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(edit) @2705   9 years sacerdot More progress in ASM towards implementing the new pseudoinstructions.
(edit) @2504   9 years mckinna More refactoring to support the tidied up
(edit) @2283   9 years mulligan Work from today.
(edit) @2280   9 years sacerdot Proof repaired.
(edit) @2279   9 years sacerdot 1. Bug fixed in the semantics of PUSH (no indirection performed) 2. …
(edit) @2272   9 years mulligan Changed proof strategy for main lemma after noticed that the current …
(edit) @2264   9 years sacerdot 1) Major change: we now always use the efficient way of resolving …
(edit) @2212   9 years mulligan More work on the INC case
(edit) @2160   9 years mulligan Added a new scratch file for working on lemmas that are needed …
(edit) @2130   9 years sacerdot Proof repaired after Dominic's bug fix.
(edit) @2129   9 years mulligan Large changes from today trying to complete the main theorem. Again :(
(edit) @2124   9 years sacerdot Much more shuffling around to proper places
(edit) @2108   9 years mulligan Various axioms closed and others moved around. Uncommented main lemma …
(edit) @2062   9 years sacerdot Everything repaired (broken because of new proof obligation for fetch).
(edit) @2056   9 years sacerdot Repaired, ported to new fetch_pseudo_assembly. The execute_n is …
(edit) @2051   9 years mulligan Finished the Jmp case in the main theorem.
(edit) @2047   9 years mulligan Big bugs in policy calculations found. Waiting for Jaap's commit.
(edit) @2040   9 years sacerdot Repaired using new /demod/ that allows to specify the rules to be used.
(edit) @2036   9 years sacerdot New daemon inserted because /demod/ got worst :-(
(edit) @2032   9 years sacerdot !! BEWARE: major commit !! 1) [affects everybody] split for …
(edit) @2014   9 years mulligan Fixed problem in James' email message.
(edit) @1971   9 years sacerdot 1. we need to prove \sigma (execute_preinstruction …
(edit) @1969   9 years sacerdot Some more progress, but now we must prove something on a Russell …
(edit) @1964   9 years tranquil introduced as_label_of_cost and adapted accordingly. Equality of cost …
(edit) @1962   9 years sacerdot More examples are now indexed.
(edit) @1951   9 years sacerdot Bug with overloaded names in the context.
(edit) @1948   9 years mulligan Weakened statements of ASM/ and ASM/, so …
(edit) @1946   9 years sacerdot \snd half_add => add everywhere
(edit) @1939   9 years mulligan Changes to get things to compile and to avoid the dependency …
(edit) @1938   9 years sacerdot Definitions moved to the right places, now everything compiles again.
(edit) @1935   9 years mulligan Generalized some lemma in ASM/ to work on abstract …
(edit) @1928   9 years mulligan Moved code from in ASM/ASMCosts*.ma and ASM/ that should …
(edit) @1910   9 years mulligan Finished proof modulo termination argument
(edit) @1909   9 years mulligan Ported new statements to remainder of file.
(edit) @1710   10 years mulligan changes from friday afternoon
(edit) @1709   10 years mulligan Changes to the execution of the MOVC instruction
(edit) @1666   10 years sacerdot PreStatus? datatype change: the code_memory field is not a left …
(edit) @1606   10 years sacerdot Porting to last library of Matita.
(edit) @1600   10 years sacerdot utilities and ASM ported to the new standard library
(edit) @1588   10 years sacerdot All goals generated by Russell for execute_1* are now closed, mostly …
(edit) @1587   10 years mulligan changes from today, including removing indexing of problematic …
(edit) @1582   10 years mulligan more added to the proof of execute_1_preinstruction --- ~260 cases now …
(edit) @1581   10 years mulligan Dangling de Bruijn pointer when trying to propagate russell to set_arg_1
(edit) @1577   10 years mulligan A lot more cases added to the proof at the bottom of …
(edit) @1575   10 years mulligan Changes to specifications on execute functions
(edit) @1573   10 years mulligan more complicated than it appears :(
(edit) @1547   10 years sacerdot Invariant on cost of one execution step strengthened.
(edit) @1541   10 years mulligan now compiles
(edit) @1540   10 years mulligan changes to proof in
(edit) @1538   10 years mulligan changes to execute_1_0 proof
(edit) @1534   10 years mulligan committing my changes to interpret to prevent any further conflicts
(edit) @1533   10 years sacerdot Proof of execute_1 with Russell completed (up to some daemon used before).
(edit) @1527   10 years sacerdot More on Russell.
(edit) @1526   10 years sacerdot Using Russell to prove some properties.
(edit) @1522   10 years mulligan changes to preamble and lin to asm pass, resolved conflict in interpret
(edit) @1519   10 years campbell More syntax updates.
(edit) @1515   10 years campbell Add type of maps on positive binary numbers, and use them for …
(edit) @1514   10 years mulligan changes from today. matita keeps dieing
(edit) @1511   10 years mulligan proofs, added, changes to execute_1_0 function therefore required to …
(edit) @1494   10 years mulligan changes to get everything compiling again
(edit) @1037   10 years sacerdot Main theorem: comments are working again.
(edit) @985   10 years sacerdot 1) Major refactoring: proofs moved where they should be. 2) New …
(edit) @936   10 years sacerdot Ticks are now handled correctly everywhere and the main proof takes …
(edit) @928   10 years sacerdot Technical splitting.
(edit) @910   10 years mulligan removed bug in execute_1_pseudoinstruction
(edit) @865   10 years sacerdot Renaming.
(edit) @856   10 years sacerdot 1. if_then_else is now a notation for match with (to allow Russell to …
(edit) @843   10 years sacerdot Function moved from Interpret to Status.
(edit) @827   10 years sacerdot The preamble is now part of the PseudoStatus?.
(edit) @825   10 years mulligan lots of refactoring, finally got something to prove
(edit) @822   10 years mulligan removed all axioms
(edit) @821   10 years mulligan changes to introduce pseudostatus
(edit) @820   10 years mulligan changes to get the semantics of pseudoassembly working
(edit) @757   10 years mulligan Lots more fixing to get both front and backends using same conventions …
(edit) @712   10 years mulligan Changes to get things to typecheck.
(edit) @698   11 years mulligan Commit with changes to files to get our files to typecheck.
(copy) @690   11 years mulligan Moved new matita files into correct place.
copied from src/ASM/new-matita-development/
(copy) @688   11 years mulligan Fixed local conflicts. Restructured svn repository.
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