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(edit) @430   10 years mulligan - ToMatita? now generates a list of labelled_instructions (used to be a …
(edit) @429   10 years mulligan 1) README upated 2) executable now reads the name of the HEX file from argv
(edit) @428   10 years mulligan Changed instr. to labelled_instr.
(edit) @427   10 years mulligan Removed from ToMatita?
(edit) @426   10 years mulligan Changes to ocaml code and makefile.
(edit) @425   10 years mulligan Removed as no longer needed. Everything else seems to build …
(edit) @424   10 years mulligan Tidied up English in last addition.
(edit) @423   10 years mulligan Discussed partiality in the case of assembly: use of Maybe monad.
(edit) @422   10 years mulligan Tweaks to the report.
(edit) @421   10 years mulligan Removed duplicate "assembly1" function. Removed Ocaml code from file.
(edit) @420   10 years mulligan All proof obligations closed.
(edit) @419   10 years mulligan Type errors fixed, need to close additional proof obligations.
(edit) @418   10 years mulligan Fixed type error in Mov instruction implementation.
(edit) @417   10 years campbell Minor typo.
(edit) @416   10 years campbell Fix printing of switch statements as matita terms.
(edit) @415   10 years campbell A couple of amusing examples.
(edit) @414   10 years mulligan Got a few more cases working.
(edit) @413   10 years campbell Add example of executing C semantics.
(edit) @412   10 years campbell Add example of animation.
(edit) @411   10 years campbell Note associativity of IOMonad, subject to extensionality.
(edit) @410   10 years mulligan Using bitvectortries for a dictionary doesn't work even if we …
(edit) @409   10 years campbell Update a couple of examples; put support for animation in its own file.
(edit) @408   10 years campbell Add missing diagram.
(edit) @407   10 years campbell Mention version of compcert used.
(edit) @406   10 years campbell Move description of 8051 memory model out of C semantics.
(edit) @405   10 years campbell Move C semantics to the appropriate deliverable directory.
(edit) @404   10 years campbell Update C-semantics README.
(edit) @403   10 years mulligan Removed stray ncheck so that files will now compile.
(edit) @402   10 years campbell Revise D3.1, add notes on files.
(edit) @401   10 years campbell Keep a depends file in the repository for the C-semantics.
(edit) @400   10 years campbell Minor changes for the new version of matita.
(edit) @399   10 years campbell Rearrange executable semantics a little.
(edit) @398   10 years campbell This time actually prove the result I intended.
(edit) @397   10 years mulligan Changed layout of document title.
(edit) @396   10 years mulligan More changes.
(edit) @395   10 years mulligan Lots added from this afternoon to report. Implemented nearly all …
(edit) @394   10 years mulligan Commit of what I did this morning.
(edit) @393   10 years campbell A few more details in D3.1.
(edit) @392   10 years campbell Work around cofixpoint unfolding problem. We only use axioms in …
(edit) @391   10 years campbell Comment out daemon and its uses - we don't need the properties of the …
(edit) @390   10 years mulligan Implemented some of the changes suggested by CSC.
(edit) @389   10 years campbell Sort out minor inconsistency between semantics.
(edit) @388   10 years campbell Tidy up some decidability functions.
(edit) @387   10 years campbell Sort out equality checking of types.
(edit) @386   10 years campbell Whole program equivalence result for the Clight executable and …
(edit) @385   10 years campbell Almost finished whole program equivalence.
(edit) @384   10 years mulligan Fixed problem in Abstract.
(edit) @383   10 years mulligan First draft of report finished.
(edit) @382   10 years mulligan Changes from this morning.
(edit) @381   10 years campbell Some d3.1 work.
(edit) @380   10 years mulligan More added on subtyping stuff, etc.
(edit) @379   10 years campbell More whole execution equivalence - need ability to unfold cofixpoints …
(edit) @378   10 years campbell More work on equivalence of whole executions.
(edit) @377   10 years mulligan Description of techniques related to validation of O'Caml emulator.
(edit) @376   10 years mulligan Work on describing sparse bitvector tries.
(edit) @375   10 years mulligan More work on report.
(edit) @374   10 years sacerdot 1) notation for cast fixed 2) ambiguity reduced: Empty => VEmpty, Cons …
(edit) @373   10 years sacerdot Order of declaration of notations changed to put more precise …
(edit) @372   10 years sacerdot No more axioms! All proofs completed. (Interrupts, I/O and timers not …
(edit) @371   10 years mulligan Report started. Background/introduction finished (first draft). …
(edit) @370   10 years mulligan Most of critical lemma done. Hole remaining that I can't coax matita …
(edit) @369   10 years mulligan Proof of missing lemma seems to be done, but won't Qed. My version of …
(edit) @368   10 years mulligan All 450 proof obligations closed.
(edit) @367   10 years mulligan Added decidable equality for addressing_mode_tags.
(edit) @366   10 years campbell Make I/O type safe, removing a discrepancy between the executable and …
(edit) @365   10 years campbell Soundness (really completeness) of Wrong executions.
(edit) @364   10 years mulligan Added subvector_with function.
(edit) @363   10 years mulligan Resolved conflicts. Added new get_index' which hides the proof …
(edit) @362   10 years sacerdot Less ambiguous definitions.
(edit) @361   10 years sacerdot
(edit) @360   10 years sacerdot Missing include added.
(edit) @359   10 years mulligan add_n_with_carry and sub_n_with_carry now both return bitvectors of …
(edit) @358   10 years mulligan Added \bot to all absd cases in execute_1 to get rid of as many open …
(edit) @357   10 years sacerdot - stupid bug fixed in BitVectorTrie? - dependencies minimized, dead …
(edit) @356   10 years sacerdot Bug fixed: fold_left_i was actually a sort of fold_right_i :-)
(edit) @355   10 years sacerdot
(edit) @354   10 years mulligan Everything compiles. Doesn't jump correctly still.
(edit) @353   10 years mulligan - pc was initialized to 7 in place of sp - bitvector_of_nat was …
(edit) @352   10 years mulligan Do not use ndestruct for injectivity since it introduces StreickerK …
(edit) @351   10 years mulligan No more axioms but the paralogisms.
(edit) @350   10 years mulligan less axioms
(edit) @349   10 years mulligan Added fold_right_i (with dependent type) to List file.
(edit) @348   10 years mulligan Added skeleton files for report.
(edit) @347   10 years mulligan Work on main execution loop. All cases covered. Need to close open …
(edit) @346   10 years sacerdot An example of execution.
(edit) @345   10 years sacerdot load implemented
(edit) @344   10 years mulligan Removed stray ncheck in
(edit) @343   10 years mulligan Fixed so that it compiles.
(edit) @342   10 years sacerdot fold_lefti
(edit) @341   10 years sacerdot A simple version of assembly (no labels) implemented.
(edit) @340   10 years sacerdot ::: is now used in place of :: for vectors to reduce ambiguity
(edit) @339   10 years sacerdot New: pretty printer from HEX files to .ma files.
(edit) @338   10 years mulligan Most jumps finished. Only CJNE to do.
(edit) @337   10 years mulligan Changes to execute_1 file. Changes to get everything type checking.
(edit) @336   10 years sacerdot check removed.
(edit) @335   10 years campbell Quick pass through 3.1 text.
(edit) @334   10 years mulligan More added.
(edit) @333   10 years mulligan Work on execute_1 function.
(edit) @332   10 years sacerdot Code of fetch greatly simplified because of better behaviour of Matita.
(edit) @331   10 years mulligan More changes to get everything to typecheck.
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