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(edit) @749   11 years campbell Make definition more explicit to avoid jmeq.
(edit) @748   11 years campbell Change example statement for easier testing.
(edit) @747   11 years campbell Merge the two AST files together (although some definitions still need …
(edit) @746   11 years mulligan Changes to bitvectortrieset: equality on sets. Added new file for …
(edit) @745   11 years mulligan Changes from yesterday. Slowly implementing the functorized …
(edit) @744   11 years campbell Evict Coq-style integers from common/ Make more bitvector …
(edit) @743   11 years mulligan Removed mess from yesterday.
(edit) @742   11 years mulligan Added extra debugging feature for Nicolas
(edit) @741   11 years ayache Bug fix in LINToASM in D2.2's 8051 (negative integers).
(edit) @740   11 years ayache New memory model and bug fixes in 8051 branch. Added primitive …
(edit) @739   11 years campbell Note on identifiers in CHANGES.
(edit) @738   11 years campbell Use lower case names for identifiers for consistency with CompCert?
(edit) @737   11 years campbell Use more abstract identifiers in Clight / RTLabs.
(edit) @736   11 years campbell Extra type safety for identifiers.
(edit) @735   11 years mulligan Changes from today
(edit) @734   11 years mulligan Fixed lin2asm.
(edit) @733   11 years mulligan Fixed partial commit.
(edit) @732   11 years campbell Fixups for CexecEquiv? due to earlier changes in SmallstepExec?.ma
(edit) @731   11 years campbell Common definition for animation semantics, and factor out IO definitions.
(edit) @730   11 years campbell A few deviations from the prototype / CompCert? that I can think of offhand.
(edit) @729   11 years campbell Pretty ugly printer for RTLabs programs.
(edit) @728   11 years mulligan Changes from last two days.
(edit) @727   11 years campbell Enough fixes to let an RTLabs program run.
(edit) @726   11 years campbell Change identifiers to Words in Clight and RTLabs semantics.
(edit) @725   11 years campbell Do some light manual disambiguation to make Clight examples go through …
(edit) @724   11 years campbell More tractable version of bitvector_of_nat / nat_of_bitvector.
(edit) @723   11 years mulligan Added dependent type internalising the invariant that LIN function …
(edit) @722   11 years mulligan Committing changes from today. Several files do not typecheck.
(edit) @721   11 years mulligan Added diary of changes to project files.
(edit) @720   11 years campbell Sort out cost labels.
(edit) @719   11 years mulligan Added missing assembly file ported to matita.
(edit) @718   11 years campbell Add an AST type (i.e., intermediate language type) for pointers.
(edit) @717   11 years campbell Clean up Clight examples; better temporary definition of multiply.
(edit) @716   11 years mulligan Finished translating LTL statements to LIN statements. Need to …
(edit) @715   11 years mulligan Restored rev from Util as it appears that list reversal is not a part …
(edit) @714   11 years mulligan Work on translation from LTL to LIN.
(edit) @713   11 years mulligan Commit of initial LTL files.
(edit) @712   11 years mulligan Changes to get things to typecheck.
(edit) @711   11 years sacerdot
(edit) @710   11 years campbell Start of way to import RTLabs from prototype compiler.
(edit) @709   11 years sacerdot Notations should NOT be redefined. Just add a new interpretation.
(edit) @708   11 years campbell Use a more normalize-friendly definition of clight_exec to make the …
(edit) @707   11 years campbell Remove old branch, which was merged after the move to src.
(edit) @706   11 years sacerdot Fixed (reference to basics/pairs was dandling).
(edit) @705   11 years sacerdot Ported to new library (notation).
(edit) @704   11 years sacerdot Minor speedup in one theorem (less automation).
(edit) @703   11 years sacerdot lib is now the default standard library (after commit 11216 in …
(edit) @702   11 years campbell Refine small-step executable semantics abstraction a little. Some …
(edit) @701   11 years sacerdot New version.
(edit) @700   11 years campbell Get Clight semantics going again (except for problems CexecEquiv? that …
(edit) @699   11 years mulligan More or less finished formalisation of LIN.
(edit) @698   11 years mulligan Commit with changes to files to get our files to typecheck.
(edit) @697   11 years campbell Merge Clight branch of vectors and friends. Start making stuff build.
(edit) @696   11 years mulligan Added missing I8051 file and completed most of LIN formalisation.
(edit) @695   11 years campbell Rearrange Clight files a bit - will try to make them work again soon…
(edit) @694   11 years campbell Start moving Clight into common directory.
(edit) @693   11 years campbell Separate out whole program executions from the clight semantics and …
(edit) @692   11 years mulligan Deleted files.
(edit) @691   11 years mulligan More movement of files within the repository.
(edit) @690   11 years mulligan Moved new matita files into correct place.
(edit) @689   11 years mulligan Got rid of old Matita development files.
(edit) @688   11 years mulligan Fixed local conflicts. Restructured svn repository.
(edit) @687   11 years mulligan Renamed to enforce consistency of filenames
(edit) @686   11 years mulligan Most of LIN completed.
(edit) @685   11 years ayache Bug fix in LINToASM (wrong conditional translation) in 8051 branch.
(edit) @684   11 years sacerdot Moved into Presentations.
(edit) @683   11 years mulligan Changes from working on my PC.
(edit) @682   11 years sacerdot
(edit) @681   11 years sacerdot
(edit) @680   11 years sacerdot 8051-memoryspace-branch from Brian moved from D2.3 (that does not …
(edit) @679   11 years sacerdot The one in D2.2/8051 is more up to date. Committing this one was a …
(edit) @678   11 years amadio WP-rob update
(edit) @677   11 years campbell Use better titles for T3.2/3.3.
(edit) @676   11 years sacerdot
(edit) @675   11 years sacerdot
(edit) @674   11 years sacerdot
(edit) @673   11 years regisgia * Cosmetics.
(edit) @672   11 years regisgia * Slides shuffling.
(edit) @671   11 years mulligan Finished demo script for tomorrow.
(edit) @670   11 years regisgia * New version of the video.
(edit) @669   11 years mulligan Fixed man months
(edit) @668   11 years mulligan small changes
(edit) @667   11 years mulligan Changes to presentation that claudio wanted
(edit) @666   11 years amadio WP-roberto update
(edit) @665   11 years sacerdot
(edit) @664   11 years mulligan Changed output of Intel HEX files so we no longer have those …
(edit) @663   11 years regisgia * Video of prototype demonstration.
(edit) @662   11 years regisgia New version of the slides.
(edit) @661   11 years sacerdot Renaming.
(edit) @660   11 years sacerdot Final draft version.
(edit) @659   11 years sacerdot Draft version completed.
(edit) @658   11 years sacerdot
(edit) @657   11 years campbell Mention cost labels in D3.1 summary slide.
(edit) @656   11 years amadio rob updated
(edit) @655   11 years regisgia * Slides from Yann.
(edit) @654   11 years sacerdot In progress
(edit) @653   11 years sacerdot New version, still a draft.
(edit) @652   11 years sacerdot Still unfinished.
(edit) @651   11 years campbell Small additions to WP3 slides.
(edit) @650   11 years mulligan Completed presentation slides by mentioning man hours used
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