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(edit) @537   9 years mulligan more added
(edit) @536   9 years mulligan more added
(edit) @535   9 years campbell Minimal integration of bitvectors into Clight semantics - does a …
(edit) @534   9 years campbell Fix a couple of bugs with branched 4.1 stuff.
(edit) @533   9 years campbell Make stuff from D4.1 work with my copy of matita.
(edit) @532   9 years mulligan after much faffing, top of minipages now align correctly
(edit) @531   9 years campbell Create temporary branch of D4.1 matita development to help integrate …
(edit) @530   9 years sacerdot 8051/MIPS
(edit) @529   9 years mulligan wrote about cost labels
(edit) @528   9 years mulligan Removed all \begin{quote} .. \end{quote} around code snippets for …
(edit) @527   9 years mulligan added section on representation of integers
(edit) @526   9 years sacerdot Something to say in the comparison.
(edit) @525   9 years mulligan lots of changes
(edit) @524   9 years mulligan Finished discussion of anatomy of emulator
(edit) @523   9 years mulligan added a small reference to cost labels, along with a pointer to the …
(edit) @522   9 years mulligan completed changes to discussion on labels and pseudoinstructions
(edit) @521   9 years mulligan more changes
(edit) @520   9 years mulligan more changes
(edit) @519   9 years mulligan Footnote fixed
(edit) @518   9 years mulligan small changes
(edit) @517   9 years mulligan more added
(edit) @516   9 years mulligan Added section on Tries
(edit) @515   9 years mulligan finished tidying the introduction
(edit) @514   9 years mulligan more tidying
(edit) @513   9 years mulligan more changes to intro
(edit) @512   9 years mulligan tidy up of the intro
(edit) @511   9 years mulligan validation section complete
(edit) @510   9 years mulligan more added, talking about dependent types now
(edit) @509   9 years sacerdot Background.
(edit) @508   9 years mulligan Changes
(edit) @507   9 years mulligan A bit on labels and pseudo-instructions
(edit) @506   9 years mulligan a bit more added
(edit) @505   9 years mulligan finished sentence
(edit) @504   9 years mulligan work on intro committed following claudio's second e-mail
(edit) @503   9 years mulligan Added PNG files for claudio.
(edit) @502   9 years campbell Fix not on nulls on Clight.
(edit) @501   9 years mulligan more changes
(edit) @500   9 years campbell Use dependent pointer type to ensure that the representation is always …
(edit) @499   9 years campbell pointer_compat is a little more natural if it takes that block rather …
(edit) @498   9 years campbell Make block type a little more abstract; remove knowledge about the old …
(edit) @497   9 years campbell Remove bogus pointer compatibility case.
(edit) @496   9 years campbell First pass at moving regions to block type.
(edit) @495   9 years mulligan more added
(edit) @494   9 years mulligan more added
(edit) @493   9 years mulligan incorporated some text from the eu report that needs to be pared down
(edit) @492   9 years mulligan Initial commit of outline of prospective itp-2011 paper.
(edit) @491   9 years mulligan Initial commit of (part)-formalisation of LIN intermediate language.
(edit) @490   9 years campbell Update syntax of Matita Clight term printer.
(edit) @489   9 years campbell Pointer fixes for the temporary version of the compiler that can …
(edit) @488   9 years campbell Some missing equality constants used by destruct.
(edit) @487   9 years campbell Port Clight semantics to the new-new matita syntax.
(edit) @486   9 years ayache Deliverable D2.2
(edit) @485   9 years campbell Fix treatment of pointers in initialisation data, a little like later …
(edit) @484   9 years campbell Separate out null values from integer zeros.
(edit) @483   9 years campbell Use pointer-specific "chunks" of memory for pointer loads and stores, …
(edit) @482   9 years campbell Note the purpose of the region in a pointer value.
(edit) @481   9 years campbell Tcomp_ptr should take the memory region and use that to calculate its size.
(edit) @480   9 years campbell "memory_space" to "region" replacement to match ocaml code
(edit) @479   9 years campbell Test of linked list insertion sort.
(edit) @478   9 years campbell Prevent clashes between names in AST and other parts of the …
(edit) @477   9 years mulligan Added file for LIN.
(edit) @476   9 years mulligan Commiting directory for formalization of intermediate compiler languages.
(edit) @475   9 years mulligan Matita interpreter ported to latest version of matita (the one with …
(edit) @474   9 years campbell Reduce "include"s to reduce compilation time. (Will be undone when …
(edit) @473   9 years campbell Track changes in nlibrary ->
(edit) @472   9 years mulligan More changes to debug and testing files to get them to work with the …
(edit) @471   9 years mulligan Deleted (now) superfluous custom library files in favour of using …
(edit) @470   9 years mulligan Finished moving development over to standard library.
(edit) @469   9 years campbell Update work-in-progress file to match current development.
(edit) @468   9 years campbell Missing changes to completeness proof for function pointer type fix.
(edit) @467   9 years campbell Update some of the commented-out parts of Globalenvs for testing.
(edit) @466   9 years mulligan Most of execute_1 checked. Need to fix negations, though, in rest in …
(edit) @465   9 years mulligan Moved over to standard library.
(edit) @464   9 years mulligan Fixed strange bug/typo in BitVectorTrie?.ma
(edit) @463   9 years mulligan Fixed DoTest? so that it doesn't take an hour to typecheck.
(edit) @462   9 years mulligan Added bitvector arithmetic for Brian.
(edit) @461   9 years campbell Handle null pointer constants properly for generic pointers …
(edit) @460   9 years campbell Port memory spaces changes to latest prototype compiler.
(edit) @459   9 years campbell Create branch of the prototype compiler for memory space support
(edit) @458   9 years campbell Add a few more pointer tests.
(edit) @457   9 years campbell Correct checking of function pointers.
(edit) @456   9 years campbell Add 24bit initialisation data for null generic pointers.
(edit) @455   9 years mulligan Merge commit.
(edit) @454   9 years sacerdot CSC + Nicolas + Dominic: 1) back-porting of changes by Nicolas from …
(edit) @453   9 years ayache Import of the Paris's sources.
(edit) @452   9 years mulligan Added function to interface.
(edit) @451   9 years mulligan Removed more debugging stuff from
(edit) @450   9 years mulligan Comment added for Nicolas.
(edit) @449   9 years mulligan Removed debugging code from
(edit) @448   9 years mulligan Got Intel HEX format exportation working.
(edit) @447   9 years mulligan Checksum seems to be working now on most lines, barring three? Weird bug.
(edit) @446   9 years mulligan Checksum calculation added. Seems to still be buggy.
(edit) @445   9 years mulligan Debugging hex output. Seems mcu8051 really doesn't like what's been …
(edit) @444   9 years mulligan Got Test.native to compile. Added functions for exporting intel hex …
(edit) @443   9 years mulligan Wrote exportation code. Need to test it.
(edit) @442   9 years mulligan Partial implementation of Nicolas' requested feature (extraction of …
(edit) @441   9 years mulligan Fixed bug in PUSH spotted by Nicolas.
(edit) @440   9 years mulligan indentation changes by emacs
(edit) @439   9 years mulligan Changes to get everything to compile.
(edit) @438   9 years sacerdot Final version.
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