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(edit) @1894   9 years mulligan Closed a hole in the proof by deriving a contradiction using even_p …
(edit) @1893   9 years campbell Show stronger result about labelling of expressions.
(edit) @1892   9 years mulligan Lots of work from today
(edit) @1891   9 years mulligan Nightmarish proofs on bitvectors. Trying to find some way of making …
(edit) @1890   9 years boender - added comment about bitvector translation
(edit) @1889   9 years boender - some pages of article
(edit) @1888   9 years campbell Show that labelling of expressions works ... after fixing it to match …
(edit) @1887   9 years boender - added SEFM2012 directory - some progress in assembly
(edit) @1886   9 years boender - improvements for disambiguation and quick(er) typing
(edit) @1885   9 years boender - updated assembler with new definition of occurs_exactly_once
(edit) @1884   9 years campbell Syntax changes to fit Paolo's commit.
(edit) @1883   9 years campbell Ilias' switch removal code, plus a test.
(edit) @1882   9 years tranquil big update, alas incomplete: joint changed a bit, and all BE languages …
(edit) @1881   9 years campbell Resurrect version of exec_up_to which shows the final state.
(edit) @1880   9 years campbell Show that RTLabs flat traces are determined by their starting state, …
(edit) @1879   9 years boender - Policy compiles until the end, still some (fairly trivial) cases …
(edit) @1878   9 years campbell Enforce typing of constants in front-end, plus binops for RTLabs.
(edit) @1877   9 years campbell Update RTLabs structured traces for typed binops and new memory model.
(edit) @1876   9 years campbell Update Cexec soundness proof. Change finishes_with predicate to …
(edit) @1875   9 years campbell Update brief memory model test.
(edit) @1874   9 years campbell First cut at using back-end memory model throughout. Note the …
(edit) @1873   9 years campbell Fix up earlier front-end value conversion work.
(edit) @1872   9 years campbell Make binary operations in Cminor/RTLabs properly typed. A few extra …
(edit) @1871   9 years campbell Change Clight to Cminor compilation to use gotos rather than loops, …
(edit) @1870   9 years boender - changed sigma00 in Assembly to use foldl_strong + proved invariants …
(edit) @1869   9 years mulligan a load of axioms closed in ASMCosts file
(edit) @1868   9 years Ian Stark Put beamer code in the template to remove fungus
(edit) @1867   9 years mulligan Large changes following comments by IS, JMc and CSC
(edit) @1866   9 years campbell Drop "extra detail" from WP3.
(edit) @1865   9 years tranquil my presentation
(edit) @1864   9 years campbell Add PDF for WP3.
(edit) @1863   9 years campbell Minor WP3 revisions.
(edit) @1862   9 years mulligan Changes to presentation
(edit) @1861   9 years mulligan Changes to CSC's changes
(edit) @1860   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1859   9 years mulligan Added a new slide with the dynamic cost computation on it
(edit) @1858   9 years campbell Minor WP3 tweak.
(edit) @1857   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1856   9 years mulligan Added affiliation to title page
(edit) @1855   9 years mulligan Dynamic cost diagram added
(edit) @1854   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1853   9 years mulligan Changed names of labels etc. in diagram
(edit) @1852   9 years campbell Revise WP3 down.
(edit) @1851   9 years regisgia * Slides YRG.
(edit) @1850   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1849   9 years mulligan Added title pages to split talk into three separate sections
(edit) @1848   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1847   9 years mulligan More changes to presentation based on comments
(edit) @1846   9 years ayache Review 2012: Nicolas's presentation.
(edit) @1845   9 years campbell Minor WP3 revisions prior to more major stuff.
(edit) @1844   9 years mulligan Changed from serif to sans serif fonts
(edit) @1843   9 years mulligan Added svg file for my image for editing in inkscape
(edit) @1842   9 years mulligan Small change to contents frame
(edit) @1841   9 years mulligan Added explicit PDF to directory for printing
(edit) @1840   9 years mulligan Changes to my presentation based on feedback from practice session …
(edit) @1839   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1838   9 years sacerdot First version.
(edit) @1837   9 years boender - added first draft of WP6 presentation
(edit) @1836   9 years campbell Revise WP3 presentation.
(edit) @1835   9 years tranquil fixed broken file
(edit) @1834   9 years tranquil presentation: TODO running example and a frame of intro
(edit) @1833   9 years tranquil cleaning up
(edit) @1832   9 years tranquil nested loops are not supported yet, the only test had one
(edit) @1831   9 years mulligan small changes to asmcosts file to refactor proof
(edit) @1830   9 years campbell Rest of WP3 presentation.
(edit) @1829   9 years mulligan changes to my presentation, just one point left to consider
(edit) @1828   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1827   9 years sacerdot Added again.
(edit) @1826   9 years sacerdot Removed because caused problems to the SVN.
(edit) @1825   9 years campbell WP3 draft slides. Fix fetopen.png.
(edit) @1824   9 years mulligan More changes to presentation, following Claudio's comments
(edit) @1823   9 years ayache Review 2012: Nicolas's presentation.
(edit) @1822   9 years mulligan Finished presentation, added proper CerCo? style.
(edit) @1821   9 years mulligan discussed merges into o'caml compiler. talk complete subject to …
(edit) @1820   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1819   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1818   9 years sacerdot Moved from D1.1 to D1.2 where it should be.
(edit) @1817   9 years sacerdot Presentations for the second review.
(edit) @1816   9 years mulligan more slides added, only got topic of changes merged back into o'caml …
(edit) @1815   9 years mulligan Added more to talk
(edit) @1814   9 years mulligan renamed file to avoid confusion
(edit) @1813   9 years mulligan Added presentation that I have been working on for Paris meeting next week.
(edit) @1812   9 years campbell Provide a combined type for terminating and non-terminating structured …
(edit) @1811   9 years boender - corrected definition of geb
(edit) @1810   9 years boender - new version of policy that compiles up to the final glue
(edit) @1809   9 years boender - committed partially compiling version of policy (up until …
(edit) @1808   9 years campbell Create a Prop version of the non-terminating structured traces so that …
(edit) @1807   9 years mulligan some changes, as finally worked out what i was up to prior to working …
(edit) @1806   9 years campbell Show that we could construct RTLabs non-terminating structured traces …
(edit) @1805   9 years campbell RTLabs structured traces: package up some of the properties we need …
(edit) @1804   9 years sacerdot The submitted version.
(edit) @1803   9 years tranquil yet another small correction in the LTL to LIN part
(edit) @1802   9 years tranquil other small corrections
(edit) @1801   9 years tranquil small correction
(edit) @1800   9 years sacerdot Applied suggestions by Roberto.
(edit) @1799   9 years sacerdot Applied Roberto's suggestions.
(edit) @1798   9 years sacerdot Applied comments by Brian, Randy and Roberto.
(edit) @1797   9 years mulligan implemented brian's changes
(edit) @1796   9 years campbell Cast removal is also an endo-transformation.
(edit) @1795   9 years sacerdot Final version, waiting for comments.
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