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(edit) @272   9 years mulligan Changes from this morning.
(edit) @271   9 years sacerdot assembly1 defined on ACALL and ADD: it seems it will become too slow…
(edit) @270   9 years mulligan More added.
(edit) @269   9 years sacerdot - …
(edit) @268   9 years sacerdot - notation moved to proper places - new function split on Vectors
(edit) @267   9 years mulligan Renamed Interpret to Status.
(edit) @266   9 years mulligan Changes to bitvector.
(edit) @265   9 years mulligan Test commit.
(edit) @264   9 years sacerdot - new axiomatic data type for Strings - new file for Assembly
(edit) @263   9 years sacerdot - use standard notation for exponential - Bit is now Bool
(edit) @262   9 years sacerdot - new notation ...? for vectors to reduce ambiguity - …
(edit) @261   9 years mulligan Strengthened typings of get_ and set_index in Vector file.
(edit) @260   9 years sacerdot - Minimal changes to make it compile with the standard distribution of …
(edit) @259   9 years mulligan Need stronger set_ and get_index functions on vectors (current ones …
(edit) @258   9 years mulligan Forgotten files.
(edit) @257   9 years mulligan Added exponential functions for nats. Working on operational …
(edit) @256   9 years mulligan Work on file.
(edit) @255   9 years campbell Really restore matita root.
(edit) @254   9 years campbell Reset matita root.
(edit) @253   9 years campbell Update completeness proof for executable semantics with separate …
(edit) @252   9 years campbell Separate out soundness of exec_step from definition.
(edit) @251   9 years campbell Separate out soundness of exec_expr from definition.
(edit) @250   9 years campbell Begin separating soundness from executable semantics.
(edit) @249   9 years mulligan More work on defining fundamental datatypes.
(edit) @248   9 years mulligan More changes. Added datatype for addressing modes.
(edit) @247   9 years mulligan Changes to get directory to compile.
(edit) @246   9 years mulligan Added physical file (Arithmetic) for arithmetic on bit vectors, and …
(edit) @245   9 years campbell Some progress on whole-execution soundness.
(edit) @244   9 years mulligan now compiles.
(edit) @243   9 years mulligan Updated too.
(edit) @242   9 years mulligan Got List to compile.
(edit) @241   9 years mulligan Also needed an updated
(edit) @240   9 years mulligan Updated Vector / BitVector? files taken from my Matita library.
(edit) @239   9 years campbell More work on soundness and completeness of executable Clight semantics.
(edit) @238   9 years mulligan More work on bitvectors.
(edit) @237   9 years mulligan More functions on bitvectors written.
(edit) @236   9 years mulligan Strange problem with matita and the Maybe file? Cannot find
(edit) @235   9 years mulligan More work on bitvectors.
(edit) @234   9 years mulligan Division and modulus implemented. All necessary orders on naturals …
(edit) @233   9 years mulligan Changes from this morning: Bool / Prop division = nightmare.
(edit) @232   9 years mulligan Lots of work from today. Writing bitvector library is harder than it …
(edit) @231   9 years mulligan BitVector? stuff from this morning: need further development of Nat …
(edit) @230   9 years mulligan Lots of work from today.
(edit) @229   9 years mulligan More changes.
(edit) @228   9 years mulligan Conjunction, disjunction and 'xorjunction' implemented on bitvectors. …
(edit) @227   9 years campbell Update notation in an example.
(edit) @226   9 years campbell Some incomplete work on completeness of CexecIO wrt Csem. Features …
(edit) @225   9 years campbell Missing case in cast.
(edit) @224   9 years mulligan Changes to bit vectors and vectors.
(edit) @223   9 years mulligan File for bitvector specific stuff added.
(edit) @222   9 years mulligan Datatype for fixed length lists (vectors) as well as some recursive …
(edit) @221   9 years mulligan Starting formalisation in Matita
(edit) @220   9 years mulligan Started on timer 2 capture mode.
(edit) @219   9 years mulligan Additional features of timer 2 auto reload implemented.
(edit) @218   9 years mulligan Timer 2 16 bit auto reload implemented.
(edit) @217   9 years mulligan Back to the drawing board with interrupts ... giving up and …
(edit) @216   9 years mulligan Interrupts are harder than they look.
(edit) @215   9 years mulligan More on implementation of interrupts. Need to add a queue for …
(edit) @214   9 years mulligan Started implementation of interrupts.
(edit) @213   9 years mulligan implementing interrupts
(edit) @212   9 years mulligan Refactored main emulator loop to improve clarity. Debugging serial …
(edit) @211   9 years campbell Make io_inject definition more straightforward.
(edit) @210   9 years mulligan Three new opcodes ticked off. Going through remaining untested …
(edit) @209   9 years mulligan Compiled again.
(edit) @208   9 years campbell Fix up IO monad syntax.
(edit) @207   9 years campbell Add memory extensions and rework parts of D3.1.
(edit) @206   9 years mulligan Fixed serial output.
(edit) @205   9 years mulligan Reworked handling of serial port input, and implemented remaining …
(edit) @204   9 years mulligan Added file that performs both serial input and output on the 8051.
(edit) @203   9 years mulligan Serial input test: seems to work correctly (small bug corrected where …
(edit) @202   9 years mulligan Remaining two timer modes implemented.
(edit) @201   9 years mulligan Implemented output onto P1 and P3 lines, implemented a few of the …
(edit) @200   9 years mulligan New features: 1) conditional jumps to labels implemented [Note: …
(edit) @199   9 years mulligan Fixes to debug code to make serial output more clear. CJNE/JNZ is not …
(edit) @198   9 years mulligan Added more info to status printout. Found weird bug in emulator: cjne …
(edit) @197   9 years campbell Add some first draft text for 3.1.
(edit) @196   9 years mulligan Improvements to processor status output. Now includes readout of main …
(edit) @195   9 years mulligan Added printout of processor status when we enter the infinite SJMP …
(edit) @194   9 years mulligan Oops: small change caused compile to fail. Works again, now.
(edit) @193   9 years mulligan Fixed type errors relating to serial output. The serial port code …
(edit) @192   9 years campbell matita rev in README
(edit) @191   9 years mulligan Changed way we handle I/O due to assert false bug on first serial I/O …
(edit) @190   9 years campbell Minor changes to work with current matita HEAD (r10998).
(edit) @189   9 years campbell Rework monad notation so that it is displayed well in proof mode.
(edit) @188   9 years mulligan Added README file for Roberto.
(edit) @187   9 years mulligan Bug found in IO handling. Something is throwing assert false.
(edit) @186   9 years mulligan Added C code to write to SBUF SFR for Roberto.
(edit) @185   9 years mulligan Found a way to inline SDCC ASM directly into C to test hard to reach …
(edit) @184   9 years mulligan Found out how to directly access 8051's registers from C code. Added …
(edit) @183   9 years mulligan A few more opcodes covered. Emulator seems to work fine on LFSR program.
(edit) @182   9 years mulligan Linear feedback shift register (random number generator) example added.
(edit) @181   9 years campbell Sort out some axioms.
(edit) @180   9 years mulligan Arctan floating point approximation code. 8051 really struggles with …
(edit) @179   9 years mulligan Program executes as required.
(edit) @178   9 years campbell Bring README file up to date.
(edit) @177   9 years campbell Missing cost labels file.
(edit) @176   9 years campbell Remove old executable semantics without I/O.
(edit) @175   9 years campbell Add cost labels, with the semantics that the label is added to the …
(edit) @174   9 years campbell Add a form of non-terminating functional semantics.
(edit) @173   9 years campbell Minor changes for newer versions of matita.
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