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Last change on this file was 664, checked in by mulligan, 9 years ago

Changed output of Intel HEX files so we no longer have those gargantuan blocks of zeroes at the end.

File size: 773 bytes
1open BitVectors;;
2open ASMInterpret;;
3open Util;;
4open MatitaPretty;;
6let hex = IntelHex.intel_hex_of_file Sys.argv.(1) in
7let mem = IntelHex.process_intel_hex hex in
8let status = ASMInterpret.load_mem mem ASMInterpret.initialize in
9let mem_pretty_print status =
10  let rec aux status pc =
11    let instr, pc', cost = ASMInterpret.fetch status.ASMInterpret.code_memory pc in
12      print_string $ pp_matita_instruction instr;
13      if int_of_vect pc' <= 800 then (* DPM: hardcoded on a case-by-case basis *)
14       begin
15        print_string ";\n  ";
16        aux status pc'
17       end
18  in
19    aux status status.ASMInterpret.pc
21 print_string "include \"\".\n\nndefinition test: List instruction ≝\n [";
22 mem_pretty_print status;
23 print_endline "].\n @.\nnqed."
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