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Last change on this file since 2540 was 2286, checked in by tranquil, 7 years ago

Big update!

  • merge of all _paolo variants
  • reorganised some depends (in particular, Register and thus back-end laguages no longer have fake ASM dependency)
  • split spawning new BackEndOps?.ma broken at the moment, but not by these changes as far as I can tell

File size: 444 bytes
2(* NB: this is essentially the same as Graphs! *)
[2286]4(*include "ASM/".*)
[736]5include "common/".
[2286]6(*include "ASM/".*)
[1049]7include "common/".
[736]9axiom RegisterTag : String.
[738]11definition register ≝ identifier RegisterTag.
[736]13definition register_eq : ∀x,y:register. (x=y) + (x≠y) ≝ identifier_eq ?.
[738]15definition register_env ≝ identifier_map RegisterTag.
[1129]17axiom register_ord: register → register → order.
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