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(edit) @472   9 years mulligan More changes to debug and testing files to get them to work with the …
(edit) @465   9 years mulligan Moved over to standard library.
(edit) @462   9 years mulligan Added bitvector arithmetic for Brian.
(edit) @439   9 years mulligan Changes to get everything to compile.
(edit) @436   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @435   9 years sacerdot logic/ is now used in place of
(edit) @432   9 years mulligan Removed Plogic/
(edit) @431   9 years mulligan - README updated - Test and DoTest? fixed to work on assembly_program - …
(edit) @420   9 years mulligan All proof obligations closed.
(edit) @414   9 years mulligan Got a few more cases working.
(edit) @410   9 years mulligan Using bitvectortries for a dictionary doesn't work even if we …
(edit) @364   9 years mulligan Added subvector_with function.
(edit) @357   9 years sacerdot - stupid bug fixed in BitVectorTrie? - dependencies minimized, dead …
(edit) @355   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @354   9 years mulligan Everything compiles. Doesn't jump correctly still.
(edit) @352   9 years mulligan Do not use ndestruct for injectivity since it introduces StreickerK …
(edit) @344   9 years mulligan Removed stray ncheck in
(edit) @341   9 years sacerdot A simple version of assembly (no labels) implemented.
(edit) @334   9 years mulligan More added.
(edit) @332   9 years sacerdot Code of fetch greatly simplified because of better behaviour of Matita.
(edit) @329   9 years mulligan Commit to restore deleted file.
(edit) @328   9 years mulligan Got fold_right_i to type check. Moved eq_rect_Type0 into …
(edit) @316   9 years sacerdot REGISTER now takes a BitVector? 3
(edit) @281   9 years mulligan Resolved conflicts.
(edit) @271   9 years sacerdot assembly1 defined on ACALL and ADD: it seems it will become too slow…
(edit) @268   9 years sacerdot - notation moved to proper places - new function split on Vectors
(edit) @264   9 years sacerdot - new axiomatic data type for Strings - new file for Assembly
(edit) @261   9 years mulligan Strengthened typings of get_ and set_index in Vector file.
(add) @260   9 years sacerdot - Minimal changes to make it compile with the standard distribution of …
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