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Bug fixed: when calling an internal function, the pc block is now set to
the block allocated for the internal function. However, so far this was
not an invariant used inside joint/, but only in the instantiation
of the different languages.

File size: 606 bytes
50) factorize lin_fetch_function and graph_fetch_function
6    and maybe also lin_fetch_statement and graph_fetch_statement
71) bug semantica: aritmetica dei puntatori su Code non deve essere permessa
82) traduzione LINToASM ed etichetti uniche
93) funzioni esterne
10   3.1) CSC bug in joint/
11   3.2) semantica tail calls to external functions
124) codice ERTLToLTL da abbellire
142) spurious PUSH/POP in the syntax,
153) spurious entry/exit label in the syntax
164) spurious sp/isp field in the semantics of all languages but/only RTL
18Assiomi traduzione in:
19 - LINToASM: fresh_prefix
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