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(edit) @470   10 years mulligan Finished moving development over to standard library.
(edit) @466   10 years mulligan Most of execute_1 checked. Need to fix negations, though, in rest in …
(edit) @465   10 years mulligan Moved over to standard library.
(edit) @439   11 years mulligan Changes to get everything to compile.
(edit) @374   11 years sacerdot 1) notation for cast fixed 2) ambiguity reduced: Empty => VEmpty, Cons …
(edit) @372   11 years sacerdot No more axioms! All proofs completed. (Interrupts, I/O and timers not …
(edit) @370   11 years mulligan Most of critical lemma done. Hole remaining that I can't coax matita …
(edit) @369   11 years mulligan Proof of missing lemma seems to be done, but won't Qed. My version of …
(edit) @368   11 years mulligan All 450 proof obligations closed.
(edit) @367   11 years mulligan Added decidable equality for addressing_mode_tags.
(edit) @364   11 years mulligan Added subvector_with function.
(edit) @363   11 years mulligan Resolved conflicts. Added new get_index' which hides the proof …
(edit) @362   11 years sacerdot Less ambiguous definitions.
(edit) @358   11 years mulligan Added \bot to all absd cases in execute_1 to get rid of as many open …
(edit) @357   11 years sacerdot - stupid bug fixed in BitVectorTrie? - dependencies minimized, dead …
(edit) @351   11 years mulligan No more axioms but the paralogisms.
(edit) @347   11 years mulligan Work on main execution loop. All cases covered. Need to close open …
(edit) @343   11 years mulligan Fixed so that it compiles.
(edit) @341   11 years sacerdot A simple version of assembly (no labels) implemented.
(edit) @338   11 years mulligan Most jumps finished. Only CJNE to do.
(edit) @337   11 years mulligan Changes to execute_1 file. Changes to get everything type checking.
(edit) @334   11 years mulligan More added.
(edit) @333   11 years mulligan Work on execute_1 function.
(edit) @331   11 years mulligan More changes to get everything to typecheck.
(edit) @329   11 years mulligan Commit to restore deleted file.
(add) @328   11 years mulligan Got fold_right_i to type check. Moved eq_rect_Type0 into …
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