source: src/common/ @ 1873

Last change on this file since 1873 was 1268, checked in by sacerdot, 10 years ago

1) AST/ no longer used, utilities/IdentifierTools no longer used
2) LIN/LINToAsm porting completed but:

a) a small lemma need to be proved (easy, but boring because of foldl)
b) the code is BUGGED: labels coming from different universes

(for function names and for each function) are merged together.
However, they should be kept clearly separate. We will discuss how
to fix this issue at the next meeting in Paris.
Note: keeping 'em distinct from the very beginning also requires some
work, since some labels are entered directly by the user.

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1include "common/".
3axiom CostTag : String.
5definition costlabel ≝ identifier CostTag.
7(* For use in importing programs in intermediate languages. *)
8definition costlabel_of_nat : nat → costlabel ≝ identifier_of_nat ?.
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