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(edit) @1716   8 years mulligan proof outline, as requested by referees, being typed up in latex
(edit) @1715   8 years sacerdot Some progress.
(edit) @1714   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @1713   8 years campbell Add a distinguished final state to the front-end languages to match up …
(edit) @1712   8 years campbell Show that constructing an RTLabs structure trace really does use a …
(edit) @1711   8 years mulligan finished block_cost' proof: 1.5 minutes to typecheck qed.
(edit) @1710   8 years mulligan changes from friday afternoon
(edit) @1709   8 years mulligan Changes to the execution of the MOVC instruction
(edit) @1708   8 years mulligan Change to the execution of the MOVC instruction
(edit) @1707   8 years campbell Progress on finite segments of infinite RTLabs structured trace.
(edit) @1706   8 years campbell Checkpoint RTLabs structured traces.
(edit) @1705   8 years campbell Checkpoint RTLabs labelling soundness work.
(edit) @1704   8 years amadio typo
(edit) @1703   8 years tranquil minimal change
(edit) @1702   8 years tranquil updated the report and changed a bit the names
(edit) @1701   8 years tranquil added updated compiler tarball
(edit) @1700   8 years tranquil updated README
(edit) @1699   8 years amadio 5.1 up
(edit) @1698   8 years tranquil minor modifications
(edit) @1697   8 years mulligan important bug found
(edit) @1696   8 years mulligan finished adding russell types to the traverse_cost_* functions
(edit) @1695   8 years mulligan Progress on CostsProof?.ma file.
(edit) @1694   8 years tranquil indexed labels branch
(edit) @1693   8 years mulligan Changes to ASMCosts and CostsProofs? files to get everything working again.
(edit) @1692   8 years mulligan resolved conflict in asm costs this morning
(edit) @1691   8 years sacerdot Some progress in the proof: less daemons, less hypotheses in lemmas.
(edit) @1690   8 years tranquil nested loops are not supported yet, the only test had one
(edit) @1689   8 years tranquil kept out the wrapper (which I did not touch, so not sure it works)
(edit) @1688   8 years amadio up d5.1-5.3
(edit) @1687   8 years tranquil corrected title
(edit) @1686   8 years tranquil corrected abstract
(edit) @1685   8 years tranquil adjusted comparison with aiT
(edit) @1684   8 years mulligan changes from the past week
(edit) @1683   8 years tranquil abstract and running example
(edit) @1682   8 years campbell Complete proof for as_after_return for RTLabs.
(edit) @1681   8 years campbell Checkpoint of stack preservation work in RTLabs.
(edit) @1680   8 years campbell Comment out unused tailcalls in Cminor and RTLabs. (They would be a …
(edit) @1679   8 years ayache Frama-C plug-in (sources+documentation)
(edit) @1678   8 years mulligan finished editing the english in the report
(edit) @1677   8 years mulligan changes to paolo's english in the report, about a 1/4 of the way through
(edit) @1676   8 years tranquil corrected some faults still TODO: running example, language corrections
(edit) @1675   8 years campbell Some work on sound labelled for RTLabs.
(edit) @1674   8 years tranquil corrected some faults still TODO: running example, language corrections
(edit) @1673   8 years tranquil report on indexed labels TODO: corrections, examples, etc
(edit) @1672   8 years campbell Matita now generates a couple of inversion lemmas that were manually …
(edit) @1671   8 years campbell A little more on RTLabs infinite traces.
(edit) @1670   8 years campbell Snapshot of non-terminating RTLabs structured traces work.
(edit) @1669   8 years mulligan Commit for claudio
(edit) @1668   8 years boender - split build_maps into build_maps and build_maps_ok - work with CSC …
(edit) @1667   8 years sacerdot Main lemma for the main_thm of AssemblyProof? re-declared as an axiom …
(edit) @1666   8 years sacerdot PreStatus? datatype change: the code_memory field is not a left …
(edit) @1665   8 years mulligan progress on closing holes in block_cost' proof
(edit) @1664   8 years tranquil corrected a bug in loop peeling where continue and breaks were not …
(edit) @1663   8 years mulligan old cases working again, work on new ones
(edit) @1662   8 years amadio rev
(edit) @1661   8 years amadio rev
(edit) @1660   8 years ayache Deliverable: Frama-C plug-in (D5.1-5.3)
(edit) @1659   8 years amadio
(edit) @1658   8 years mulligan asm costs changes from today
(edit) @1657   8 years amadio preliminary version of D5
(edit) @1656   8 years campbell Minor fixups to RTLabs/Traces due to syntax changes.
(edit) @1655   8 years campbell Update Cminor and RTLabs semantics to use new monad definitions.
(edit) @1654   8 years campbell Corrections to structured trace definitions (see the mailing list). …
(edit) @1653   8 years campbell Start on building finite sections of non-terminating structured traces.
(edit) @1652   8 years campbell Forgot to apply 1583 to non-terminating case.
(edit) @1651   8 years campbell Start looking at non-terminating structured traces by defining …
(edit) @1650   8 years mulligan changes over the last couple of days: stuck due to matita producing …
(edit) @1649   8 years boender - changes to Assembly for integration with Policy and easier use of …
(edit) @1648   8 years mulligan new version of utilities/ with typecheck command comented out
(edit) @1647   8 years tranquil * corrected some notation problems * adapted Cligth with slight …
(edit) @1646   8 years mulligan finished the block_costs computation, and propagated the changes …
(edit) @1645   8 years mulligan more progress on the ASMCosts work: block_costs is now complete …
(edit) @1644   8 years tranquil minor changes
(edit) @1643   8 years tranquil * some changes in everything * separated extensions in sequential and …
(edit) @1642   8 years mulligan finished big proof in all but two cases
(edit) @1641   8 years tranquil * contains code to generate both graph and …
(edit) @1640   8 years tranquil * finished fork of * unification of Errors under the …
(edit) @1639   8 years mulligan changes from today
(edit) @1638   8 years campbell Tidy up RTLabs structured traces code a little.
(edit) @1637   8 years campbell RTLabs structured traces: Add a termination measure to satisfy …
(edit) @1636   8 years tranquil * added coercions to arguments (in RTL) and notation for ops (for the …
(edit) @1635   8 years tranquil * lists with binders and monads * and other temprarily …
(edit) @1634   8 years campbell Update memory model examples syntax.
(edit) @1633   8 years campbell Update Cminor pretty printer and examples.
(edit) @1632   8 years boender - strengthened insert_lookup_opt
(edit) @1631   8 years campbell Use fact that type environments in Cminor have distinct variables to …
(edit) @1630   8 years campbell Remainder of freshness in Clight to Cminor pass.
(edit) @1629   8 years campbell Sort out most of the fresh names stuff in Clight to Cminor.
(edit) @1628   8 years campbell Show that the universe generated by Clight/ is good.
(edit) @1627   8 years campbell Add some notions of freshness, and start using them for temporary …
(edit) @1626   8 years campbell Add extra type safety in front end. NB: critical freshness parts …
(edit) @1625   8 years mulligan before christmas
(edit) @1624   8 years mulligan commit for claudio
(edit) @1623   8 years mulligan strange matita issue
(edit) @1622   8 years mulligan to avoid conflicts, bug in typechecker?
(edit) @1621   8 years mulligan to prevent conflicts
(edit) @1620   8 years sacerdot One of the mutual cases of the open proof is practically finished.
(edit) @1619   8 years sacerdot Major advancement.
(edit) @1618   8 years campbell Minor updates due to recent changes.
(edit) @1617   8 years campbell Note stuff to do on structured traces.
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