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(edit) @1620   8 years sacerdot One of the mutual cases of the open proof is practically finished.
(edit) @1619   8 years sacerdot Major advancement.
(edit) @1587   8 years mulligan changes from today, including removing indexing of problematic …
(edit) @1581   8 years mulligan Dangling de Bruijn pointer when trying to propagate russell to set_arg_1
(edit) @1579   8 years mulligan Finished proof with simpler statement, making everything a lot nicer
(edit) @1577   8 years mulligan A lot more cases added to the proof at the bottom of …
(edit) @1576   8 years mulligan big changes to proofs, just two small cases remain and a few …
(edit) @1575   8 years mulligan Changes to specifications on execute functions
(edit) @1573   8 years mulligan more complicated than it appears :(
(edit) @1571   8 years mulligan small changes
(edit) @1570   8 years sacerdot Dependent type crazyness.
(edit) @1567   8 years mulligan more work on big proof, 2.5 cases left
(edit) @1564   8 years sacerdot Commit where we use a dependently typed version of bigops. I am now …
(edit) @1561   8 years sacerdot More dependent types to accomodate the statement.
(edit) @1558   8 years sacerdot Snapshot before moving things to
(edit) @1556   8 years mulligan submitting to avoid conflicts
(edit) @1554   8 years sacerdot Major progress in the proof.
(edit) @1549   8 years mulligan removed cruft from file so claudio can work in parallel
(edit) @1548   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @1544   8 years sacerdot StructuredTraces? inhabited for object code.
(edit) @1534   8 years mulligan committing my changes to interpret to prevent any further conflicts
(edit) @1522   8 years mulligan changes to preamble and lin to asm pass, resolved conflict in interpret
(edit) @1514   8 years mulligan changes from today. matita keeps dieing
(edit) @1511   8 years mulligan proofs, added, changes to execute_1_0 function therefore required to …
(edit) @1509   8 years mulligan i hate subtraction over the nats
(edit) @1506   8 years mulligan changes to costs proof over weekend
(edit) @1503   8 years mulligan inductive type complete
(edit) @1502   8 years mulligan changes to inductive defn
(edit) @1501   8 years sacerdot We must take in account the labelled_p predicate.
(edit) @1500   8 years sacerdot Proof sketch for one of the two main proofs.
(edit) @1499   8 years mulligan part way through main statement transcription
(add) @1498   8 years mulligan added new file for proof that costs are preserved at asm level
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