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(edit) @840   9 years sacerdot sigma defined
(edit) @839   9 years sacerdot More experiments.
(edit) @838   9 years sacerdot Restored.
(edit) @837   9 years mulligan changes complete
(edit) @836   9 years mulligan changes to assembly functions
(edit) @835   9 years sacerdot Old experiments removed.
(edit) @834   9 years sacerdot Russell at work.
(edit) @833   9 years sacerdot Bug fixed to make the file compile. But the type of the assembly …
(edit) @832   9 years mulligan work from today
(edit) @831   9 years sacerdot Progress in proofs.
(edit) @830   9 years campbell Move files that accidentally ended up in the root of the repository.
(edit) @829   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @828   9 years sacerdot Proof statement.
(edit) @827   9 years sacerdot The preamble is now part of the PseudoStatus?.
(edit) @826   9 years mulligan start of proof
(edit) @825   9 years mulligan lots of refactoring, finally got something to prove
(edit) @824   9 years campbell Some work on showing that casts around integer operations can be removed.
(edit) @823   9 years mulligan added new file for proof of correctness of pseudo-assembly translation
(edit) @822   9 years mulligan removed all axioms
(edit) @821   9 years mulligan changes to introduce pseudostatus
(edit) @820   9 years mulligan changes to get the semantics of pseudoassembly working
(edit) @819   9 years mulligan Final changes. Under 8 pages.
(edit) @818   9 years ayache 32 and 16 bits operations support in D2.2/8051
(edit) @817   9 years mulligan final changes, now to get under 8 pages
(edit) @816   9 years campbell Clight to Cminor compilation, modulo switch statements, temporary …
(edit) @815   9 years mulligan some changes
(edit) @814   9 years mulligan changes with claudio
(edit) @813   9 years mulligan added boxing of matita code to distinguish from o'caml
(edit) @812   9 years mulligan small change
(edit) @811   9 years mulligan small typo fixed
(edit) @810   9 years mulligan More added.
(edit) @809   9 years mulligan more changes to get everything to fit correctly. gone past 8 pg limit
(edit) @808   9 years mulligan Changes to paper to get it ready for FMCAD
(edit) @807   9 years mulligan small change
(edit) @806   9 years mulligan more changes to language used
(edit) @805   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @804   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @803   9 years mulligan more changes
(edit) @802   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @801   9 years mulligan Changes to english in letter.
(edit) @800   9 years sacerdot Half finished.
(edit) @799   9 years mulligan more changes.
(edit) @798   9 years campbell Fix usual matita tactic mistake.
(edit) @797   9 years campbell Add error messages wherever the error monad is used. Sticks to …
(edit) @796   9 years campbell Put correct type on cost label expressions in the prototype.
(edit) @795   9 years mulligan Changes from this morning.
(edit) @794   9 years Ian Stark Some content for addendum
(edit) @793   9 years mulligan Work from today on rtlabs -> rtl pass.
(edit) @792   9 years amadio Deliverable D2.1 with addendum
(edit) @791   9 years Ian Stark Empty addendum
(edit) @790   9 years campbell A little tidying: get rid of requirement for jmeq in, remove …
(edit) @789   9 years mulligan More work on rtlabs -> rtl pass.
(edit) @788   9 years campbell Add newer files to experimental Cminor branch.
(edit) @787   9 years campbell Update experimental version of Cminor semantics.
(edit) @786   9 years campbell A version of the clight matita term printer for the current prototype.
(edit) @785   9 years sacerdot Addenda required by the reviewers.
(edit) @784   9 years mulligan Added missing tailcall simplification file.
(edit) @783   9 years mulligan rtl to ertl pass complete (modulo some straightforward axioms that …
(edit) @782   9 years mulligan More work on rtl-ertl pass from today, plus resolved conflict.
(edit) @781   9 years campbell Implement labelling pass for Clight.
(edit) @780   10 years campbell Properly update set of registers that are used for pointers in Cminor …
(edit) @779   10 years campbell Add merging of tries and identifier sets (based on Dominic's earlier …
(edit) @778   10 years mulligan moved register set into correct place
(edit) @777   10 years mulligan Lots of work on RTL to ERTL pass from today.
(edit) @776   10 years campbell Fix up some minor null pointer issues in Clight. Add corresponding …
(edit) @775   10 years campbell A few useful definitions for when RTLabs programs fail.
(edit) @774   10 years campbell Separate out the different forms of addition and subtraction in the …
(edit) @773   10 years campbell Report a couple of minor changes from the prototype compiler.
(edit) @772   10 years campbell Implement proper support for RTLabs addressing modes.
(edit) @771   10 years campbell Implement switch statements in Cminor -> RTLabs phase
(edit) @770   10 years campbell Clight and Cminor examples for switch statement.
(edit) @769   10 years campbell Update the Clight matita term printer.
(edit) @768   10 years campbell Make Cminor tests test translation to RTLabs.
(edit) @767   10 years campbell Use variable shadowing as a poor man's state monad in cminor to rtlabs …
(edit) @766   10 years campbell Most of the Cminor to RTLabs stage. Is buggy, generates inefficient …
(edit) @765   10 years campbell Remove superfluous register in RTLabs return statements. Also fix up …
(edit) @764   10 years campbell Start Cminor to RTLabs phase. Includes some syntax for matching …
(edit) @763   10 years mulligan Changes to RTL-ERTL pass.
(edit) @762   10 years campbell Make naming of RTLabs files more uniform
(edit) @761   10 years campbell Enforce the use of declared identifiers/registers in Cminor/RTLabs.
(edit) @760   10 years campbell Fix tailcall continuations in Cminor.
(edit) @759   10 years mulligan More work on the RTL to ERTL pass.
(edit) @758   10 years campbell Implement replacement of global var initialisation data by code in Cminor.
(edit) @757   10 years mulligan Lots more fixing to get both front and backends using same conventions …
(edit) @756   10 years mulligan Made a start on RTL. Renaming in ERTL and below to move closer to …
(edit) @755   10 years campbell An experimental branch of the Cminor semantics.
(edit) @754   10 years mulligan Syntax of RTL.
(edit) @753   10 years mulligan Work from today.
(edit) @752   10 years mulligan Fixed error in BitVectorTrieSet? file.
(edit) @751   10 years campbell Initial version of the Cminor syntax and semantics.
(edit) @750   10 years campbell Track some of the changes to the prototype in RTLabs. Just one …
(edit) @749   10 years campbell Make definition more explicit to avoid jmeq.
(edit) @748   10 years campbell Change example statement for easier testing.
(edit) @747   10 years campbell Merge the two AST files together (although some definitions still need …
(edit) @746   10 years mulligan Changes to bitvectortrieset: equality on sets. Added new file for …
(edit) @745   10 years mulligan Changes from yesterday. Slowly implementing the functorized …
(edit) @744   10 years campbell Evict Coq-style integers from common/ Make more bitvector …
(edit) @743   10 years mulligan Removed mess from yesterday.
(edit) @742   10 years mulligan Added extra debugging feature for Nicolas
(edit) @741   10 years ayache Bug fix in LINToASM in D2.2's 8051 (negative integers).
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