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(edit) @3106   6 years sacerdot New extraction.
(edit) @3105   6 years sacerdot Pretty printing changed. There is still an inefficiency left: activate …
(edit) @3104   6 years sacerdot Performance improvement.
(edit) @3098   6 years sacerdot Performance improvement.
(edit) @3097   6 years sacerdot Performance improvement in policy computation.
(edit) @3095   6 years sacerdot Some performance improvement: an heavy computation was done again and …
(edit) @3094   6 years sacerdot Makefile with targets: byte opt clean
(edit) @3093   6 years sacerdot Makefile replaces build, targets: byte, opt, clean
(edit) @3092   6 years sacerdot No more references to Lustre stuff.
(edit) @3091   6 years sacerdot
(edit) @3090   6 years tassi dist: take into account symlink
(edit) @3089   6 years sacerdot Symbolic link to the cparser
(edit) @3088   6 years sacerdot We now also generate the package for native code.
(edit) @3087   6 years tassi script to build tarpall
(edit) @3086   6 years sacerdot extracted is now in driver
(edit) @3085   6 years sacerdot extracted directory moved into driver to make debian packages more …
(edit) @3083   6 years sacerdot The cost and stack* variables are now initialized with the cost of …
(edit) @3079   6 years tranquil added printing of ERTL, LTL and LIN's ext_seq's.
(edit) @3073   6 years sacerdot New extraction, all tests pass.
(edit) @3071   6 years sacerdot
(edit) @3070   6 years sacerdot Ext case of RTL implemented.
(edit) @3067   6 years sacerdot New test that fails too.
(edit) @3062   6 years sacerdot Bug fixed in the semantics of Mov: the offset was ignored. Now all …
(edit) @3058   6 years tranquil
(edit) @3052   6 years tranquil
(edit) @3045   6 years tranquil fixed what made test3 fail. However it involves a different notion of …
(edit) @3043   6 years sacerdot New major extraction that should have solved all remaining issues. As …
(edit) @3038   6 years sacerdot Bug fixed: the stack_cost* variables must be declared before the …
(edit) @3027   6 years sacerdot Another output used by the plug-in.
(edit) @3026   6 years sacerdot With -a we now produce also the .cerco file required by the plug-in.
(edit) @3025   6 years sacerdot 1. two syntax errors in instrumented files fixed 2. the compiler now …
(edit) @3020   6 years sacerdot - Options not used removed from the help/interface. - More compliance …
(edit) @3015   6 years sacerdot Comment removed
(edit) @3014   6 years tranquil ERTL to ERTLptr pass suppressed (it introduced a bug in the later …
(edit) @3013   6 years sacerdot Temporary parsing files removed.
(edit) @3005   6 years sacerdot Beginning of making it fully compatible with untrusted one.
(edit) @3002   6 years tranquil fixed previous commit
(edit) @3000   6 years tranquil added RTLabs printer
(edit) @2999   6 years sacerdot code_memory added to labelled_object_code to avoid recomputing it …
(edit) @2998   6 years sacerdot Test on conditional execution. Fails atm.
(edit) @2993   6 years sacerdot 1. performance improved: the type inference was inferring …
(edit) @2988   6 years sacerdot Some easy tests.
(edit) @2982   6 years sacerdot Pretty priting of LIN implemented.
(edit) @2964   6 years sacerdot Debugging code removed.
(edit) @2960   6 years sacerdot New extraction, it diverges in RTL execution now.
(edit) @2934   6 years sacerdot Patch to obtain more easily comparable traces.
(edit) @2901   6 years sacerdot 1. backendPrinter renamed to printer 2. Clight printing branched into …
(edit) @2900   6 years sacerdot Flushing to understand where it is slow.
(edit) @2875   7 years sacerdot Pretty printing of object code integrated too. A couple of axioms make …
(edit) @2874   7 years sacerdot Syntax fixed: ./cerco [-exec] filename annotationoption
(edit) @2868   7 years sacerdot Pretty printing of ERTL and ERTLptr code.
(edit) @2864   7 years sacerdot I must have drunk yesterday: all RTL passes are printed correctly; the …
(edit) @2860   7 years sacerdot RTL printing, core dumps ATM
(edit) @2859   7 years sacerdot Pretty printing improved (now it always starts the visit from lbl 1).
(edit) @2858   7 years sacerdot Trying to pretty print the code graph in visit order. Slightly bugged …
(edit) @2856   7 years sacerdot Pretty printing of LTL almost finished.
(edit) @2854   7 years sacerdot Pretty printing of the LTL program.
(edit) @2834   7 years sacerdot Execution integrated in the compiler, as it was in the prototype. …
(edit) @2826   7 years sacerdot New error messages.
(edit) @2815   7 years sacerdot exec superseded by exec_all
(edit) @2814   7 years sacerdot frontend superseded by execute_all
(edit) @2813   7 years sacerdot RTLabs now printed too
(edit) @2805   7 years sacerdot Now also prints the trace for the labelled Clight.
(edit) @2804   7 years sacerdot New executable exec_all. It contains a function to run and print all …
(edit) @2798   7 years sacerdot New error message.
(edit) @2792   7 years campbell Make instrumented output a little easier to read.
(edit) @2791   7 years campbell Remove dead code in driver.
(edit) @2790   7 years campbell Some null handling in conversion from CIL.
(edit) @2789   7 years campbell Some changes to the driver to aid debugging.
(edit) @2788   7 years campbell Report compiler error
(edit) @2787   7 years campbell Output stack costs in driver.
(edit) @2780   7 years sacerdot Bug fixed: in BitVector?.ma the functions bv_to_nat and nat_to_bv were …
(edit) @2779   7 years sacerdot 1. bug fixed in the use of vsplit 2. major speed up (avoid detour via …
(edit) @2778   7 years sacerdot Code to pretty-print the IntelHex? output. At the moment the glue code …
(edit) @2776   7 years sacerdot The compiler now extracts also the stack cost model.
(edit) @2773   7 years sacerdot 1. everything extracted again after all bugs in Matita's extraction …
(edit) @2759   7 years campbell Print out costs, with choice of style. Note small anti-assertion patch …
(edit) @2758   7 years campbell Adapt prototype's Clight printer. Doesn't use cost map yet.
(edit) @2747   7 years sacerdot The compiler (frontend + backend)
(edit) @2744   7 years sacerdot Build no longer fails.
(edit) @2729   7 years sacerdot More errors recognized
(edit) @2721   7 years campbell Give the real error in the driver.
(edit) @2648   7 years sacerdot Back in sync with the extracted code.
(edit) @2636   7 years campbell Extracted front-end.
(add) @2620   7 years campbell Sufficient hacking to run the extracted Clight semantics.
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