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(edit) @2517   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @2515   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @2514   9 years sacerdot All .ma files committed: some of them are just in-progress.
(edit) @2427   9 years mulligan More work on explanation.
(edit) @2425   9 years mulligan Garrigue's stuff completely added to the paper. Need to explain the …
(edit) @2424   9 years mulligan Changes to the file including making a start on incorporating …
(edit) @2416   9 years mulligan Some more minor changes
(edit) @2414   9 years mulligan Added bib file, done a little bit of rearrangement.
(edit) @2411   9 years sacerdot Extensible records implemented via option type. One axiom left.
(edit) @2410   9 years mulligan Changes to Section 2.
(edit) @2409   9 years mulligan Some text about algebraic data types and their limitations. Needs to …
(edit) @2408   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @2406   9 years sacerdot Elimination principle committed.
(edit) @2405   9 years sacerdot Type of elimination principle generated + more lemmas.
(edit) @2404   9 years sacerdot Example finished.
(edit) @2403   9 years sacerdot More work, example almost finished up to recursive type.
(edit) @2402   9 years sacerdot Progress on parametric types.
(edit) @2400   9 years sacerdot Some tests.
(edit) @2397   9 years mulligan Knocked the initial skeleton into some form of compilable state
(add) @2396   9 years mulligan Polymorphic variants paper skeleton
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