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(edit) @465   10 years mulligan Moved over to standard library.
(edit) @462   10 years mulligan Added bitvector arithmetic for Brian.
(edit) @374   11 years sacerdot 1) notation for cast fixed 2) ambiguity reduced: Empty => VEmpty, Cons …
(edit) @359   11 years mulligan add_n_with_carry and sub_n_with_carry now both return bitvectors of …
(edit) @357   11 years sacerdot - stupid bug fixed in BitVectorTrie? - dependencies minimized, dead …
(edit) @351   11 years mulligan No more axioms but the paralogisms.
(edit) @350   11 years mulligan less axioms
(edit) @349   11 years mulligan Added fold_right_i (with dependent type) to List file.
(edit) @313   11 years mulligan Added axioms for addition for claudio.
(edit) @286   11 years mulligan Added bit address lookup for registers.
(edit) @281   11 years mulligan Resolved conflicts.
(edit) @277   11 years sacerdot Bugs fixed in definition of sub8_with_carrier.
(edit) @275   11 years mulligan Removed all axioms from and replaced them with …
(edit) @274   11 years mulligan First attempt at sub8_with_c complete.
(edit) @273   11 years mulligan Some fault functions were rewritten.
(edit) @272   11 years mulligan Changes from this morning.
(edit) @260   11 years sacerdot - Minimal changes to make it compile with the standard distribution of …
(edit) @257   11 years mulligan Added exponential functions for nats. Working on operational …
(edit) @248   11 years mulligan More changes. Added datatype for addressing modes.
(add) @246   11 years mulligan Added physical file (Arithmetic) for arithmetic on bit vectors, and …
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