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(edit) @1942   8 years mulligan Work on showing the equivalence of two methods of looking up from the maps.
(edit) @1941   8 years mulligan Changes to the AssemblyProof? with a few more (large) axioms closed.
(edit) @1940   8 years boender - committed new version of final invariant
(edit) @1939   8 years mulligan Changes to get things to compile and to avoid the dependency …
(edit) @1938   8 years sacerdot Definitions moved to the right places, now everything compiles again.
(edit) @1937   8 years boender - filled in some of the gaps in the proof of Policy - reverted …
(edit) @1936   8 years mulligan Some holes filled in AssemblyProof?.ma.
(edit) @1935   8 years mulligan Generalized some lemma in ASM/ to work on abstract …
(edit) @1934   8 years boender - various & sundry moves of lemmas to better places - integrated …
(edit) @1933   8 years boender - slight revamp
(edit) @1932   8 years boender - added some more dependent types (we love 'em)
(edit) @1931   8 years boender - added latest bvt alias - temporary "cases daemon" commit of new …
(edit) @1930   8 years campbell Tidy up labelling simulation stuff a bit.
(edit) @1929   8 years mulligan Simplified proof by removing most of the invariants on the statements …
(edit) @1928   8 years mulligan Moved code from in ASM/ASMCosts*.ma and ASM/ that should …
(edit) @1927   8 years mulligan Reduced complexity of good_program predicate, ported to new notion of …
(edit) @1926   8 years tranquil * added as_label to abstract status, with as_costed defined with it. …
(edit) @1925   8 years boender - re-added jump_lenggh
(edit) @1924   8 years mulligan Added comment
(edit) @1923   8 years mulligan Small change, closing daemon that went under the RADAR
(edit) @1922   8 years campbell Main labelling simulation proof complete.
(edit) @1921   8 years mulligan Horror proof mostly finished (compiles all way until end of CostsProof?.ma).
(edit) @1920   8 years campbell Most of the labelling simulation. Still need to sort out switch …
(edit) @1919   8 years mulligan Fixes to get everything compiling again
(edit) @1918   8 years tranquil using now
(edit) @1917   8 years tranquil predicate for unrepeating traces, fused final_abstract_status with …
(edit) @1916   8 years mulligan Closed remaining daemons in block_cost'. Rest of file now typechecks …
(edit) @1915   8 years garnier Correction of a typo in switchRemoval.
(edit) @1914   8 years campbell Fix bug in Clight semantics that misses goto-labels inside a cost …
(edit) @1913   8 years mulligan Got the rest of the file to typecheck as before.
(edit) @1912   8 years mulligan Patches to get block_cost' and dependencies working again after change …
(edit) @1911   8 years mulligan Changed statement of block_cost' to start on new termination argument
(edit) @1910   8 years mulligan Finished proof modulo termination argument
(edit) @1909   8 years mulligan Ported new statements to remainder of file.
(edit) @1908   8 years fguidi notation fixup following last commit of matita we shifted the levels …
(edit) @1907   8 years mulligan Fixes to get file to compile
(edit) @1906   8 years mulligan Statements simplified in block_cost and dependencies
(edit) @1905   8 years boender - plugging gap in assembly proof
(edit) @1904   8 years mulligan Problem with proof fixed by noting that problem is actually irrelevant
(edit) @1903   8 years mulligan Small changes prior to experiment
(edit) @1902   8 years mulligan Reverted needless changes to StructuredTraces?
(edit) @1901   8 years mulligan Slight changes to StructuredTraces?: should not change too much
(edit) @1900   8 years mulligan CostProof? complete, modulo some daemons and axioms in earlier files
(edit) @1899   8 years mulligan Changes to statements of theorems
(edit) @1898   8 years mulligan Ported changes from into CostsProof?.ma and got everything …
(edit) @1897   8 years mulligan Changes to proof, and pushed through those changes to rest of the file.
(edit) @1896   8 years mulligan Finished horror proof
(edit) @1895   8 years mulligan Split the ASMCosts files while working on traverse_code_internal. A …
(edit) @1894   8 years mulligan Closed a hole in the proof by deriving a contradiction using even_p …
(edit) @1893   8 years campbell Show stronger result about labelling of expressions.
(edit) @1892   8 years mulligan Lots of work from today
(edit) @1891   8 years mulligan Nightmarish proofs on bitvectors. Trying to find some way of making …
(edit) @1890   8 years boender - added comment about bitvector translation
(edit) @1889   8 years boender - some pages of article
(edit) @1888   8 years campbell Show that labelling of expressions works ... after fixing it to match …
(edit) @1887   8 years boender - added SEFM2012 directory - some progress in assembly
(edit) @1886   8 years boender - improvements for disambiguation and quick(er) typing
(edit) @1885   8 years boender - updated assembler with new definition of occurs_exactly_once
(edit) @1884   8 years campbell Syntax changes to fit Paolo's commit.
(edit) @1883   8 years campbell Ilias' switch removal code, plus a test.
(edit) @1882   8 years tranquil big update, alas incomplete: joint changed a bit, and all BE languages …
(edit) @1881   8 years campbell Resurrect version of exec_up_to which shows the final state.
(edit) @1880   8 years campbell Show that RTLabs flat traces are determined by their starting state, …
(edit) @1879   8 years boender - Policy compiles until the end, still some (fairly trivial) cases …
(edit) @1878   8 years campbell Enforce typing of constants in front-end, plus binops for RTLabs.
(edit) @1877   8 years campbell Update RTLabs structured traces for typed binops and new memory model.
(edit) @1876   8 years campbell Update Cexec soundness proof. Change finishes_with predicate to …
(edit) @1875   8 years campbell Update brief memory model test.
(edit) @1874   8 years campbell First cut at using back-end memory model throughout. Note the …
(edit) @1873   8 years campbell Fix up earlier front-end value conversion work.
(edit) @1872   8 years campbell Make binary operations in Cminor/RTLabs properly typed. A few extra …
(edit) @1871   8 years campbell Change Clight to Cminor compilation to use gotos rather than loops, …
(edit) @1870   8 years boender - changed sigma00 in Assembly to use foldl_strong + proved invariants …
(edit) @1869   8 years mulligan a load of axioms closed in ASMCosts file
(edit) @1868   8 years Ian Stark Put beamer code in the template to remove fungus
(edit) @1867   8 years mulligan Large changes following comments by IS, JMc and CSC
(edit) @1866   8 years campbell Drop "extra detail" from WP3.
(edit) @1865   8 years tranquil my presentation
(edit) @1864   8 years campbell Add PDF for WP3.
(edit) @1863   8 years campbell Minor WP3 revisions.
(edit) @1862   8 years mulligan Changes to presentation
(edit) @1861   8 years mulligan Changes to CSC's changes
(edit) @1860   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @1859   8 years mulligan Added a new slide with the dynamic cost computation on it
(edit) @1858   8 years campbell Minor WP3 tweak.
(edit) @1857   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @1856   8 years mulligan Added affiliation to title page
(edit) @1855   8 years mulligan Dynamic cost diagram added
(edit) @1854   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @1853   8 years mulligan Changed names of labels etc. in diagram
(edit) @1852   8 years campbell Revise WP3 down.
(edit) @1851   8 years regisgia * Slides YRG.
(edit) @1850   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @1849   8 years mulligan Added title pages to split talk into three separate sections
(edit) @1848   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @1847   8 years mulligan More changes to presentation based on comments
(edit) @1846   8 years ayache Review 2012: Nicolas's presentation.
(edit) @1845   8 years campbell Minor WP3 revisions prior to more major stuff.
(edit) @1844   8 years mulligan Changed from serif to sans serif fonts
(edit) @1843   8 years mulligan Added svg file for my image for editing in inkscape
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