs fixed (maybe wrongly: should it return …
(edit) @1112   9 years mulligan got lin > asm stuff working
(edit) @1103   9 years boender - reverted to old policy
(edit) @1094   9 years mulligan some changes from today to do with liveness analyses
(edit) @1089   9 years mulligan more changes from earlier in the week
(edit) @1075   9 years mulligan nearly completed rtl -> ertl pass removing all option types with dep. types
(edit) @1074   9 years boender - added lookup lemma
(edit) @1071   9 years mulligan changes the specific form that the added proofs take to use None, not …
(edit) @1070   9 years campbell Show that entry and exit labels are in the RTLabs graph.
(edit) @1069   9 years campbell Change odd proof obligation problem back.
(edit) @1066   9 years mulligan changes from today
(edit) @1064   9 years mulligan changes from today, nearly complete rtlabs translation pass
(edit) @1063   9 years mulligan changes from today
(edit) @1062   9 years mulligan separated jmeq and coercions from in order to fix the …
(edit) @1061   9 years mulligan more work, bug found, ridiculous map3 function with dep. types added
(edit) @1060   9 years mulligan work from this morning and yesterday
(edit) @1059   9 years mulligan work from today, bit of a mess at the moment
(edit) @1057   9 years mulligan changes from today
(edit) @1054   9 years boender - proven policy safe
(edit) @1052   9 years mulligan removed offsets after reading cerco mailing list
(edit) @1045   9 years mulligan resolved conflict in rtlabs
(edit) @1044   9 years boender - more fold/forall stuff
(edit) @1043   9 years sacerdot Axiom commented out.
(edit) @1042   9 years sacerdot Dead code removed. Slow code uncommented.
(edit) @1041   9 years sacerdot fetch_assembly is still working after bug fix
(edit) @1040   9 years sacerdot Bug fixed in assembly.
(edit) @1039   9 years sacerdot fetch_assembly_pseudo2 repaired from dependent type madness
(edit) @1038   9 years boender - some more BVT improvements
(edit) @1037   9 years sacerdot Main theorem: comments are working again.
(edit) @1036   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1035   9 years sacerdot Main theorem (broken because of dependent types) almost restored.
(edit) @1034   9 years boender various & sundry fold/forall lemmas
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