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(edit) @2430   7 years campbell Fix casting for conditionals in CompCert?-derived C parser.
(edit) @2169   7 years tranquil corrected bug where definition of carry bit by MUL and DIV (which …
(edit) @2100   7 years tranquil temporary solution to a bug where operations on spilled registers …
(edit) @1708   8 years mulligan Change to the execution of the MOVC instruction
(edit) @1700   8 years tranquil updated README
(edit) @1664   8 years tranquil corrected a bug in loop peeling where continue and breaks were not …
(edit) @1635   8 years tranquil * lists with binders and monads * and other temprarily …
(edit) @1590   8 years tranquil * got back to previous implementation of multiplication in RTLabs -> …
(edit) @1589   8 years tranquil * turned to argument-less return statements for RTLabs and RTL (there …
(edit) @1585   8 years tranquil fighting with a bug of the translation from RTL to ERTL
(edit) @1584   8 years tranquil * new form of translation written in graphUtilites (mainly as a test …
(edit) @1580   8 years tranquil implemented constant propagation in LTL cleaned up translations in …
(edit) @1572   8 years tranquil * corrected previous bug * finished propagating immediates
(edit) @1569   8 years tranquil * added in repository some missing files…
(edit) @1568   8 years tranquil * Immediates introduced (but not fully used yet in RTLabs to RTL pass) …
(edit) @1546   8 years tranquil added an option to prevent reindexing transformations from taking …
(edit) @1542   8 years tranquil merge of indexed labels branch
(edit) @1525   8 years ayache D2.2: function pointers using JMP.
(edit) @1504   8 years ayache 8051 ocaml: bug fix in the labelling of do-whiles.
(edit) @1492   8 years ayache Comment in D2.2 -> LINToASM about function pointers.
(edit) @1491   8 years ayache Function pointers good and working.
(edit) @1490   8 years ayache Function pointers fixed.
(edit) @1488   8 years ayache Function pointers in D2.2/8051. Bugged for now.
(edit) @1462   8 years ayache Added D5.1: Frama-C plug-in and Lustre wrapper. D2.2 (8051) has been …
(edit) @1421   8 years tranquil first draft of peeling optimization: * a framework for heuristics has …
(edit) @1273   8 years campbell Remove generated file.
(edit) @1272   8 years campbell Revert accidental commit.
(edit) @1227   8 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1099   8 years ayache Bug fix in Deliverables/D2.2/8051: cast simplification.
(edit) @818   8 years ayache 32 and 16 bits operations support in D2.2/8051
(edit) @796   8 years campbell Put correct type on cost label expressions in the prototype.
(edit) @743   9 years mulligan Removed mess from yesterday.
(edit) @742   9 years mulligan Added extra debugging feature for Nicolas
(edit) @741   9 years ayache Bug fix in LINToASM in D2.2's 8051 (negative integers).
(edit) @740   9 years ayache New memory model and bug fixes in 8051 branch. Added primitive …
(edit) @685   9 years ayache Bug fix in LINToASM (wrong conditional translation) in 8051 branch.
(edit) @664   9 years mulligan Changed output of Intel HEX files so we no longer have those …
(edit) @645   9 years ayache Pretty output in D2.2.
(edit) @643   9 years ayache Bug fix in ASMCosts in D2.2.
(edit) @642   9 years ayache Added the review example in D2.2 (8051/tests/review1/)
(edit) @641   9 years ayache Improvement in the code of the cost computation in D2.2.
(edit) @640   9 years ayache Hex output not too long for mcu anymore. Readable output added.
(edit) @634   9 years ayache Bug fix in ASMCosts in D2.2.
(edit) @632   9 years ayache Small change in ASMCosts.
(edit) @631   9 years ayache Some bugs fixed in D2.2.
(edit) @630   9 years ayache Paris update in D2.2.
(edit) @627   9 years mulligan Fixed bug in Added pretty printing module.
(edit) @625   9 years mulligan Fixed ASMInterpret so no assert false is generated. Working on …
(edit) @624   9 years ayache Bug fixs and signed division hack in D2.2.
(edit) @622   9 years mulligan Started fixing assert false problem.
(edit) @621   9 years ayache Bug fix in cost computation in D2.2.
(edit) @619   9 years ayache Update of D2.2 from Paris.
(edit) @530   9 years sacerdot 8051/MIPS
(add) @486   9 years ayache Deliverable D2.2
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