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    r3462 r3469  
    3434title={Certifying and Reasoning on Cost Annotations in {C} Programs},
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    4647title={Certifying and Reasoning on Cost Annotations of Functional Programs},
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    49 note={Extended version to appear in Higher Order and Symbolic Computation, 2013}
     50note={Extended version to appear in Higher Order and Symbolic Computation},
     51publisher={Springer Berlin Heidelberg}
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    r3462 r3469  
    11181118to evaluate the CerCo's prototype on realistic, industrial-scale programs.
     1122\providecommand{\urlprefix}{URL }
     1125{AbsInt}: {aiT WCET} analysis tools, \url{}
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    11201213% \bibliographystyle{splncs}
    1121 \bibliography{fopara13}
    11221215% \begin{thebibliography}{19}
    1205 \appendix
    1207 \include{appendix}
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