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(edit) @2623   7 years campbell Name change update.
(edit) @2622   7 years sacerdot
(edit) @2621   7 years sacerdot
(edit) @2620   7 years campbell Sufficient hacking to run the extracted Clight semantics.
(edit) @2619   7 years campbell Update some test cases.
(edit) @2618   7 years campbell Tidy up measurable a little.
(edit) @2617   7 years campbell Trivial simplification on split_trace.
(edit) @2616   7 years sacerdot
(edit) @2615   7 years sacerdot
(edit) @2614   7 years sacerdot
(edit) @2613   7 years sacerdot
(edit) @2612   7 years sacerdot
(edit) @2611   7 years sacerdot
(edit) @2610   7 years sacerdot
(edit) @2609   7 years sacerdot Bibliography in place.
(edit) @2608   7 years garnier Regions are no more stored in blocks. block_region now tests the id, …
(edit) @2607   7 years sacerdot authors fixed
(edit) @2606   7 years sacerdot conclusions
(edit) @2605   7 years sacerdot A tentative submission to itp-2013. We will probably not submit the …
(edit) @2604   7 years piccolo ERTLtoERTLptr in place.
(edit) @2603   7 years piccolo Dead code commented out.
(edit) @2602   7 years piccolo Dead code commented out.
(edit) @2601   7 years sacerdot Extraction to ocaml is now working, with a couple of bugs left. One …
(edit) @2600   7 years garnier Memory injections are now only defined relatively to block ids, not …
(edit) @2599   7 years tranquil * map_opt and map on positive maps are now clean (erase empty …
(edit) @2598   7 years garnier Tentative, partial draft for the definition of Clight-Cminor …
(edit) @2597   7 years campbell Some work in progress on measurable subtrace preservation.
(edit) @2596   7 years campbell Use a simpler stack cost map, and then specialise to each semantics.
(edit) @2595   7 years tranquil * dropped locals and exit from definition of joint_if_function * new …
(edit) @2594   7 years garnier Some fixes in memory injections, and some holes filled.
(edit) @2593   7 years mckinna Finally chased down wicked failure to close case 1.1: of …
(edit) @2592   7 years piccolo main lemma of ERTLptr in place
(edit) @2591   7 years garnier Moved simulation proof for expressions in, …
(edit) @2590   7 years piccolo added monad machineary for ERTL to ERTLptr translation eval_seq_no_pc …
(edit) @2589   7 years campbell Add one of the simulation diagrams
(edit) @2588   7 years garnier modified Cexec/Csem? semantics: . force andbool and orbool types to be …
(edit) @2587   7 years campbell Tweak talk a little.
(edit) @2586   7 years amadio r
(edit) @2585   7 years campbell Many improvements to proof/structured traces talk.
(edit) @2584   7 years regisgia * Update slides.
(edit) @2583   7 years campbell Structured traces talk with most of the content; not quite final.
(edit) @2582   7 years garnier Some progress on CL to CM.
(edit) @2581   7 years mckinna commented out back end entirely until knock-on effects of changes to …
(edit) @2580   7 years campbell Note on ptr + int vs int + ptr.
(edit) @2579   7 years regisgia * First version of Yann's slides.
(edit) @2578   7 years garnier Progress on CL to CM, fixed some stuff in memory injections.
(edit) @2577   7 years tranquil abstract of indexed labels talk
(edit) @2576   7 years campbell Add conditional test case that also uses switch removal.
(edit) @2575   7 years mckinna temporary commit localised the source of trouble in the proof of …
(edit) @2574   7 years campbell Update labelling simulation proofs due to some changes elsewhere.
(edit) @2573   7 years mckinna temporary fixes to ensure {compiler,correctness}.ma recompile after …
(edit) @2572   7 years garnier Progress on toCminorCorrectness.
(edit) @2571   7 years campbell Lots of little changes for cl_tailcall and classifier change.
(edit) @2570   7 years piccolo ERTLtoERTLptr in place
(edit) @2569   7 years campbell Fix Clight semantics for ptr + char. (Compiler works anyway.)
(edit) @2568   7 years campbell Relax some Clight type checks to Cminor type checks to avoid …
(edit) @2567   7 years amadio r
(edit) @2566   7 years piccolo ERTL to ERTLptr pass implemented up to a few things to be left to the …
(edit) @2565   7 years garnier Cl to Cm progress.
(edit) @2564   7 years piccolo ERTL fully repaired, useless part of return value of pop_ra removed.
(edit) @2563   7 years piccolo Repairing ERTL: show stopper found.
(edit) @2562   7 years piccolo linearise modified
(edit) @2561   7 years tranquil * moved CALL as different case than joint_seq: lots of broken code now …
(edit) @2560   7 years garnier Fix in trace gen for CL
(edit) @2559   7 years piccolo lineariseProof finished
(edit) @2558   7 years amadio r
(edit) @2557   7 years tranquil minor modification of commented (for now) proof of correctness of …
(edit) @2556   7 years tranquil in joint semantics and traces: added a last popped calling address to …
(edit) @2555   7 years piccolo lemma eval_call_ok finished
(edit) @2554   7 years garnier Proof of expression translation correctness "mostly" done for CL to …
(edit) @2553   7 years tranquil as_classify changed to a partial function added a status for tailcalls
(edit) @2552   7 years mulligan Some different ideas, don't seem to be working out well.
(edit) @2551   7 years piccolo completed isFinal and fetchStatementSigmaCommute. Fixed exit …
(edit) @2550   7 years mulligan Some new ideas that lead to non-termination…
(edit) @2549   7 years mulligan Not as straightforward as first imagined…
(edit) @2548   7 years tranquil in BackEndOps?, cleaner def of be_op2 new statement of …
(edit) @2547   7 years tranquil going on in proof of linearise simplified by use of monadic functional …
(edit) @2546   7 years mulligan Some more progress.
(edit) @2545   7 years garnier Comitting current progress of CL to CM
(edit) @2544   7 years mulligan More added, painful crash course in learning Agda. Seem to have the …
(edit) @2543   7 years piccolo finished stmt_at_sigma_commute
(edit) @2542   7 years mulligan Trying an Agda port of the polymorphic variants implementation to see …
(edit) @2541   7 years tranquil adapted size notation to last matita lib update (01/12/2012) that …
(edit) @2540   7 years tranquil cl_jump case now provides a proof of costedness of the following state
(edit) @2539   7 years tranquil added cl_jump case to trace_any_any_free
(edit) @2538   7 years tranquil fixed after changes in joint/
(edit) @2537   7 years tranquil rolled back changes on calls in joint. Now the save_frame parameter …
(edit) @2536   7 years piccolo finished eval_seq_no_pc_sigma_commute lemma
(edit) @2535   7 years campbell Add the trivial C program with check that there's a measurable subtrace.
(edit) @2534   7 years campbell Tweak measurable definition to stop at the return from a function.
(edit) @2533   7 years campbell Some fall out from removing floats.
(edit) @2532   7 years tranquil added FCOND in LIN, and rewritten linearise so that it never adds a …
(edit) @2531   7 years mckinna Trivial tweaks.
(edit) @2530   7 years tranquil temporary switch to cl_jump treated as cl_other fixed script for new …
(edit) @2529   7 years tranquil rewritten function handling in joint swapped call_rel with ret_rel in …
(edit) @2528   7 years piccolo added cases PUSH, C_ADDRESS and COPACCS
(edit) @2527   7 years garnier Progress on CL to CM.
(edit) @2526   7 years sacerdot
(edit) @2525   7 years sacerdot
(edit) @2524   7 years mulligan Avoiding conflicts
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