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(edit) @2391   8 years campbell Revert "Put the post-loop cost label into the Clight while statement …
(edit) @2390   8 years campbell Tidy up a corner case when generating RTLabs so that we generate less …
(edit) @2389   8 years campbell Fix dowhile statements, and carefully arrange the translation so that …
(edit) @2388   8 years campbell Example of each type of control flow statement, plus minor fix to …
(edit) @2387   8 years garnier Revamped memory extensions, proved stuff on freeing blocks and on …
(edit) @2386   8 years garnier Implementation of constructive finite sets based on lists. Various …
(edit) @2385   8 years campbell Minor housekeeping.
(edit) @2384   8 years campbell Move Matita pretty printers into place.
(edit) @2383   8 years campbell Branch prototype so that there's a version with the matita output …
(edit) @2382   8 years campbell Final version of executable semantics paper.
(edit) @2381   8 years campbell Executable semantics paper as it was in the first submission.
(edit) @2380   8 years mulligan Some spelling changes to Britishi*S*e the text.
(edit) @2379   8 years mulligan Down to 16 pages again
(edit) @2378   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2377   8 years sacerdot typo fixed
(edit) @2376   8 years mulligan To avoid conflicts
(edit) @2375   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2374   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2373   8 years mulligan Changes to the Italian-English
(edit) @2372   8 years sacerdot 3.5 rewritten up to XXXX
(edit) @2371   8 years mulligan Added scanned LNCS copyright form as a PDF
(edit) @2370   8 years mulligan Added reference to Jaap's ArXiv? paper
(edit) @2369   8 years mulligan English fixes and some rewording.
(edit) @2368   8 years sacerdot 3.4 patched.
(edit) @2367   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2366   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2365   8 years mulligan More minor tweaks.
(edit) @2364   8 years mulligan Some minor changes to Claudio's additions and reinstatement of some …
(edit) @2363   8 years sacerdot New 3.3. Maybe worse than the previous one.
(edit) @2362   8 years mulligan 16 pages at last due to all sorts of fiddling. Any more additions …
(edit) @2361   8 years mulligan Just half of a page left to find.
(edit) @2360   8 years mulligan Back to 17 pages after Claudio's additions.
(edit) @2359   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2358   8 years mulligan Down to 17 pages now.
(edit) @2357   8 years mulligan Begun editing down to reclaim space. Fixed some embarrassing typos …
(edit) @2356   8 years mulligan Consistency changes.
(edit) @2355   8 years sacerdot "Total correctness" => correctness
(edit) @2354   8 years sacerdot 3.1 and 3.2 rewritten because now the reader has more information …
(edit) @2353   8 years campbell Put the post-loop cost label into the Clight while statement to get …
(edit) @2352   8 years mulligan Removed repeated references as suggested by the referee
(edit) @2351   8 years mulligan Small consistency changes.
(edit) @2350   8 years mulligan Got to the conclusions.
(edit) @2349   8 years mulligan Up to section 3.5.
(edit) @2348   8 years mulligan Edited up to Sec. 3.3
(edit) @2347   8 years mulligan MCS-51 not MCS-8051
(edit) @2346   8 years mulligan Minor changes to Claudio's new text
(edit) @2345   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @2344   8 years mulligan Fixed "C statements" rather than "blocks of instructions"
(edit) @2343   8 years mulligan Fixed Claudio's horrifying use of American spellings (optimizing, etc.)
(edit) @2342   8 years mulligan simplified statements
(edit) @2341   8 years sacerdot More introduction.
(edit) @2340   8 years sacerdot Introduction rewritten.
(edit) @2339   8 years mulligan Got to page 8/9.
(edit) @2338   8 years campbell Use much nicer definition for making several steps in the labelling …
(edit) @2337   8 years mulligan Removed the referee's comments that have already been addressed from …
(edit) @2336   8 years mulligan Added hyphenat.sty, needed file to compile even after doing a …
(edit) @2335   8 years campbell Deal with goto labels in RTLabs to Cminor by fixing up goto statements …
(edit) @2334   8 years sacerdot Only relevant pieces of reviews left in place.
(edit) @2333   8 years sacerdot Reviews committed.
(edit) @2332   8 years garnier Some progress on switch removal. Small fix in the definition of free, …
(edit) @2331   8 years mulligan Added some structure to the paper
(edit) @2330   8 years mulligan Added directory for new structured traces paper.
(edit) @2329   8 years mulligan Added new directory for papers so as to stop them from being spread …
(edit) @2328   8 years campbell Cut down the notion of a Clight labelled state to those where we pick …
(edit) @2327   8 years mulligan Fixed typos in paper highlighted by referees. More substantial …
(edit) @2326   8 years campbell More accurate notion of labelled states in Clight.
(edit) @2325   8 years campbell Fill out some Clight bits and pieces in
(edit) @2324   8 years tranquil semantics of blocks: function to produce trace from execution of …
(edit) @2323   8 years campbell Some correctness proof comments.
(edit) @2322   8 years campbell Today's correctness groupthink.
(edit) @2321   8 years campbell Add toolstick branch of the prototype.
(edit) @2320   8 years campbell Update compiler and correctness with labelling changes.
(edit) @2319   8 years campbell Generate per-program cost labels rather than per-function ones, and …
(edit) @2318   8 years boender - now it compiles
(edit) @2317   8 years boender - small changes to make things compile
(edit) @2316   8 years boender - committed temporary version: true version has to wait until I …
(edit) @2315   8 years campbell Add some more commentary.
(edit) @2314   8 years campbell Move generic definitions from recent commit to appropriate places.
(edit) @2313   8 years campbell RTLabs cost checker correct.
(edit) @2312   8 years garnier Memory injections, to be revised
(edit) @2311   8 years garnier Some more cleaning of switchRemoval …
(edit) @2310   8 years garnier Moved a lemma from switchRemoval to positive.
(edit) @2309   8 years garnier Removed the superfluous xorb definition and move some basic properties …
(edit) @2308   8 years campbell More proof (and corrections) on cost checking.
(edit) @2307   8 years campbell Half the proofs for sound cost labelling check.
(edit) @2306   8 years campbell An insertion sort for testing purposes.
(edit) @2305   8 years campbell RTLabs cost spec checking function implemented (lacks proof, or much …
(edit) @2304   8 years garnier Strengthened proof of associativity of bitvector addition. Some more …
(edit) @2303   8 years campbell Some preliminary checking of cost labelling properties in RTLabs.
(edit) @2302   8 years garnier Finally proved associativity of addition on bitvectors. Rejoice.
(edit) @2301   8 years mulligan Trying to get the big proof working again
(edit) @2300   8 years campbell Cut out some dead ends and add some comments to the last commit.
(edit) @2299   8 years campbell Soundly labelled RTLabs structured traces are "unrepeating".
(edit) @2298   8 years garnier WIP: converting switch removal from Z to bitvectors. Does not compile, …
(edit) @2297   8 years campbell Nicer form of steps until cost label bound in RTLabs.
(edit) @2296   8 years campbell Tidy up some ill-placed definitions.
(edit) @2295   8 years campbell Start on showing unrepeating property of RTLabs structured traces: …
(edit) @2294   8 years campbell Make RTLabs cost spec deterministic.
(edit) @2293   8 years campbell Add instruction pointer for call states in RTLabs.
(edit) @2292   8 years campbell More RTLabs invariants.
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