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(edit) @167   9 years mulligan Fast inverse square root C code, emulator mostly does fine running it …
(edit) @166   9 years mulligan I/O support added for serial buffer.
(edit) @165   9 years mulligan Some example C programs that the emulator can run.
(edit) @164   9 years mulligan Successfully compiled a C program with a struct passed by pointer to a …
(edit) @163   9 years mulligan Fixed bug with JNB not jumping correctly.
(edit) @162   9 years mulligan Timers implemented (including demonic thirteen bit timer).
(edit) @161   9 years mulligan Type errors fixed. Add16 with carry implemented.
(edit) @160   9 years campbell Patch to acc to parse 8051 memory spaces and output matita terms.
(edit) @159   9 years mulligan Code for timers now in place. Needs further implementation.
(edit) @158   9 years mulligan Lots of bugs fixed. SFR access implemented.
(edit) @157   9 years campbell Make proposed memory spaces semantics more explicit.
(edit) @156   9 years campbell pdata support
(edit) @155   9 years campbell More sensible handling of integer types and pointer casts.
(edit) @154   9 years campbell Minor test case changes
(edit) @153   9 years campbell Use appropriate memory chunks for 8051 pointers.
(edit) @152   9 years campbell Force whd form for memory during execution
(edit) @151   9 years mulligan Implementing SFR access. Type error.
(edit) @150   9 years mulligan Manages to load and emulate a simple array program. A few obscure bugs.
(edit) @149   9 years campbell Fill in a few details about 8051 extensions.
(edit) @148   9 years mulligan Bug fixed: storage destination for all logical operations was …
(edit) @147   9 years mulligan Changes made today: we now have an emulator that is able to emulate …
(edit) @146   9 years sacerdot Code improved.
(edit) @145   9 years mulligan Bug in LCALL fixed.
(edit) @144   10 years sacerdot The sp can also point to upper internal ram. Fixed everywhere.
(edit) @143   10 years sacerdot More SFRs (8052 ones were missing). SFR catalogation (is that fully …
(edit) @142   10 years sacerdot Rough implementation of direct (i.e. no BIT) SFR access. Note: I/O is …
(edit) @141   10 years sacerdot Minor cleanup.
(edit) @140   10 years sacerdot More cleanup.
(edit) @139   10 years sacerdot More cleanup.
(edit) @138   10 years sacerdot Several bug fixes and code clean-up. New main file: to parse …
(edit) @137   10 years mulligan Bug noticed in string conversion routine. Note added.
(edit) @136   10 years mulligan Fixed erroneous string conversion of intel hex records.
(edit) @135   10 years mulligan Fixed checksum calculation check. Requires a *half add* (i.e. ignore …
(edit) @134   10 years mulligan Checksum check calculation still not working correctly: seems to work …
(edit) @133   10 years mulligan Fixed error in parser for intel hex format entries: entries consist of …
(edit) @132   10 years mulligan Type error fixed, also fixed error in hex_format_parser which …
(edit) @131   10 years mulligan Changes from this morning: checking checksum is correct for a …
(edit) @130   10 years mulligan Commit again? Not sure what happened. All Parser files were already …
(edit) @129   10 years sacerdot Better I/O modelling (still initial ideas).
(edit) @128   10 years mulligan Some utility functions useful across modules moved into new file Util. …
(edit) @127   10 years campbell Allow the storage of pointers in suitably large integers.
(edit) @126   10 years campbell Put in real pointer sizes.
(edit) @125   10 years campbell Unify memory space / pointer types. Implement global variable …
(edit) @124   10 years campbell Initial work on Clight semantics with 8051 memory spaces.
(edit) @123   10 years mulligan IntelHex? file modified: string_of_intel_hex_entry implemented.
(edit) @122   10 years mulligan Added file for Intel hex format conversion. Renamed pretty files to …
(edit) @121   10 years mulligan Fixed obscure type error in pretty.
(edit) @120   10 years mulligan Fixed weird type errors in ASMInterpret.
(edit) @119   10 years mulligan Refactoring of ASMInterpret complete.
(edit) @118   10 years mulligan LCALL reimplemented.
(edit) @117   10 years mulligan Sorted out inconsistent ocaml state (???). Refactored ACALL.
(edit) @116   10 years mulligan RETs done.
(edit) @115   10 years mulligan Various jumps refactored.
(edit) @114   10 years mulligan Noticed redundancy in ANL and ORL instructions, removed. Introduced …
(edit) @113   10 years mulligan JC and JNC refactored.
(edit) @112   10 years mulligan PUSH, POP, XCH and XCHD refactored and tidied.
(edit) @111   10 years mulligan MOVC instructions refactored.
(edit) @110   10 years mulligan MOV instructions refactored.
(edit) @109   10 years mulligan Rotation and SWAP instructions refactored.
(edit) @108   10 years mulligan CPL instructions refactored.
(edit) @107   10 years mulligan CLR instruction refactored.
(edit) @106   10 years mulligan Same with ORL and XRL instructions.
(edit) @105   10 years mulligan Significantly improved implementation of ANL instructions.
(edit) @104   10 years mulligan Significantly improved implementation of DA instruction: code reduced …
(edit) @103   10 years mulligan fixed implementation of assembly, fixed typing error in execute.
(edit) @102   10 years mulligan Implemented INC DPTR. Type error related to polymorphic variants though.
(edit) @101   10 years mulligan Fixing type errors in execute1.
(edit) @100   10 years mulligan More added to ASMInterpret.
(edit) @99   10 years mulligan Final clean-up
(edit) @98   10 years mulligan preliminary pretty-printing function (no usable output)
(edit) @97   10 years mulligan Move to polymorphic variants everywhere (scary...)
(edit) @96   10 years mulligan Tidying up repository.
(edit) @95   10 years mulligan fixed typing errors in ASMInterpret up to execute1.
(edit) @94   10 years sacerdot Minor comments.
(edit) @93   10 years mulligan Fixed INC DPTR to assert false.
(edit) @92   10 years mulligan Fixed physical interface file. Refactoring ASMInterface.
(edit) @91   10 years mulligan Finished porting/fix type errors in physical.
(edit) @90   10 years mulligan Ported to be compatible with new bitvector code, started …
(edit) @89   10 years mulligan Fixed a really annoying bug in vect_to_int and int_to_vect
(edit) @88   10 years mulligan int_of_vect implemented.
(edit) @87   10 years mulligan Moved tentative to bit_vectors. Added .mli file.
(edit) @86   10 years mulligan Adding bit vector file.
(edit) @85   10 years mulligan Deleted, as `pretty' functions have now been merged into …
(edit) @84   10 years mulligan Lots of work on tidying up code.
(edit) @83   10 years mulligan Lots of work done on tidying up code.
(edit) @82   10 years campbell Start of document about impact of 8051 memory model on C.
(edit) @81   10 years mulligan INC DPTR partially implemented.
(edit) @80   10 years mulligan ANL, ORL and XRL instructions implemented.
(edit) @79   10 years mulligan One of the ANL instruction combinations implemented.
(edit) @78   10 years mulligan LCALL implemented.
(edit) @77   10 years mulligan ACALL implemented.
(edit) @76   10 years mulligan MOVC instruction implemented.
(edit) @75   10 years mulligan AJMP implemented.
(edit) @74   10 years mulligan RETI instruction implemented.
(edit) @73   10 years mulligan RET instruction implemented.
(edit) @72   10 years mulligan DA instruction implemented: pretty complex!
(edit) @71   10 years mulligan Two more jump instructions implemented.
(edit) @70   10 years mulligan XCHD implemented.
(edit) @69   10 years mulligan PUSH implemented.
(edit) @68   10 years mulligan POP implemented ... at last.
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