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(edit) @2463   9 years tranquil swapped back call_rel and ret_rel…
(edit) @2462   9 years tranquil separated in back end values program counters from code pointers …
(edit) @2461   9 years campbell First cut of inductive structured traces diagrams.
(edit) @2460   9 years campbell Rest of variable characterisation.
(edit) @2459   9 years campbell Syntax update
(edit) @2458   9 years campbell Clight to Cminor allocates stack variables to disjoint regions within …
(edit) @2457   9 years tranquil rewritten function handling in joint swapped call_rel with ret_rel in …
(edit) @2456   9 years boender - added simple proof
(edit) @2455   9 years campbell Dump rough notes on RTLabs structured traces existence proof.
(edit) @2454   9 years campbell More misc notes on clight->cminor.
(edit) @2453   9 years tranquil come changes in monad notation to * avoid pretty printed monsters * …
(edit) @2452   9 years piccolo Completed commutation lemmas of fetch_statement
(edit) @2451   9 years mulligan Structured traces paper for Brian as per e-mail conversation yesterday.
(edit) @2450   9 years garnier Minor typo
(edit) @2449   9 years garnier Documentation added.
(edit) @2448   9 years garnier Comitting current state of switch removal.
(edit) @2447   9 years piccolo All axioms opened so far and that must be closed here have been closed.
(edit) @2446   9 years piccolo Fetch commutation proof reduced to one simple (?) lemma.
(edit) @2445   9 years piccolo 1. sigma function axiomatically defined (together with its spec). …
(edit) @2444   9 years campbell Some inversion lemmas for after_n_steps for dealing with >1 source …
(edit) @2443   9 years tranquil changed joint's stack pointer and internal stack
(edit) @2442   9 years piccolo Traces repaired. (By Paolo) Statement of lineariseProof in place.
(edit) @2441   9 years garnier Moved general stuff on memories from switchRemoval to MemProperties?, …
(edit) @2440   9 years piccolo fixed range_strong and linearise (commit by Paolo, he's to blame in case)
(edit) @2439   9 years campbell Get a proper reverse mapping of function blocks to identifiers by …
(edit) @2438   9 years garnier Sync of the w.i.p. for switch removal.
(edit) @2437   9 years tranquil generalised calls to calls with pointers
(edit) @2436   9 years tranquil small changes
(edit) @2435   9 years tranquil new back end operations
(edit) @2434   9 years campbell Misc notes.
(edit) @2433   9 years campbell Tidy up Clight pointer comparison.
(edit) @2432   9 years campbell Remove off-the-end pointers from front end ops.
(edit) @2431   9 years campbell Fix in matita-out branch too.
(edit) @2430   9 years campbell Fix casting for conditionals in CompCert?-derived C parser.
(edit) @2429   9 years garnier Restrict semantics of pointer comparison to what CompCert? does - i.e. …
(edit) @2428   9 years campbell Tighten requirements on switch statements in Clight to only give …
(edit) @2427   9 years mulligan More work on explanation.
(edit) @2426   9 years boender - updated stacksize to reflect new developments, completed proof - …
(edit) @2425   9 years mulligan Garrigue's stuff completely added to the paper. Need to explain the …
(edit) @2424   9 years mulligan Changes to the file including making a start on incorporating …
(edit) @2423   9 years tranquil as_classifier predicate → as_classify function as_call predicate from …
(edit) @2422   9 years tranquil adapted joint to cl_call f
(edit) @2421   9 years tranquil added simulation of flat prefix, and comments to explain the code
(edit) @2420   9 years campbell Tidy away generic results about folds on positive/identifier maps.
(edit) @2419   9 years mulligan Some initial work.
(edit) @2418   9 years campbell Add a checking function for the uniqueness of cost labels in RTLabs …
(edit) @2417   9 years boender - reverted changes to StructuredTraces? (shouldn't have been committed …
(edit) @2416   9 years mulligan Some more minor changes
(edit) @2415   9 years campbell Add the ability to map blocks to symbols in preparation for stack space.
(edit) @2414   9 years mulligan Added bib file, done a little bit of rearrangement.
(edit) @2413   9 years tranquil * tal_rel corrected to include cases where tal_base_call \approx …
(edit) @2412   9 years campbell Tidy up measurable definition a bit more.
(edit) @2411   9 years sacerdot Extensible records implemented via option type. One axiom left.
(edit) @2410   9 years mulligan Changes to Section 2.
(edit) @2409   9 years mulligan Some text about algebraic data types and their limitations. Needs to …
(edit) @2408   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @2407   9 years campbell Sigh, continue in for loops was broken too.
(edit) @2406   9 years sacerdot Elimination principle committed.
(edit) @2405   9 years sacerdot Type of elimination principle generated + more lemmas.
(edit) @2404   9 years sacerdot Example finished.
(edit) @2403   9 years sacerdot More work, example almost finished up to recursive type.
(edit) @2402   9 years sacerdot Progress on parametric types.
(edit) @2401   9 years mulligan For Jaap's delight.
(edit) @2400   9 years sacerdot Some tests.
(edit) @2399   9 years campbell Fill in some details about the statement of correctness.
(edit) @2398   9 years boender - committed start of stacksize
(edit) @2397   9 years mulligan Knocked the initial skeleton into some form of compilable state
(edit) @2396   9 years mulligan Polymorphic variants paper skeleton
(edit) @2395   9 years campbell Proper handling of comparison of pointers off-the-end of an object. We …
(edit) @2394   9 years campbell I've kept the odd note on bits of CerCo? work I've been doing. James …
(edit) @2393   9 years campbell A pointer comparison test case that illustrates a bug.
(edit) @2392   9 years campbell Labelling translations of && and || need a lot of cost labelling to …
(edit) @2391   9 years campbell Revert "Put the post-loop cost label into the Clight while statement …
(edit) @2390   9 years campbell Tidy up a corner case when generating RTLabs so that we generate less …
(edit) @2389   9 years campbell Fix dowhile statements, and carefully arrange the translation so that …
(edit) @2388   9 years campbell Example of each type of control flow statement, plus minor fix to …
(edit) @2387   9 years garnier Revamped memory extensions, proved stuff on freeing blocks and on …
(edit) @2386   9 years garnier Implementation of constructive finite sets based on lists. Various …
(edit) @2385   9 years campbell Minor housekeeping.
(edit) @2384   9 years campbell Move Matita pretty printers into place.
(edit) @2383   9 years campbell Branch prototype so that there's a version with the matita output …
(edit) @2382   9 years campbell Final version of executable semantics paper.
(edit) @2381   9 years campbell Executable semantics paper as it was in the first submission.
(edit) @2380   9 years mulligan Some spelling changes to Britishi*S*e the text.
(edit) @2379   9 years mulligan Down to 16 pages again
(edit) @2378   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @2377   9 years sacerdot typo fixed
(edit) @2376   9 years mulligan To avoid conflicts
(edit) @2375   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @2374   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @2373   9 years mulligan Changes to the Italian-English
(edit) @2372   9 years sacerdot 3.5 rewritten up to XXXX
(edit) @2371   9 years mulligan Added scanned LNCS copyright form as a PDF
(edit) @2370   9 years mulligan Added reference to Jaap's ArXiv? paper
(edit) @2369   9 years mulligan English fixes and some rewording.
(edit) @2368   9 years sacerdot 3.4 patched.
(edit) @2367   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @2366   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @2365   9 years mulligan More minor tweaks.
(edit) @2364   9 years mulligan Some minor changes to Claudio's additions and reinstatement of some …
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