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3# A crappy build script that needs to be replaced by some proper structure.
5# Before running this,
6#   1. build the prototype compiler (or at least the cparser, the rest isn't
7#      used)
8#   2. run the build script in the extracted directory
10cp ../extracted/_build/[io] .
11ocamlc -I ../Deliverables/D2.2/8051/lib -c -g *.mli
12ocamlc -I ../Deliverables/D2.2/8051/lib -c -g
13ocamlc -I ../Deliverables/D2.2/8051/lib -c -g
14ocamlc -I ../Deliverables/D2.2/8051/lib -c -g
15ocamlc -I ../Deliverables/D2.2/8051/lib -c -g *.ml
16ocamlc -custom -g -I ../Deliverables/D2.2/8051/lib extracted.cmo  ../Deliverables/D2.2/8051/lib/libcparser.a ../Deliverables/D2.2/8051/lib/cparser.cma clightFromC.cmo clightParser.cmo IntelHex.cmo clightPrinter.cmo rTLabsPrinter.cmo ASMPrinter.cmo printer.cmo error.cmo optionsParsing.cmo options.cmo acc.cmo -o acc
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