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(edit) @2284   9 years sacerdot PUSH finished
(edit) @2282   9 years sacerdot PUSH case almost finished
(edit) @2281   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @2279   9 years sacerdot 1. Bug fixed in the semantics of PUSH (no indirection performed) 2. …
(edit) @2276   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @2274   9 years sacerdot Dead code commented out and code out of place moved to
(edit) @2273   9 years sacerdot 1. lemmas moved from all files to 2. most of the lemmas in …
(edit) @2272   9 years mulligan Changed proof strategy for main lemma after noticed that the current …
(edit) @2258   9 years sacerdot 1. lemma generalized 2. automation replaced with expansion to make …
(edit) @2247   9 years mulligan Work on the MOV instruction from today and bug fixes in set_arg_1.
(edit) @2207   9 years mulligan Improvements and corrections to the main lemma proof in …
(edit) @2204   9 years sacerdot Shuffling around, suggestions, improvements.
(edit) @2196   9 years sacerdot Speed up using patterns.
(edit) @2187   9 years mulligan Work from today on the big proof.
(edit) @2183   9 years mulligan More progress on main lemma proof.
(edit) @2181   9 years mulligan Work from the last week on the new formulation of the main lemma for …
(edit) @2173   9 years mulligan MUL case of main lemma nearly complete (subject to two small holes …
(edit) @2172   9 years mulligan Moved new versions of get_ / set_arg_* into Commented out …
(edit) @2171   9 years mulligan Finished the commutations
(edit) @2168   9 years sacerdot No more daemons left! All axioms are real axioms.
(edit) @2167   9 years sacerdot Only one daemon left.
(edit) @2166   9 years sacerdot 1. less daemons 2. more easily usable statement
(edit) @2165   9 years sacerdot Only three daemons left.
(edit) @2164   9 years sacerdot More steady progress.
(edit) @2163   9 years sacerdot Steady progress.
(add) @2160   9 years mulligan Added a new scratch file for working on lemmas that are needed …
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