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Last change on this file since 2768 was 2767, checked in by mckinna, 8 years ago

WARNING: BIG commit, which pushes code_size_opt check into LIN/
following CSC's comment on my previous partial commit
plus rolls all the miscellaneous code motion into the rest of the repo.

suggest REBUILD from scratch.

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[2767]1include "common/".
[738]3definition costlabel ≝ identifier CostTag.
[2767]5definition costlabel_eq : ∀x,y:costlabel. (x=y) + (x≠y) ≝ identifier_eq ?.
[737]7(* For use in importing programs in intermediate languages. *)
[747]8definition costlabel_of_nat : nat → costlabel ≝ identifier_of_nat ?.
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