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(edit) @1270   8 years sacerdot Making RTL syntax an instance of Joint.
(edit) @1269   8 years sacerdot Useless include removed.
(edit) @1268   8 years sacerdot 1) AST/ no longer used, utilities/IdentifierTools no …
(edit) @1267   8 years campbell Other bits and pieces for D3.3.
(edit) @1266   8 years sacerdot Added second projection.
(edit) @1265   8 years campbell Revisions to D3.3.
(edit) @1264   8 years sacerdot Almost ported to new Joint syntax.
(edit) @1263   8 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1262   8 years sacerdot RTLtoERTL ported to the joint syntax for ERTL. Now it is time to port …
(edit) @1261   8 years campbell More of D3.2.
(edit) @1260   8 years mulligan commit for csc
(edit) @1259   8 years sacerdot More progress towards new Joint data type.
(edit) @1258   8 years sacerdot More progress towards porting to joint syntax.
(edit) @1257   8 years sacerdot More progress in porting to joint datatype.
(edit) @1256   8 years mulligan changes: added a mapi for graphs
(edit) @1255   8 years sacerdot Major mistake fixed: op1 and op2 were assuming the source and dest …
(edit) @1254   8 years sacerdot More progress towards porting of RTLtoERTL to joint syntax.
(edit) @1253   8 years mulligan finished
(edit) @1252   8 years sacerdot graph_params added to joint/, together with useful common …
(edit) @1251   8 years mulligan changes to get things compiling again after yet another CSC rearrangement!
(edit) @1250   8 years sacerdot 1. Sigma types projections moved to utilities/ 2. Extended …
(edit) @1249   8 years mulligan changes to get everything to typecheck again
(edit) @1248   8 years mulligan deleted files that do not compile in utilities, changed to use …
(edit) @1247   8 years sacerdot Code (almost) ported to latest joint/ datatype. I still need …
(edit) @1246   8 years sacerdot Yet another change to to accomodate all passes. The concrete …
(edit) @1245   8 years sacerdot RTLtoERTL and LINToASM: porting to new Joint data type in progress. …
(edit) @1244   8 years campbell Sort out Clight semantics equivalence proof for new SmallstepExec?.
(edit) @1243   8 years mulligan small changes
(edit) @1242   8 years sacerdot Some clean-up.
(edit) @1241   8 years mulligan changes for claudio
(edit) @1240   8 years sacerdot Ported to common definitions.
(edit) @1239   8 years sacerdot RTLAbstoRTL ported to new datatypes. Note: RTL syntax/semantics is …
(edit) @1238   8 years campbell Update Cminor and RTLabs to fit SmallstepExec? changes.
(edit) @1237   8 years sacerdot Wrong commit repaired.
(edit) @1236   8 years sacerdot completed (up to a couple of daemons used to provide dead …
(edit) @1235   8 years campbell Some basic material for D3.2, but not yet finished.
(edit) @1234   8 years campbell Add (rather brief) draft of D3.3.
(edit) @1233   8 years sacerdot 1) Ported to Brian's new dependent type for fullexec 2) Universe level …
(edit) @1232   8 years mulligan big changes: got what was implemented in the ertl to ltl pass type …
(edit) @1231   8 years campbell Change SmallstepExec? so that states can depend on global information. …
(edit) @1230   8 years mulligan more changes
(edit) @1229   8 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1228   8 years mulligan some more changes
(edit) @1227   8 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1226   8 years campbell Adjust pretty printers for change in program records, try a test of each.
(edit) @1225   8 years campbell Missing ; in proof
(edit) @1224   8 years sacerdot Type of programs in common/AST made more dependent. In particular, the …
(edit) @1223   8 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1222   8 years sacerdot LTL fully ported to the joint syntax.
(edit) @1221   8 years sacerdot Cleanup.
(edit) @1220   8 years sacerdot ERTL ported to the new joint syntax.
(edit) @1219   8 years mulligan a little more added
(edit) @1218   8 years mulligan a lot added to interference graph calculation
(edit) @1217   8 years sacerdot Only one axiom left.
(edit) @1216   8 years campbell Update Clight semantics equivalence proof to match changes in …
(edit) @1215   8 years sacerdot 1) Added shifting directly on pointers 2) More temporary axioms closed.
(edit) @1214   8 years sacerdot res_to_opt function added to common/Errors and used in joint/semantics …
(edit) @1213   8 years sacerdot 1) New values (joint/ and memory model for the back-ends …
(edit) @1212   8 years mulligan more added on interference graphs
(edit) @1211   8 years mulligan fixed interference file
(edit) @1210   8 years mulligan getting rid of typeclass-like records in favour of file-level axioms. …
(edit) @1209   8 years mulligan more work on int. graphs
(edit) @1208   8 years mulligan added adts for sets, tables and priority sets in order to make life …
(edit) @1207   8 years campbell Second part of fixing temporaries in Clight to Cminor stage.
(edit) @1206   8 years campbell First stage of fixing temporary generation in Clight/
(edit) @1205   8 years mulligan typographical changes
(edit) @1204   8 years mulligan small change
(edit) @1203   8 years mulligan implemented referees comments
(edit) @1202   8 years mulligan more changes, changed mention of atkey's jvm
(edit) @1201   8 years mulligan more changes to reduce length
(edit) @1200   8 years mulligan small changes and rewordings to decrease length
(edit) @1199   8 years mulligan got paper down to 15 and a half pages with nothing much added to document
(edit) @1198   8 years campbell Clight cast removal (NB: quite different from the prototype).
(edit) @1197   8 years campbell Merge trunk to branch.
(edit) @1196   8 years mulligan some more changes, need some additional datastructures
(edit) @1195   8 years campbell List find function.
(edit) @1194   8 years campbell Remove old, commented out code.
(edit) @1193   8 years mulligan work on colouring algorithm halted as it can be axiomatised. now …
(edit) @1192   8 years mulligan some files that were missing / laying dormant on my computer
(edit) @1191   8 years mulligan ertl to ertl pass back where it was before the changes to joint
(edit) @1190   8 years mulligan improved explanation of matita
(edit) @1189   8 years mulligan implemented some language fixes as spotted by the referees
(edit) @1188   8 years mulligan removed stray lines from so that it at least typechecks
(edit) @1187   8 years mulligan fixed
(edit) @1186   8 years sacerdot Spurious code removed. joint_fullexec implemented up to …
(edit) @1185   8 years mulligan ported liveness analysis to new code
(edit) @1184   8 years mulligan changed to llncs style and increased font size in code extracts
(edit) @1183   8 years mulligan removed parameterised label types in the three lowest level languages
(edit) @1182   8 years mulligan changes to semantics: removing parameterised "next" element in joint …
(edit) @1181   8 years mulligan changed smallstep exec in order to remove matita bug ( …
(edit) @1180   8 years mulligan lin to ltl pass complete
(edit) @1179   8 years mulligan changes to ertl, ltl and lin to use new notion of joint params. ertl …
(edit) @1178   8 years mulligan fixed to use new version of joint params
(edit) @1177   8 years sacerdot Almost finished. Some functions still to be implemented, but I suspect …
(edit) @1176   8 years sacerdot
(edit) @1175   8 years mulligan changes to ertl pass
(edit) @1174   8 years sacerdot Semantics of most instructions completed.
(edit) @1173   8 years sacerdot Unified semantics for ERTL/LTL/LIN (in progress). I hope to include …
(edit) @1172   8 years mulligan half complete
(edit) @1171   8 years mulligan changes made on claudio's request: changed order of nesting in the …
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