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(edit) @2095   7 years mulligan Added reference to CompCert? and CompCertTSO.
(edit) @2092   7 years mulligan Jaap noticed it's Randall Hyde not Holmes.
(edit) @2090   7 years mulligan Fixed mistaken reference to RISC instead of CISC architectures.
(edit) @2089   7 years mulligan Harmonised institution name to that used by Jaap
(edit) @2088   7 years mulligan Added list of keywords as is required. Other minor changes.
(edit) @2087   7 years mulligan Tidied up the paper, added a few more things, tidied and expanded …
(edit) @2083   8 years mulligan More work on paper from today.
(edit) @2069   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2068   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2067   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2066   8 years mulligan Finished for the day.
(edit) @2063   8 years mulligan Minor fixes
(edit) @2061   8 years mulligan Added Randall Holmes' Usenet post on branch displacement optimisation …
(edit) @2060   8 years mulligan More work on paper.
(edit) @2058   8 years mulligan First draft of changes to main sections (i.e. those describing the …
(edit) @2053   8 years mulligan Introduction changed, with many paragraphs deleted.
(add) @2052   8 years mulligan Initial commit of proposed CPP 2012 paper on the proof of correctness …
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