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Last change on this file since 2844 was 2796, checked in by tranquil, 8 years ago
  • added global notation for existence in Type[1] (\exists[1] x.P)
  • in Arithmetic, reimplemented efficient nat_to_bitvector, but still commented out
  • in joint_semantics, moved out and around some parameters in primitive semantics functions
  • fixed all back end semantics
  • added skeleton files for single passes correctness proofs
File size: 449 bytes
1include "RTL/".
2include "RTL/".
3include "ERTL/".
4include "joint/".
5include "common/".
7axiom RTLabsToRTL_ok :
8∀stacksizes : ident → option ℕ. (* are hypotheses needed here? *)
9∀p_in : rtl_program.
10let p_out ≝ rtl_to_ertl p_in in
11∃[1] R.
12  status_simulation
13    (joint_status RTL_semantics p_in stacksizes)
14    (joint_status ERTL_semantics p_out stacksizes)
15    R.
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