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(edit) @95   10 years mulligan fixed typing errors in ASMInterpret up to execute1.
(edit) @94   10 years sacerdot Minor comments.
(edit) @93   10 years mulligan Fixed INC DPTR to assert false.
(edit) @92   10 years mulligan Fixed physical interface file. Refactoring ASMInterface.
(edit) @91   10 years mulligan Finished porting/fix type errors in physical.
(edit) @90   10 years mulligan Ported to be compatible with new bitvector code, started …
(edit) @89   10 years mulligan Fixed a really annoying bug in vect_to_int and int_to_vect
(edit) @88   10 years mulligan int_of_vect implemented.
(edit) @87   10 years mulligan Moved tentative to bit_vectors. Added .mli file.
(edit) @86   10 years mulligan Adding bit vector file.
(edit) @85   10 years mulligan Deleted, as `pretty' functions have now been merged into …
(edit) @84   10 years mulligan Lots of work on tidying up code.
(edit) @83   10 years mulligan Lots of work done on tidying up code.
(edit) @82   10 years campbell Start of document about impact of 8051 memory model on C.
(edit) @81   10 years mulligan INC DPTR partially implemented.
(edit) @80   10 years mulligan ANL, ORL and XRL instructions implemented.
(edit) @79   10 years mulligan One of the ANL instruction combinations implemented.
(edit) @78   10 years mulligan LCALL implemented.
(edit) @77   10 years mulligan ACALL implemented.
(edit) @76   10 years mulligan MOVC instruction implemented.
(edit) @75   10 years mulligan AJMP implemented.
(edit) @74   10 years mulligan RETI instruction implemented.
(edit) @73   10 years mulligan RET instruction implemented.
(edit) @72   10 years mulligan DA instruction implemented: pretty complex!
(edit) @71   10 years mulligan Two more jump instructions implemented.
(edit) @70   10 years mulligan XCHD implemented.
(edit) @69   10 years mulligan PUSH implemented.
(edit) @68   10 years mulligan POP implemented ... at last.
(edit) @67   10 years mulligan DJNZ instruction finished.
(edit) @66   10 years mulligan Bytes mostly finished.
(edit) @65   10 years mulligan Forgot to add new file for processor.
(edit) @64   10 years mulligan More work on bits, bytes and nibbles.
(edit) @63   10 years mulligan More work on bits, bytes, nibbles, and added modules for byte7s and words.
(edit) @62   10 years mulligan Many additions to Bit, Nibble and Byte API, as well as more …
(edit) @61   10 years sacerdot Final version.
(edit) @60   10 years mulligan Finished implementing all jump instructions.
(edit) @59   10 years sacerdot Added a new appendix for assessment within the CerCo? project.
(edit) @58   10 years mulligan Bug fixed in CJNE instruction. More jump instructions implemented.
(edit) @57   10 years mulligan More instructions implemented. Started cleaning up code by moving …
(edit) @56   10 years sacerdot The technical annex of the contract.
(edit) @55   10 years mulligan CJNE instruction finished.
(edit) @54   10 years mulligan CLR instructions implemented.
(edit) @53   10 years mulligan All RR* and RL* instructions implemented.
(edit) @52   10 years mulligan RL, RR and SWAP implemented.
(edit) @51   10 years mulligan NOP and SETB implemented.
(edit) @50   11 years mulligan More missing cases added to the ASMInterpret functions. Pretty …
(edit) @49   11 years mulligan Fixed bug in ASMInterpret functions: CPL functions were not …
(edit) @48   11 years mulligan finished touching up report's English
(edit) @47   11 years mulligan Half of report's English fixed.
(edit) @46   11 years mulligan MOV done.
(edit) @45   11 years mulligan More pretty stuff added.
(edit) @44   11 years mulligan Added pretty printing functions for bits, bytes, words etc.
(edit) @43   11 years mulligan Address1 function completed.
(edit) @42   11 years mulligan Address1 function completed for instructions A--M.
(edit) @41   11 years mulligan More added to address1 function. Weird type error?
(edit) @40   11 years amadio er-cor
(edit) @39   11 years amadio deliverable D2.1
(edit) @38   11 years mulligan First draft Claudio's talk finished.
(edit) @37   11 years mulligan Slight change to presentation.
(edit) @36   11 years mulligan More on Claudio's presentation: upto interrupts and their handling.
(edit) @35   11 years mulligan `fetch' function complete.
(edit) @34   11 years mulligan Up to describing 8051 SFRs in presentation
(edit) @33   11 years mulligan Instructions M--O added to `fetch' function. Presentation files for …
(edit) @32   11 years mulligan All MOV variations done.
(edit) @31   11 years mulligan Instructions J--M complete.
(edit) @30   11 years mulligan Small bug fix in abstract syntax of ASM language (JB needs to carry a …
(edit) @29   11 years mulligan Commit while I check Siemen's data sheet. Instructions C--J added to …
(edit) @28   11 years sacerdot 1) all the opcodes are there in ASM syntax (but no labels, …
(edit) @27   11 years sacerdot The 8051 instruction set (syntax only).
(edit) @26   11 years sacerdot Executable semantics of 8051 assembly (in OCaml for now).
(edit) @25   11 years campbell Simplify the IO monad a little.
(edit) @24   11 years campbell Separate out IOMonad from the rest of the executable semantics. Start …
(edit) @23   11 years sacerdot Spell checked.
(edit) @22   11 years sacerdot Proposed final version.
(edit) @21   11 years sacerdot First draft.
(edit) @20   11 years campbell Add resumption monad based version of the executable semantics with …
(edit) @19   11 years sacerdot
(edit) @18   11 years sacerdot logo moved
(edit) @17   11 years campbell Remainder of the statements for the executable semantics (except for …
(edit) @16   11 years campbell Add rest of the expressions to executable Clight semantics.
(edit) @15   11 years campbell Make some definitions more normalization friendly by a little 'nlet …
(edit) @14   11 years campbell Make respect bounds again, and reenable the rest of
(edit) @13   11 years campbell Minor syntactic changes.
(edit) @12   11 years campbell Make memory model tests more readable. Update README.
(edit) @11   11 years campbell Fill in some axioms to aid executablity. Implement global variable …
(edit) @10   11 years campbell Add binary arithmetic libraries, use for integers and identifiers (but …
(edit) @9   11 years campbell Enough of an executable semantics to execute a not-quite-trivial …
(edit) @8   11 years sacerdot Final version of D6.1.
(edit) @7   11 years sacerdot ispelled
(edit) @6   11 years sacerdot First deliverable (D6.1).
(edit) @5   11 years campbell Add a few execution steps and calculation of the initial state to the …
(edit) @4   11 years campbell Some experimental work on executable Clight semantics.
(edit) @3   11 years campbell Import work-in-progress port of the CompCert? C semantics to matita.
(edit) @2   11 years sacerdot First layout.
(add) @1   11 years puech This is a test
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