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Add error messages wherever the error monad is used.
Sticks to CompCert? style strings+identifiers for the moment.
Use axioms for strings as we currently have no representation or literals
for them - still *very* useful for animation in the proof assistant.

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2(* Basic identifier definition.  This is done separately from the rest of the
3   definitions for identifiers so that error messages can use identifiers
4   and the other definitions can use the error monad (without having to
5   parametrise the monad by the type of error messages). *)
7include "basics/".
8include "ASM/".
9include "ASM/".
11(* identifiers and their generators are tagged to differentiate them, and to
12   provide extra type checking. *)
14inductive identifier (tag:String) : Type[0] ≝
15  an_identifier : Word → identifier tag.
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