source: src/LTL/ @ 1948

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New file LIN/ to factorize out the syntactic parameters shared
by LTL and LIN.

File size: 398 bytes
[1378]1include "LIN/".
[1378]3definition ltl_params_ : params_ ≝ graph_params_ ltl_lin_params__.
4definition ltl_params: ∀globals. params globals ≝ graph_params ltl_lin_params1.
[1246]6definition ltl_statement ≝ joint_statement ltl_params_.
[1233]7definition ltl_program ≝ joint_program ltl_params.
[1281]9definition ltl_internal_function ≝
[1378]10 λglobals. joint_internal_function … (ltl_params globals).
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