source: src/LTL/

Last change on this file was 2946, checked in by tranquil, 8 years ago

main novelties:

  • there is an in-built stack_usage nat in joint states, at the base of the new division of RTL's semantics (with separate stacks, with separate stacks but with an artificial overflow error, with a unique stack)
  • a premain is added semantically to the global env, so initial cost label and main call and return are observed
  • proper initialization is now in LINToASM (to be sure, endianess should be checked ;-)

The update breaks proofs of back end atm. should be okay, but I have not had time to complete its compilation.

File size: 182 bytes
1include "LIN/".
2include "LTL/". (* CSC: in RTLabs *)
4definition LTL_semantics ≝
5  mk_sem_graph_params LTL LTL_LIN_semantics LTL_premain.
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