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(edit) @1113   9 years sacerdot Semantics (interpreter) of RTL. The file does not compile yet. I am …
(edit) @1112   9 years mulligan got lin > asm stuff working
(edit) @1111   9 years mulligan minor change: marked some possibly dodgy (and very complex) code
(edit) @1110   9 years mulligan changes to get ltl to lin pass to work properly
(edit) @1109   9 years campbell Update branch.
(edit) @1108   9 years mulligan changes to get ertltoltli to compile
(edit) @1107   9 years mulligan got rtl-ertl pass working again
(edit) @1106   9 years mulligan changes necessary to get RTLabs->RTL to compile
(edit) @1105   9 years campbell Show that RTLabs graphs are closed on branch (i.e., all labels in …
(edit) @1104   9 years campbell A little more tidying.
(edit) @1103   9 years boender - reverted to old policy
(edit) @1102   9 years campbell Tidy up branch
(edit) @1101   9 years campbell Label preservation in Cminor initialisation and RTLabs translation on …
(edit) @1100   9 years campbell Finally show that labels in generated Cminor programs are properly …
(edit) @1099   9 years ayache Bug fix in Deliverables/D2.2/8051: cast simplification.
(edit) @1098   9 years campbell Merge branch with trunk
(edit) @1097   9 years campbell Checkpoint labels work on branch again.
(edit) @1096   9 years campbell Checkpoint part way through adding proper C label checking to the branch.
(edit) @1095   9 years campbell Make add_exprs total (on branch).
(edit) @1094   9 years mulligan some changes from today to do with liveness analyses
(edit) @1093   9 years campbell Merge a bit more.
(edit) @1092   9 years campbell Some minor definitions for identifiers and lists.
(edit) @1091   9 years campbell Merge trunk into id-lookup-branch
(edit) @1090   9 years mulligan small change to liveness analysis
(edit) @1089   9 years mulligan more changes from earlier in the week
(edit) @1088   9 years mulligan work on liveness analysis: an imperative nightmare
(edit) @1087   9 years campbell Experimental branch where lookups of local variables in Cminor code …
(edit) @1086   9 years campbell Branch for experimenting with identifier binding guarantees.
(edit) @1085   9 years mulligan removed stray files that are no longer needed
(edit) @1084   9 years mulligan more added on ertl pass: not sure how much should be axiomatised wrt …
(edit) @1083   9 years mulligan ertl --> ltl statement generation nearly complete. required some …
(edit) @1082   9 years mulligan work from today on ertl -> ltl pass
(edit) @1081   9 years mulligan completed rtl-ertl pass
(edit) @1080   9 years mulligan more added
(edit) @1079   9 years mulligan finished rtl to ertl pass modulo conversion of tailcall simplification code
(edit) @1078   9 years campbell Implement stack allocation for parameters whose address is taken.
(edit) @1077   9 years mulligan ack, dependent types are scary
(edit) @1076   9 years mulligan small changes
(edit) @1075   9 years mulligan nearly completed rtl -> ertl pass removing all option types with dep. types
(edit) @1074   9 years boender - added lookup lemma
(edit) @1073   9 years mulligan more changes from today
(edit) @1072   9 years campbell Use not equals form of showing entry/exit labels.
(edit) @1071   9 years mulligan changes the specific form that the added proofs take to use None, not …
(edit) @1070   9 years campbell Show that entry and exit labels are in the RTLabs graph.
(edit) @1069   9 years campbell Change odd proof obligation problem back.
(edit) @1068   9 years mulligan rtlabs translation complete subject to axioms
(edit) @1067   9 years mulligan more smaller changes
(edit) @1066   9 years mulligan changes from today
(edit) @1065   9 years campbell Note a couple of deviations from the prototype.
(edit) @1064   9 years mulligan changes from today, nearly complete rtlabs translation pass
(edit) @1063   9 years mulligan changes from today
(edit) @1062   9 years mulligan separated jmeq and coercions from in order to fix the …
(edit) @1061   9 years mulligan more work, bug found, ridiculous map3 function with dep. types added
(edit) @1060   9 years mulligan work from this morning and yesterday
(edit) @1059   9 years mulligan work from today, bit of a mess at the moment
(edit) @1058   9 years campbell Evict CompCert? Maps interface in favour of BitVectorTries?.
(edit) @1057   9 years mulligan changes from today
(edit) @1056   9 years campbell Switch to delayed identifier error scheme.
(edit) @1055   9 years mulligan changes to how identifiers are generated
(edit) @1054   9 years boender - proven policy safe
(edit) @1053   9 years mulligan changes
(edit) @1052   9 years mulligan removed offsets after reading cerco mailing list
(edit) @1051   9 years mulligan removed superfluous addressing mode code from RTLabs/
(edit) @1050   9 years mulligan adding dependent types to map datastructure to remove all option …
(edit) @1049   9 years mulligan more stuff added
(edit) @1048   9 years mulligan added implementation of haskell associative maps to clean up the mess …
(edit) @1047   9 years mulligan more work from today
(edit) @1046   9 years mulligan syntax of rtlabs was wrong: cast not const. more added to rtlabs --> …
(edit) @1045   9 years mulligan resolved conflict in rtlabs
(edit) @1044   9 years boender - more fold/forall stuff
(edit) @1043   9 years sacerdot Axiom commented out.
(edit) @1042   9 years sacerdot Dead code removed. Slow code uncommented.
(edit) @1041   9 years sacerdot fetch_assembly is still working after bug fix
(edit) @1040   9 years sacerdot Bug fixed in assembly.
(edit) @1039   9 years sacerdot fetch_assembly_pseudo2 repaired from dependent type madness
(edit) @1038   9 years boender - some more BVT improvements
(edit) @1037   9 years sacerdot Main theorem: comments are working again.
(edit) @1036   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1035   9 years sacerdot Main theorem (broken because of dependent types) almost restored.
(edit) @1034   9 years boender various & sundry fold/forall lemmas
(edit) @1033   9 years sacerdot ispelled & submitted
(edit) @1032   9 years sacerdot Final version.
(edit) @1031   9 years sacerdot ..
(edit) @1030   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1029   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1028   9 years sacerdot One more sentence restored and fitted in.
(edit) @1027   9 years sacerdot Bug fixed in figure.
(edit) @1026   9 years mulligan final version? under 16 pages
(edit) @1025   9 years mulligan removing stray single words to reduce page usage
(edit) @1024   9 years mulligan tidied explanation of proof
(edit) @1023   9 years mulligan changes to english in matita section, shrunk diagrams in introduction …
(edit) @1022   9 years sacerdot
(edit) @1021   9 years mulligan tidied english in sect 3
(edit) @1020   9 years sacerdot More on Matita.
(edit) @1019   9 years sacerdot Finished rewriting of Section 3.
(edit) @1018   9 years mulligan tidying
(edit) @1017   9 years mulligan complete, just under 16 pages
(edit) @1016   9 years sacerdot Many fixes to the code snippets.
(edit) @1015   9 years sacerdot One intermediate version of main_thm0 close to be repaired.
(edit) @1014   9 years sacerdot The main theorem is completely broken (again).
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